Transition to Q Bits ~ Q LEGEN[D]

Q LEGEN[D] is a series written and produced by Good Dog and site hosting was provided by John B. Wells' on his Caravan To Midnight website.  When everything became ready, Good Dog established his own platform called the Q Bits channel - a place where the gloves are coming off (and where fears of shadowbanning, censorship and outright deletions are no longer a concern).

Q Bits is a made up term that conjoins the Quantum nature of reality (God's Universe) and the multi-dimensional/multiphasic nature of time (the fundamental element governing all of God's Creation) - and the loving bits of treasure that we dogs love to dig up!  TIME MACHINE is the first series covered during this transitional period.  And the good stuff is just about to be uncovered!

TIME MACHINE reveals the temporal framework that demonstrates exactly how the Global Cabal has implanted their seeds of murder and destruction and lies over the centuries.  As Q has been telling us over these past 18 months, the Lockstep Luciferian Left speak and operate in a "Mirror" reality - where truth means falsehood, falsehood becomes truth - right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right.  Biblically rooted (in a mirrored sense), the Cabal operates with Lucifer [Satan] as their Christ figure, their deity has yet to make his sacrificial appearance.  Their religious devotion to their Global Superstate and One World Religion is pursued with a fervor not seen since the Spanish Inquisition.

TIME MACHINE also exposes the false-deity, religious and sacrificial rights of their occult faith - while operating out in broad daylight.  Their messages of hate and division (which they would describe as LOVE and UNITY), couched in carefully crafted allegories, metaphors and code - are the foundation stones of their Globalist Agenda.  TIME MACHINE reveals this hidden code - and, when their words are properly decoded, we can see their evil being planned, signaled through symbolism, false-flag colors and even perpetrated on the Global Stage - BEFORE their terrorism becomes apparent.  Time Machine thus provides self-evident proofs of the merit and worth - not only of the Q Movement, but, also of God's Imminent Return!

Time Machine

012 - A STUDY IN TIME.jpg

A Study In Time

We're in the middle of a war that spans millennia. Distinguishing friend from foe is our first, most important lesson.  What are the characteristics of our battlespace?  Material? Spiritual? Temporal?  Given battlefields where both sides in the conflict assure us they are our friend - how to tell them apart?  How do we distinguish hidden alliances and confederates and passive enablers?   How do these confederations and enemy combatants strategies and tactics vary over time?

Time Machine, presents things as they are - not just as we wish them to be:  Our enemy is spiritual AND material - his confederates operate in broad daylight, right before our very eyes. 

AIRED: 04.17.19

All the King's Horses

Queen Elizabeth the First wasn't the only monarch to face financial ruin. QE2 discovered the outcomes at the conclusion of the Second World War spelt the end of the ancient system of European Nobility - systems of rampant racism, global enslavement and obscene wealth accumulation at the expense of the masses crumbled as the greater family of man cried out for freedom.

But the enemy had a plan.  He falsely promised his 'noble' families vast fortunes denominated in billions of souls - resurrected ascendancy - and to be worshiped as gods.  This episode explores this hidden strategy: largess of billions of souls would be it's prize.

AIRED: 04.26.19

Follow The Money

Follow the money tracks the rise of the Clinton Crime Family & their DOJ Henchmen.  BCCI deal greased the skids: not only George Bush's Banana Republic quagmire - but opened also the door to the same Global Spy Network that would be employed by The Mule and His Communist Gang of Thugs.  Trillion$. Where things get really interesting - are the crown jewels of any nation - her secrets: names of secret agents, high technology military & space secrets. Think treasure chests & pirates.

AIRED: 05.06.19
Things Yet To Come.jpg

Things Yet To Come

Project HAMR [The Hammer] - a supercomputer that provided massive, instantaneous, Global Surveillance - including domestically in the United States. Their entire plan, laid out long ago by HG Wells in his masterpiece of murder - things yet to come!  Problem is, the Clowns  Super Computer!  Top Secrets are being sold to Chicoms - Comey's DOJ doesn't even slap a wrist.  Who is Eddie Haskell & why does it matter? While we have been sold the illusion of D's vs. R's, actual high tech and Luciferian thieves are doing more than open the door to ripping us off blind 

AIRED: 05.13.19
Spectre - House of Saud.jpg

SPECTRE: The House of Saud

With 2008 reported assets estimated at more than $25.9 Trillion (more than twice the size of the entire US GDP), Global Luciferians kicked it up a notch the following year through the TARP Bailouts (Banks's Too Big To Fail??) & catapulted their asset pile to more than $150 Trillion by the end of Hussein's Regime - and an estimated $300 Trillion today.

Tonight's episode reveals the interconnected nature of the House of Saud and Donald J. Trump's takedown of the Global Cabal.  And what is it that the House of Saud shares in common with the losers of America's Civil War?  Hidden Slave Markets.

AIRED: 05.18.19
027 - SHELL GAME.jpg

Shell Game

Learning to spot their "Confederates" in on the action and how they visually signal one another is key to understand when playing Shell Game.  They've been in on the little secret for centuries - and we've been robbed pillar to post ever since.  Problem is, now they're not just playing with our money in a rigged [WALL] Street Game; now, these illusionist villains have our livelihoods, our children's lives - and even the future of mankind they're ripping off! And, they mean to take us for everything of worth that we have - even our very lives, when push comes to shove. UK PM May, Resigns!  Will stand in office until successor chosen by Queen.

AIRED: 05.24.19
Time Machine.png

Time Machine

First show on New Platforms!  Breakdown of how Shell Games are played.  Historical examples provided - 3 concurrent Shell Games - simplify and make sense of the insensible.  We The People have been conned by these fellers using Shell Game - and the BIG CONN (Medical Tyranny) is about to be revealed - the deployment of Global Socialism
Historic Balfour Declaration is key to understanding the Suez & Middle East Crises that have plagued our world.  Goes back to 1815 - and the convenient 'insanity' [poisoning?] of King George III.  

