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Contributor Disclaimer

To the best of our abilities, each Q Bits, LLC Contributor personally affirms the following to be right and true:

  1. The information about to be conveyed is reported accurately and cited, where appropriate and available, to its original author, Principal or source.

  2. Every effort has been made to provide contrary or exculpatory information, opinions, causes or excuses of the Principals involved within the limited contexts of time and availability provided.

  3. This platform welcomes Principal, or Legal Agent Rebuttal (only) at any time, for any reason – even after the fact – to amend, revise or correct any comment made here-in.  In all such cases, the entire amended record shall be posted for public consideration.

  4. Q Bits, LLC recognizes that not all “Contrary”, or “Fact-Checking” third-parties are either truthful or operate in good-faith; As such, only Principal Corrections (or, their Legal Agents) are allowed on this site.  Significant time for such Rebuttal shall be made available for these Principal exceptions, provided the Principal in question provides direct video cross-examination by the Host of this platform. 

  5. The opinions expressed here are solely the property of their authors – and responsibility for the expressed opinions, facts or representations by guests or hosts on this platform do not necessarily belong to Q Bits, LLC, its affiliates or contributors at all, but, rather, belong to their authors As-Is.

  6. To report any inaccuracy, factual omission or supporting contrary evidence, please email with “Correction Request” in your subject line.  Verified Requests from Principals directly involved (or, their documented Legal Agents) which include verified contact information and documentary claims or quotable rebuttals shall be made prominently visible on the “NOW HEAR THIS” section of the website.  A Correction Request submittal form shall be provided as a convenience.

  7. Correction Requests made by non-principals are considered ‘guest opinion’ and become the property of Q Bits, LLC upon receipt.  Q Bits, LLC retains the right to express or publish such opinions without compensation, accommodation or recourse to the Guest offering that opinion.  Q Bits, LLC retains the right to withdrawal such published claims at its sole discretion.  In other words, be careful what you send us.

  8. Comments or Opinions offered by Principals or Guests which threaten physical violence, hate-speech or destruction are reported every single time to Police Authorities – immediately and without exception.  Upon delivery of such reports – the particular User is henceforth banned from this platform for a period not less than 10 years.  This includes their sign-in name – as well as their IP Address.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

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