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The Psalm Project
Our objective is to complete every Psalm with different voices from our listening audience in the year 2020. Would you like to add your voice to our choir in praise of the Lord?


PSALM Submission Instructions

So, you'd like to join our Psalm Chorus? Thank you and God bless you. We will do our best to capture your Psalm, just as you may envision it as you recite it.


1. Select an available Psalm by first checking what is available in the index above, then letting us know via this form.

2. Record your voice (or, the voice of yourself and your significant other) reading the Psalm. Take your time - don't worry about mistakes if you make them - just back up a line and begin again - we can edit out and remove mistakes in post production.  

  • For best sound quality - please record in a closet full of hanging clothes, as this is pretty much a sound booth. Alternatively, you may elect to record outside with your favorite background sounds of nature, such as ocean waves or birds singing. Use your imagination!

  • Recording file type - whatever type you prefer is fine, though most people do it in MP3 to save space.

3. Let us know any ideas you my have. Do you have a particular musical accompaniment?  And - any particular instruments you'd like included. We'll do our best to include your preferences - and we have some Q Bits friends with musical talent if needed.

4. Next, take a few moments and tell us why you picked this particular Psalm?  Does it have special meaning to you or a loved one? When you recite it - what imagery comes to mind?  Colors? Textures? Time of Year? Emotions? What scenery? What temperature? Feel free to share any favorite video clip, however please note, we do not show people in our videos, generally speaking - there are only two exceptions for a specific purpose!).

Allow 5-7 days for us to process your work - and we'll send you an email when your piece premiers - so you can be sure to let family and friends know!

Bonus points for other languages in addition to English - we have several examples already of French, Spanish, Chinese, Swahili, Urdu, and Hebrew - and would love to have more. Please read it through once in English as well if possible - it helps us to sync your piece to the translations.

Thank you for contributing - we love God's creation, the beauty of language and His Word.  When you add your voice to our chorus, thousands will hear your voice - and experience your joy as we recite His Word together.

Once we receive your request, we'll confirm back to you with an email - to which you can attach your MP3 or WAV (or other Audio File).


GoodDog & Buttercup

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