AIRED: 06.03.19

Weapons & Refugees

The hirelings do nothing without first advertising it in broad daylight.  Gun Running, Weapons Shipments, Toppling Governments & the Human Supply Chain are just the tips of the iceberg.  Those running the movie business back in Wartime 1940's America - were telling us that this would be managed through The White House - and that the global banks - headed up by HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Bank of International Settlements would be behind it all!  Tonight we track Global Socialist Mayhem from advertisement to fruition through cinema.  We begin the 20 show dive on Deep State Actor's Finances - the Culmination of Everything we have covered so far since breaking away from PSB.

AIRED: 06.10.19

Chinese Laundry

Field McConnell

Special Guest Field McConnell joins us to discuss Chinese Communist PLA Bribery, Deep State Money Laundering, Death of JFK Jr. & the recent Presidential meetings with Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau.

Noteworthy deep dive into the creation of the James Bond series, and Godly discussions of the coming July 4th Celebrations - Independence Day for ALL MANKIND.

AIRED: 06.21.19
Hireling Foreign Policy.JPG

Hireling Foreign Policy

In Hireling Foreign Policy our Timeline is employed: comparing political words against Communist Chinese PLA realities on the South China Sea.  Leftist Politician statements are demonstrated to be false, and tend to excuse Chinese PLA Aggression.  Why does the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) begin it’s expansion into the South China Sea (and thereby dispossessing ALL US Southeast Asian allies in the region) immediately after a Biden trade mission?  Could it be the $300T Oil, Natural Gas, Rare Earths?  Could it be to control all GLOBAL TRADE - 60% of which travels through this region?
And, what was the promised price for “The Big Guy”?

AIRED: 07.04.19
Submarine Treachery.PNG

Submarine Treachery

The military technology invented to keep us safe was sold to our enemies by embedded Crime Families who are apparently above prosecution.  This is because the same enemies who are purchasing the designs and actual hardware and spending defense-level investments (hundreds of billions of dollars) to bribe every aspect of our government - holding the innocent as guilty - and setting the guilty loose upon the defenseless populace.  Thing is - they are covering up a $300 Trillion extorsion, bribery and robbery business - and now, they are selling our children on the open market.  What is coming - will deal with this glutted supply - and make our children as rare as hens teeth (genocide).  Jeffrey Epstein isn't alone when it comes to billion dollar yachts, jets, helicopters, private islands & submarines!  Turns out another is even more deeply embedded into the murderous occult.  Tonight we witness a former FBI Agent give a Poly-graph Test to a witness of alleged murder on Sir Richard Branson's neighboring Necker Island.
Tonight's news segment details the Constitutional provisioning for the Census, President Trump's and AG Barr's employment of Commerce Department resources & data to fill the gap left vacant by Supreme Court meddling. We conclude with an a Chinese Military plan to exterminate Caucasian, Hispanic & Black Americans as part of their Living Room Expansion - similar to Hitler's 1939 Sudetenland expansion which led to WWII.

AIRED: 07.15.19
Snake In The Grass.png

Snake In The Grass

In our channel's first of it's kind - an Intermission is required because of the Q Drops & Genocidal/Treasonous Evidence:  US Politicians have conspired with Chinese Communist People's Liberation Army [CCP PLA] - in their own words.  The PLA's plan is predicated upon Nazi-era 'lebensraum' [Living Space] - and requires the extermination of Caucasian, Black and Hispanic Americans: Their ultimate aim is to exterminate all other races besides the "yellow man". 

We then reviewed the literary and philosophical bases for this racial purity "final solution". 

AIRED: 07.21.19

Turning Point

POTUS delivers a speech before Turning Point USA (a high school student organization that advocates and advances conservative thoughts and speakers).  During this speech, President Trump displays a number of hand gestures signaling the employment of weapons of mass disruption to Deep State plans and objectives - even calling some out by name.

We further investigate other Caribbean Billionaires - their island's proximities to Epstein's Pedo Island - and discuss the relationships & hidden constructions on Greater St. James Island - and recent observations of tunnel boring equipment.

AIRED: 07.23.19
050 - PEDOWOOD.jpg


It's all been a coverup by those who prey on children. The Lawfare Industrial Complex is managed by a cast of clown rejects haunting the highest offices in our land.  Their crimes would make Mengele and Dahmer blush!  34 Q Posts in 24 hours drive our Q's segment tonight - and POTUS speech to 9/11 Victim Survivors and creation of three AG Appointed Officers overseeing the Historical and Research materials group lead our news segment.  Interestingly, Secretary Pompeo delivers an impromptu speech at a Foreign Policy Forum wearing Army Ranger socks - just days after the Pentagon was taken over by US Army personnel - as both the US Marines and US Navy have been implicated in nefarious activities within the last 72 hours.
Finally, we review coming Declassification topics - but, key among them Antonin Scalia's Murder.​

AIRED: 07.29.19


Dan Coats' resignation has opened a key position within the Office of National Defense Intelligence & President Trump's nominated successor, John Radcliffe withdrew his name the same day that President Trump retires to Bedminster for his summer recess.

Tonight's show peels back the layers of intrigue surrounding this key position (as being a potential gatekeeper position to prevent DECLAS from happening) - and a Deep State operative - Susan Gordan standing ready to fill the vacancy and thwart POTUS freedom to release the Classified Material.  It appears to this writer that this checkers stalemate position has been allowed for in Trump's plan - and a recess appointment is in the offing.

Further, we investigate Chinese killing camps - and their meat lockers of human cadavers - apparently being sampled as food - and the potential implications this may have towards China's multiply stated Bio-Genocide planned to knock out the United States and conquer her territory - while appearing the 'humanitarian' - as they move in this soldier doctors to complete their mop-up operation - just as is prognosticated at the Denver International Airport (murals).

AIRED: 08.02.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 25

4D Chess pt 1:  DNI "Check"

With the research and analytical skills thus demonstrated, we begin our quest to understand the Luciferian Global Supply Chain.

Kicking tonight's show off, we examine past decodes that led to the DNI selection of Joseph Maguire (rather than either Radcliffe or Gordon).  It has everything to do with Seal Team Six and exposure of the Luciferian hirelings extermination of that once vaunted military commando squad.

POTUS delivers remarks prior to hitting the campaign trail, Sleepy Joe equates poor kids almost as smart as whites and a Holocaust Survivor reaches through time and space to remind us just how urgently we should consider these terrors.

Finally, we begin out Humpty Dumpty thread - the name of a company of characters - and the creation of a wrecked spirit and a pedovoric heart.

AIRED: 08.09.19
Treason Incorporated.JPG

Something BIG Is Coming pt 28

4D Chess:  Treason Incorporated

The pentultimate 4D Chess Episode, Treason Incorporated traces the antecedents, precedents, treachery and absolute evil of those who sold out their countrymen for 30 pieces of silver.  And as foretold in Genesis 3:15 - POTUS shall indeed crush the head of the Viper!

Patents, Corporate Press Releases, Congressional Testimony, Primary sources of evidence are exposed in tonight's episode Treason Incorporated - as DECLAS has indeed begun - and evidence may now be collated within the Sauce Packet - that is terrifying just as it is undeniable.

This is the most share-worthy episode yet, so please share this far and wide.  Tonight we also cover POTUS' comments telegraphing the END OF THE FED - and follow that up with a timeline which essentially proves the point - and finally examine the Usual Suspects among our Tech Tyrants who seek our ruin! 

AIRED: 08.16.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 31

4D Chess - Social[ist] Credit Scores

Our world is changing.  Luciferian Globalists have poisoned our air, water and earth - as the pontificate to their jet-traveled points of exotic allure.  While the Free Peoples of this Good Earth suffer and die in pits of their despair, enslavement and want - some even being 'harvested' to their hidden god of blood.

President Trump is the lone, clarion voice standing against their ruin.  Tonight, we join POTUS on his successful trip to the G7 meeting in France.

Hear what's behind each Public Statement - the hidden stakes, the desperate wants and needs of Brothers & Sisters around this globe - struggling to be rid of this monstrous evil.  And see how the enemy's infectious digital poison has worked it's way even to these United States.  Today - live on air.  There is but one solution to this doom - and it is PRAYER


AIRED: 08.26.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 34

4D Chess - Weather War

Vice President Pence delivers important speech in Poland, recalling 80 years ago tonight that NAZI Storm Troopers invaded their homeland - to steal their land, enslave their people and kill 90% of her Jewish citizens.  The murder has continued with other Global Socialist regimes (most recently, the Soviet Union's murder of hundreds of diplomats and government leaders).

Simultaneously, this is the 1 year anniversary of the Corona constellation of satellites that were taken offline by the Q movement - and the disassembly of the Deep State cabal that has taken our country hostage.

Our deep dive segment reaches back to 60 years ago tonight when an important Weather Modification Movie was presented to the American public - manufactured and released by the Disney company.  There are no coincidences!

AIRED: 09.02.19

Minions of Death

POTUS and AG Barr deliver the Medal of Honor to brave American Citizens who stood against a recent mass murdering terrorist in Texas.  Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan Delivers Deep State Smackdown against ABC, Fox News, and a handful of other MSM shills trying to spin our country's Executive Leadership out of control.  And finally, General Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell tells House Democrats to Pound Sand in their attempts at Legislatively Lynching a decorated American Hero.

Our Deep Dive segment explores the notably absent MSM curiousity regarding recent Chicom Military expansions - not only in the South China Sea, but in Greenland, the Bahamas, Africa and a host of other Hot Spots - as it appears they are deploying WMD's in a Global Attack Pattern against the United States.  Finally, we examine their 4AM talking points, the Alien Invasion, and Clown Connections

AIRED: 09.09.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 39

A New Hope - Quad Witching Day

President and Melania Trump welcome Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife, Laura for important reiteration of our Alliance - particularly in the face of a resurgent and menacing Communist China.  Several speeches reveal the nature, weapons and implications of the fight before our great nations - indeed, we are facing an existential threat as the world has never seen.  Russia's Poseidon Project has been sold to China as Russia also sold China their only Aircraft Carrier.

Our Deep Dive Segment investigates the connection between the Border Wall now being built - and the Chinese paid/inspired invasion army that has been flooding across our southern border - and their purchased US Legislators and US Press who advance their cause - and lie with impunity.  We finally explore the darkest corner of this Luciferian Cabal - Sexual Cannibalism - and the Crime Families, Street Gangs & Legislative Crime Families behind it! 100% Tariffs are now threatened.

AIRED: 09.20.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 42

A New Hope (4) - Dark To Light

We now begin to put the pieces of TIME MACHINE together - pulling all the threads, all the tools, all the 30,000 pages of evidence we have amassed - to fully expose the Treason transacted against not only the United States - but, even more importantly - against the Human Race.

This first installment of Dark To Light - is revealed at the turning of the Tides in this war against Luciferian Globalist dominion.  Importantly, POTUS delivers key remarks to the country with Finland's President.  Finland is key to POTUS' plans to unseat Chinese hegemony.

Tonight's Deep Dive reveals what Chicom dollars have purchased from Deep State traitors and media hirelings.  The shopping list is vast - new aircraft carriers, stealth fighters, attack helicopters, stealth drones, satellite technology, ICBM and warhead designs - but, buried among Red Party purchases is a doomsday device capable of leveling whole states - even entire regions - based on a planned (but, never built) U.S. design.

AIRED: 10.04.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 44

A New Hope (5) - Impeachmint Fuhrer

Tonight's show transits a wide swath through history: terrible events that led to the most destructive events of our time - worse than World War II & the Cold War.  While hireling Leftists in Congress manipulate & obfuscate facts to suit their predetermined guilty verdict of POTUS' innocent phone call - even as they lie with impunity, redefine rules & obscure dissent & even investigation as the world itself careen's pell-mell towards the edge of the abyss.

During our Leadership Segment, POTUS breaks down their deployed Treason against himself & the Presidency by a lawless band of brigands - operating under the color of authority.  POTUS then directs us to a 1961 Eisenhower speech & mentions the phrase 'broken into a thousand pieces' - a clear reference to JFK's assassination & the Truth FINALLY coming out.

Our Deep Dive segment examines the raw hate of Globalist Ambitions in California & a coming firestorm of utter destruction.

AIRED: 10.09.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 47

A New Hope (1) - Hell Storm

Our show begins with a Leadership Update: POTUS welcomes the Stanley Cup Champions into the White House, followed by an Italian Presidential visit to the White House - complete with a full Press Conference and following Bilateral Business Discussion.  This follow-on discussion featured a number of topics - but, among them, the recent Italian purchase of 69 F-35As and 62 F-35Bs as per original agreement.  There has been significant internal Italian pressure to reduce the order count to less than 90.  Maintaining the original order size is seen as a "win" for the Trump Administration.

On another topic - unspoken during the Presser and following Bilat, AG Barr and IG Durham have been Investigating the Investigators of the Russia Collusion Hoax - and this opens up our deep dive portion of the show: Hell Storm.

Hell Storm is so named for the Luciferian Cabal and their intent to overthrow the Presidency of the United States & replace it with a Secular Theosophic Technocracy.  The Coup d'Etat that failed.

AIRED: 10.16.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 50

2020 A Space Oddity

American Patriots have been trying to tell us for decades the character, nature, power and pure evil that is the Luciferian Deep State.  As we've been covering - Movies are the central communications vehicle employed by these spiritual terrorists - and Stanley Kubric's work 2001: A Space Odyssey contains significant pay-dirt.

Tonight's show examines the idioms and messaging contained in this important expose - for through it, Stanley identifies the author of the coming Holocaust - Artificial Intelligence, driven by an Optical Learning, Self Optimizing Game Theory - many of which concepts had yet to be articulated in 1967 - and would not find it's way into Technical Literature for another 50 years.

Our Deep Dive segment plumbs the depths of Treason by Adam Schiff and his gang of Star Chamber henchmen.  We discuss the implications of some key revelations from our earliest shows - and show how they are linked to the current Treasonist Insurgency.  We conclude with a Prayer for Nation, POTUS and People against this Luciferian Cabal.

AIRED: 10.25.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 53

Trumpin' Liddle Chumps

As Democrat dreams of overthrowing the United States' Constitutional Republic to replace it with a Socialist Utopia - complete with Star Chamber justice, Guilt by Accusation, Two Tier Justice and Crime Family / Mob rule - splinter to the winds, a plan emerges from the mayhem that perhaps POTUS has had their number for decades - and their is no escaping the UnHoly Justice that is inbound as a Winter Storm.  This is a Storm they shall not escape - because they've taken the bait - hook - line - and sinker!

Our show begins with POTUS speaking on his way from and back to the White House - busy about his work to save the Republic.  We see a "Good Dog" get his due - and listen to the welcome of the 2019 World Series Champions, Washington Nationals welcomed into the White House.​

At the show's half-way point, POTUS delivers a rousing speech in Tennessee - who's election tomorrow with Mississippi's hold great importance for our Republic.


Our Deep Dive investigates and proves wrong the entire Schiff Witch Hunt - down to the last Globalist plant. 

AIRED: 11.04.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 56

Tsar Bomba:  Wages of War

The globalist Cabal continues their rampage across the world, rebranding their terror as a Green New Deal - but, when we look under the canopy of this wicked lie, we behold deprivation, death and destruction as far as the eye can see.

Today is America's Veteran's Day - and we salute all those who've worn the cloth of their country - in particular, those who have served the United States of America.  The monies that have rebuilt the world have been hoisted upon the backs of the American Taxpayer - nearly 1 quadrillion dollars.  The impact of this Truth Bomb has yet to manifest itself - even to your average American - as it is a sum they cannot imagine - heaped upon them by a power they cannot see - - - yet.  But, the awakening is coming.

The Awakening shall require new currency - not burdened or beholden to those who steal the Wealth of Nations - where sovereignty begins and remains at home - and anyone who comes knocking - selling the fake news that our wealth belongs to an illegal alien - will be dealt the blows  and injuries their lies so richly have earned.



AIRED: 11.11.19


Something BIG Is Coming pt 58

Tsar Bomba:  Tale of Two Trumps

Ours has been an historical odyssey to find the document and recognize the fingerprints of an enemy hand that seeks to destroy mankind - to be replaced by the cold hard precision of his own self-love and external hatred.  This adventure has spanned thousands of years and hundreds of hours.

Tonight's adventure begins with a POTUS Cabinet Meeting, then Secretary Pompeo announces a major shift in US/Israeli Policy and finally POTUS weighs in on the ongoing injustice that passes for an Impeachment inquiry.

Over in the House of Representatives Schiffy justice continues to ooze forth in all it's Treachery - as Liddle Adam quashes Republican Questions, redirects witnesses away from answering questions and puts words into other witnesses' mouths in his relentless attempts to frame President Trump.

Featured speeches tonight include Lt. Kernal Klink [Vindman], Ambassador Volker's charge to the President's Rescue & Sondland's Last Stand.  Truly Historic Implications.

AIRED: 11.20.19


Something BIG Is Coming pt 61

Tale of Two Trumps: War of The World!

9 New Q! [3628-3636).

POTUS & FLOTUS Welcome the Nation's Christmas Tree into the White House.  Vice President & Second Lady Pence visit American troops in Iraq, and POTUS honors Conan The Dog.

This is the penultimate Conclusion of Time Machine & the Introduction of our next 100 part series: WAR OF THE WORLDS - that is set to begin in December.  We also discuss the recent YouTube censorship, channel demonetization, threats to erase the channel from YouTube (along with other Patriot Channels during this Election Season) - as the Lockstep Leftist Tech Tyrants attempt to roll-out Chinese-style Censorship and conscientious objector targeting.

This Tech Tyrant War against America is dangerous: their demonstrated willingness to publicly BLACKBALL Patriotic Conservatives with Stars of David "Deplorable" algorithms - as the Tech Tyrants pass their perfected targeting software back & forth between companies to ensure there's no escape from their Digital Final Solution.

AIRED: 11.25.19


Something BIG Is Coming pt 64

Tale of Two Trumps: Demo's Death Wish 2020

The Luciferian Deep State has collected their Digital Tech Tyrant acolytes and are now moving in to suffocate free speech in a bid to forestall the inevitable: their utter ruin.  Tonight's show features a compelling Q Decode which links the actions of Strzok and Page together with MI6 and the US Ally Great Britain in a direct attempt to overthrow the US Government.  What is more, they've been caught in the act - for, not only did POTUS defy all the odds through his election and miraculous Administration of the corrupt autocracy left him by Regime Leader Hussein - POTUS was left with all the evidence out in the open - and Whistle-blowers willing to sing like Canaries - to bring this doom to it's fitting end.

As POTUS boards Air-force One for the 70th NATO Birthday Celebration - and eases the financial burden on the US Taxpayer as other nations are held to account for their own national security costs (2% of GDP), the Deep State Cabal insists on one last bite of the poison apple - which IS the Impeachment Tyranny.  What is more - we now know that Hunter Biden is connected - not only to the infamous Whistle-blower through their connections at Burisma, but, that the Head of Burisma has just been indicted - and 'mysteriously' goes missing hours after the arrest warrants are signed.

This Impeachment proceeding is going to be the Death of the Democrat party - and everyone knows it - including their boot-licking press.  Just, none of them has the brass to admit it.  This is like watching a collision of planets - up close/in person - in hyper slow motion - as the entire Deep State comes unglued and falls in upon itself.

Our Deep Dive segment examines the connections between recent Q Posts (6 new posts tonight), the guilty Deep State - and the US Ally Great Britain.  We also take a closer look at the upcoming VIMEO Project - and a call out to other Patriot's (world wide) who may want to share the platform we are developing!  Truly a great day to be alive.

AIRED: 12.02.19

BraveNewWorld 2019-12-09 at 3.56.51 PM.j

Time Machine Conclusion

Luciferian Procreation / Brave New World

Brave New World is Aldous Huxley’s 1932 dystopic novel. Where HG Wells left off with his post-Victorian sensibilities of the ends-justify-the-means, subjugation, enslavement and genocidal mania expressed across the African Continent - Aldous Huxley steps us forward 100 years, articulates the Nazi Holocaust as a "Good Thing" while bearing witness to the Luciferian Superstate in the far off remote future of 2042 - a mechanized society complete with reproductive control, genetic manipulation, assembly line murder. Huxley's vision is an existential surrender to the inevitable will to the enemy of mankind.

Aldous Huxley carried on the United Kingdom's Globalist tradition, inseminated within cloistered academic halls of Oxford and Cambridge - where Huxley graduated from Balliol College (Oxford University) in 1913 - just about the time TE Lawrence became an installed British Agent on the Arabian Peninsula. If you haven't already, please take a look at that sub-series - as the seed of this Globalist Conspiracy impregnated Europe Twice with Global Wars who's hundreds of millions of dead remain rough approximations.


Huxley's family dutifully advanced Luciferian Globalism - with his brother Julian (a devout evolutionist, and as first director of UNESCO - redistributing wealth to noble families while wearing the false skin of compassion and public service).

Borrowing from William Shakespeare's "The Tempest", Aldous advances the supremacy of a genetically-engineered future where life is both pain-free and meaningless. Absent any sort of moral compass - or spiritual center - assembly line murder is presented with the calm-coolness of a concentration camp commandant overseeing a firing squad's precision. The book heavily influenced George Orwell’s 1984 and science-fiction in general. Notably, Orwell's works didn't cosey up to Global Socialism as did Huxley's - and wrote behind a pseudonym in a failed attempt at anonymity.

Eric Arthur Blaire noted, riley, speaking out against Socialism can be hazardous to one's health.

AIRED: 12.09.19


Toasting Tyranny

Cloward and Piven's strategies have become fully engaged, covert troops recruited, trained, armed and deployed to western constitutional republics - and have been given the 'go' code - burn it all to the ground.  Just 3 days prior, Notre Dame, symbol of western Christendom, burned to the ground. One of the cabal's generals toasted it's demise!

Notre Dame Cathedral burned - and as it did so, former First Lady Hussein drank a toast to it's destruction.  Global Deep State traitors needed to elude justice, so their plan included compromising Justice Itself through the appointment and covert tyranny of Faux Justice agents (a.k.a. The Mule).  The "Y" is sometimes optional.

AIRED: 04.19.19

Treasured Islands

It's one thing to hatch a plan of Global Terror; recycling Nazi Intelligence Agents world renowned for their cruelty & malice.  It's quite another to get away with it.  Treasured Islands reveals the Military Backed PIRATE STATE, the very backbone of the NWO. A pirate globalist state, where he who has the Gold - makes the Rules!

Tonight's show is based on Nicholas Shaxson's Treasure Islands, Peter Schweitzer's Secret Empires and HG Well's Time Machine.  Enemy forces control all games, all trades and even know outcomes of events before they occur through the manipulation of history itself.  What happens in the Caribbean stays in the Caribbean?

AIRED: 04.29.19

Balls of Steele

Balls of Steele ties together Central _ntelligence Agency [Clown] ratlines, how they move money around - not only domestically, but, internationally - how the FVEY Partnership is used to feed information & treasure into the hands of Global Pirates - and what part James Comey plays in the Global Terror Network.
Ironically, the Steele Dossier - paid for, crafted and deployed by Democrat operatives through the DNC's own law firm, Perkins Coie.  Think taxpayer funded terror & bribery & extortion.

AIRED: 05.08.19
Broken Bad.PNG

Broken Bad

Standing behind Pakistani Intelligence which long ago went to work for the Congressional Crime families (the fire-wall between bloody businesses of weapons & human & technology transfers), sits the Red Dragon. To make it all work before America's MSM, a doofus boy scout is needed.  Eddie Haskell  explained:  Capabilities & Implications of The Hammer & Scorecard[!e!].  Massive Encryption breaker, used by Global Criminals:  Defense, Banking, Identity, Voting, Legal, Judicial no longer secure. The Hammer is used to HIJACK US WEAPONS in their SILOS!

AIRED: 05.15.19
025 - TAKING STOCK.jpg

Taking Stock

(review of all shows)

Review of All Shows To Date:  Why These Topics, Why This Order?  Who's Who?  Where Have We Been, Where Going?
> HG Wells
- Background, Schooling, Finances
- Life’s Work
- The Time Machine

Shell Game Preview - it's all about the slight of hand for the foolhardy - or a suckers bet for the Confederates!  What is strangest of all, it appears the enemy and his minions have some ability to transit time itself!

AIRED: 05.20.19
The Mule Team.PNG

We Didn't Start The Fire

Advertisement: Q LEGEN[D] 

Time Machine featured Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire [1989] which demonstrates the Truth of Globalist Hatred & Murder on the World Stage.  The particular reference to Zhou Enlai (tightly bound & related to the prescient words of Maurice Strong, Canadian Billionaire, in 1997) comp-letes an example of Time Machine.

AIRED: 04.17.19

Royal Welcome

Introduction to new sub-series (part of Time Machine).  Queen of England's Speech, News & Q's Interviews with Special Guest - Daddy Dragon, Spies are the New Journalists (and what ill omen that portends for all humanity).  The reason is, Constitutional Republics presume factual information for the resulting decisions to remain sound.  But, when News becomes Authorized Propaganda (which does not tolerate "TRUE" information and destroys those who speak it), Authoritarian Dictatorships & Fascist public/private partnerships are the consequence.
Detailed dive into Queen Elizabeth I's employment of noble plunderers (Sir Walter Raleigh & Sir Francis Drake) - where they set up shop - and what that means to Today's Deep State!

AIRED: 06.05.19
Site Review Thumbnail.PNG

Website Review & Tour

Tonight we review the objectives and new features of the Q Bits site.  All shows now appear in order and in context - by series.  Also, a brief (and searchable) context is given for each show - making it easy to go right to the show you've been looking for!

There is so much coming - stay tuned.  Starting Monday, June 17th - we pick up from last time - Sum We All Feared: Chinese Laundry!

AIRED: 06.12.19
Negative Space.jpg

Negative Space

Global Socialists have infiltrated and taken control of Free Speech and are tyrannizing the land.  We hear from President Trump at a Prayer Breakfast, Project Veritas and their ongoing mission to expose authoritarians in our midst, and we lay out the players and context of the greatest Shell Game ever played in human history.

This is beyond Treason of a Nation - this is treason against our family of man.  
Updated 6.25.20 - The case for Treason complete. Now, we must overcome it!

AIRED: 06.26.19

Lolita Express

Vladimir Nabokov wrote a pedophilia/kidnapping social conditioning novel championed by Radical Left publishers in 1955, recently rising to 4th best novel ever written on Modern Library's 100 Best Novels list.  With the arrest & subsequent mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein - who conducted jet-set glitterati to his pedophile island of horror in the US Virgin Islands, we examine the connections, conditions & Luciferian subtext behind today's MSM cover-narrative.

What is coming is a controlled release of damning information regarding the predilections & wickedness behind this occult fantasy island.  

AIRED: 07.08.19
Hunting The Cannibal Club.JPG

Hunting The Cannibal Club

Sulfur Crested Cockatoo molests it's young before the reach maturity - and adorns the high places on Epstein's Temple.  Other architecture, adornments, inscriptions and patterns ​- communicate an harmonious message.  Tonight's first foray into the Luciferian symbolism describe the characteristics of the big event that reached is zenith at midnight between July 27th and 28th 2013.  The celebration began on July 19th 2013 - through ritualized kidnapping of a female child.

Tonight's show features a video segment - a time-lapse of developments on Little St. James Island (Epstein's Island) - and examines the relationships and similarities with Necker Island mentioned last time.  President Trump delivers  a key message - and calls down damnation on those who would harm children.  Q Proof evident.

AIRED: 07.17.19
Killing Fields.jpg

Killing Fields

This nearly 180 minute presentation delivers evidence of Chinese obfuscation, treachery, theft, bribery, spy-craft and outright murder - on behalf of a regime hell-bent on destroying the West in general - and the United States in particular.

A perfect counterpoint to the evidence our show has been developing, 10 speakers paint the landscape of danger we face.  We conclude with a rousing discussion of the evidence that begs the questions:  Where do we go from here? What can we do in the face of such reckless hate?  We finish off discussing the power & nature of prayer ~ the inspiration of this channel.  Join us!

AIRED: 07.21.19

Liddle Finger

Deep State Traitors and enemy hirelings made their last assault on POTUS - and failed utterly in Congressional Hearings.  In fact, as Trey Gowdy later observed - they set their own case back years in their attempt to destroy POTUS - needing first to do away with American Law to be successful in their attempt.​

Interesting development - The Mule appeared at once frail and senile during today's Congressional Testimony - so much so - that it became evident he was not, in fact, the author of the much media-hyped "Mueller Report".  So, if he wasn't this Frame Job's author, who actually was?  Who is Andrew Weissman?  kek.

AIRED: 07.24.19

Get Smart

Tonight's exposition considers the history, precedent & implications of the U.S. Marine Corps Hymn & how that history has been upended by recent Marine Corps participation in the Human Slave Trade (& worse).  We also explore POTUS' recent Williamsburg, VA speech - which detail the New World foundations of civilization & our duty to learn from our failures there.

Our deep dive tonight considers the constellation of idioms surrounding POTUS' "Get Smart" Tweets - and how these have profound - even miraculous prognostication potential - as we step back in time to February 18th 1967 - and consider what has happened since.  Evidence for Deep State criminal conspiracy is unmistakable - even shocking.

AIRED: 07.31.19

Death to Freedom

In a lot of ways, these last several days have been a reenactment of The Empire Strikes Back - but, this isn't a movie.  Enemy infiltrators and those who seek to frame Americans and the American Way of Life - have gathered guns and ammunition and have started going on shooting sprees - murdering dozens of people - as they seek to obliterate the last vestige of Freedom this world has left:  The US Constitution.
Will they succeed?  Will communist infiltrators, fascist public/private Tech Tyrant overlords and their murderous band silence freedom forever as the seek to rip the last arms of self defense from a media bedazzled public?  Or, will God's Will push back their curtain of Darkness long enough to bring under His Cloak of Freedom and Immunity before it's too late?  What is more, our recent episode Meat Locker has been banned everywhere - within an hour of posting!  Meat Locker features hundreds of human corpses - hung by the ears in cold storage - and the human chop shop set up out front to offer choice cuts to the local population.  The problem is - the bodies are medical experimental victims!  What are the Chinese testing?  How does this relate to General Haotian's infamous speech?
We're at a cross roads - the very rags of freedom that are now blowing in their gale-force winds of communist change.

AIRED: 08.05.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 26

4D Chess:  Royal Wreckage

The Luciferian Deep State is encountering a chess player Who is quite literally out of this world!  Where chess moves and countermoves were made many months in advance of the enemy's moves - leading to a climatic ending that would make any phony space opera blush!

Tonight's show begins with an overview of where we're at in the Q Movement - with all but one of the chess-pieces arrayed and prepared for battle - the very last piece to be impaneled this coming Thursday.  We detail & outline what is likely to occur when the final chess movement is commenced - the exposure of their dystopic, sacrificial Luciferian World & all who benefit from it.  Jeffrey Epstein's mysterious death is examined in detail - and all it's odd characteristics are laid out. 

AG Barr commits to get to the bottom of the Epstein Death & to bring Justice to his victims worldwide.   

AIRED: 08.12.19

The Father of Lies

We've been lied to about everything for hundreds of generations by a malevolence beyond description.  His plan is constructed of lies - just as it depends on lies.  The Achilles Heel of this Luciferian plan is that it doesn't work is somebody is watching.

Tonight we examine the  idioms & characteristics of the enemy's hirelings - their attack strategies, their targets, timing, coordination, wartime communication - even their formulas of corporate domination.  Corporations, themselves a legal fiction (lie) which deploy so much hatred, anger and murder.

Finally, our show presents a segment from War Castles - where the three major houses of the enemy (Castles) are themselves traced through history - the very history this series has been exploring. Mind blowing episode - and part of a two part conclusion to 4D Chess.  Join Us! 

AIRED: 08.19.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 32

4D Chess - Eye of the Beholder pt 1

JRR Tolkien was right, not only about which dangers we face, but in fact, which tools and murderous ends the Globalist Luciferian Deep State would employ to Murder, Kill and Destroy all of humanity.  JRR Tolkien, Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon and Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford wrote Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit - described a magical technology which could penetrate Earth and space and time - and connect disparate universes together.  It was the purpose of this open communication bridge, through which the enemy of mankind would traverse &who's coming would herald the end of the Age of Men.

The Pantir - a collection of crystal-ball like devices of varying sizes and functions are herein described - as are those in our real world who are laboring to bring this technology into our World.  This first part examines this tech & those bringing it to reality.  This isn't a Fairy Story.

AIRED: 08.28.19

The Perfect Storm

On August 25th 2019, President and Melania Trump arrived at the G7 Meeting in Biarritz, France.  Melania, as usual, let her clothing speak for both of them - "Q's Perfect Storm" has arrived in Europe.  Coincidentally, this was also the day that Tropical Depression Dorian would be designated Tropical Storm Dorian - later to famously become Hurricane Dorian.

Tonight's show leads off with a POTUS speech detailing current US efforts to stop the Chinese Fentanyl poison coming across the Southern Border, check and reverse the Opioid Epidemic that is destroying so many American lives - and we get our first look at the devastation wrought in the Bahamas - where more than 70% of the islands remain under water at this time.

Tonight's Deep Dive Segment:  Something Rotten in Denmark & considers the Global implications of Chinese coercion, treachery, murder, treason and espionage.

AIRED: 09.04.19

For Whom The Bell Tolls

POTUS leads a ceremony commemorating the tragedy of 9/11 and all who have died in service to this horror - a moment of silence, punctuated with three distinct tolling's of a Bell.  Our second segment replays the famous 2016 Pre-Election Al Smith Charity Dinner Roast that POTUS gave, not only Hillary Clinton, but, to a number of those sitting around the dais decked out in their Millionaire and Billionaire finery:  This is not going to be just any other President.  Then, POTUS gives Chinese President Xi a two week extension before punishing trade tariffs take effect - and stop their global supply chain COLD (a matter of National Security).

Our Deep Dive segment features the first of a two part interview with Cody Snodgres; former Clown and Soldier of Fortune - Cody has come out from the Darkness to tell the tail of Gun-Running, Drug-Running, Child-Trafficking and Treason.  Explosive Interviews!  Must See!!

AIRED: 09.13.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 40

A New Hope (2) - Globalist Rosetta Stone

Godfather III featured the successful decapitation of the New York Crime Syndicate, Star Wars featured the Empire Strikes Back & Lord of the Rings' Theoden was forced to abandon his Castle Rohan:  All of these compelling features characterize the insatiable, never ending draw of the enemy upon the lives of men.  So is this true with President Trump's United States & the Luciferian Deep State.


Tonight's investigation closely examines President Trump's first term in office' successes - 1) stellar economy (as the rest of the world's economies decline), 2) historic-low unemployment rates, 3) advancing national defense in every quarter, 4) building the border wall - while Treason constantly presses it's blade of hatred at his back with every passing second.

Tonight's Deep Dive investigates Deep State Hireling Symbolism so that we might recognize them clearly (as their funding strings have been cut) & we begin to watch the feeding frenzy that will take it all down.


AIRED: 09.27.19

Advert 02:  A New Hope [2]

Advertising QBits Online Channel

Have friends or family that are yet to be "RED PILLED"?  Forward this link to them:  This 2-minute piece documents the Sedition & Treason of the Deep State Left - with unimpeachable source material - because it is in their own words.

What is more, it documents the Globalist Hegemony and it's Racist, Luciferian bases - this piece also articulates their primary, secondary & tertiary objectives are:  Defeat Donald J Trump, Destroy the United States of America & Murder People of all races in service to their occult gods.

Are you doing your part?  Do you even know how to broach the subject with trusted family members and friends?  If they think you're a 'conspiracy theorist' - forward them this video.  The material conveyed will certainly open their eyes that perhaps there is more to this story.

It is time to save our Loved Ones!  There is not a moment to lose!  Will you join the fight?  Your President needs you.  Your Country needs you.  Our Brotherhood of Mankind needs you.  Will you help?

AIRED: 10.04.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 45

A New Hope (6) - 1000 Easy Pieces

Time.  Moment to moment - the very course of History is changed - by even the smallest among our number.  What if those who's interests and allegiance remains hidden - those in our most vaunted institutions - like the FBI and CIA - are nothing more than common thieves?  Thieves who care not which tyranny oppresses and destroys the innocent - who view the uninformed as sheep for the slaughter - their goods, ripe for the taking?

Tonight's show begins with the conclusion to Impeachmint Fuhrer: Robert Welch's 1958 speech: Establishing a band of Patriotic Americans [JBS] valiantly fighting the violent oppression of the hidden 'elite' with God's Light of Truth.  We then turn to the consequences of Clown failures at the Bay of Pigs & what was exposed there (concluding with a question: did we lose that conflict ON PURPOSE?).


Our Deep Dive segment considers the predictive Programming impact of Die Hard - and examines what happens when Good Cops go BAD.

AIRED: 10.11.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 48

A New Hope(8)- Damn The Torpedoes

Every good story has a moment where we question whether the hero will succeed or fail in their quest to dominate evil.  This is that show!  We begin our investigation by examining the roots of Hillary's Political Resurrection - and the John Podesta funded candidacy and strangely resonant Tulsi Gabbard challenge to a debate with HRC.  This is the very same Tulsi Gabbard who partnered with ANTIFA & other domestic terrorists to champion murder and mayhem across the heartland. 

We then turn our attention to the fake Ukraine frame job - and the money and relations behind this treason - truly the Heart of Darkness.

Our Deep Dive segment features an important interview with Dr. Frank Gregory Ford - who documents US Political Families selling US WMD's on the open market to terrorists and Communist States - for import across the US Southern Border - and the humble beginnings of the Clinton Foundation from one bootlegging Crime Family (HRC) to another (Yeltsin) and the strange case of the Ukrainian Potato still.

AIRED: 10.21.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 51

2020: Behind The Looking Glass

When POTUS took out Baghdadi and his network of child raping, neck slicing, Luciferian terrorists, he did more than remove a ravenous wolf from our midst - he exposed the Deep State's hidden army and declared open war upon them: POTUS didn't tell House Demo's about the upcoming raids - because the last 2 times he did this, Baghdadi was tipped off.

Implications?  That Globalists within our government and media industrial complex are commanding secret armies to terrorize, demoralize and destroy these United States in accordance with their stated Luciferian agenda - stated in their Guidestones, UN Agenda - even their 4AM talking points and school curricula.

Our Deep Dive segment recalls the historic implications of brave American Patriots - like Stanley Kubrick - who not only warned us what they had in mind - but, articulated their weakness (communications) - and the proper method to destroy the Luciferian Superstate.  Of course, Stanley Kubrick did this 50 years ago - at the dawning of the Space Age is no accident - and his ultimate conclusion will play out before our eyes!

AIRED: 10.28.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 54

Tsar Bomba (pt 1)

The enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy all that is good on this Good Earth!  His hireling's Weapons of Mass Disinformation have leveled the castles of many American Patriots (General Michael T. Flynn, notably, and MANY others).  It has seemed that those who lick the boot of destruction encourage this rampage - without any sign of lessening.  Yet, is this true?

Tonight we delve into the past 3 years of Q - and reveal a secret that has been hidden in plain sight all along.  A secret, that once revealed - will lay waste to every Globalist bootlicking toady​, every demon and every evil principality this world has ever know.

What is coming is the unleashing of a Weapon of Mass Disruption - who's irresistible force can have but one author.  And we are about to see even that secret revealed as well.

In tonight's Part 1 Series, we review POTUS actions/Deep State Reactions, an important speech regarding Military A.I. application - and a deep dive into the life and crimes of one, Adam Schiff.  High Crimes & Misdemeanors can apply to Congressmen, too.  And boy, do they! 

AIRED: 11.07.19


Something BIG Is Coming pt 57

Special Feature:  Guilty By Accusation

The greatest battle of our age has now moved out of the Digital Domain and into the Political Domain as the United States House of Representatives, an unlikely Lynch Mob comprised of the "Intelligence Committee" chairman Adam Schiff pronounces President Trump Guilty then conducts a Clown Circus Show Trial - in 3 Rings:  Those that 'heard' of the call (hearsay), those that heard the call (whose words of POTUS Innocence were twisted by the Judge, Jury and Executioner Schiff into Banner Headline Guilt) - to the final ring: The Soros-Shill Ringleader Executioner Schiff proudly proclaims as the second coming of Christ.

This excruciatingly combative 6 hour episode documents the trials and travails Truth must endure to set the Captives Free (the American People).

Today's Leftist guests are Mr. George Kent, Deputy Assistance Secretary of State (and Regime Leader Hussein holdover, conspirator) and Acting Ukraine Ambassador William Taylor.  Most notable from their testimony:  (1) Neither heard the call (their evidence is merely hearsay), (2) These Public Servants mouth allegiance to President Trump while stabbing him in the back - and advancing their own Foreign Policy against the express wishes of the President - while (3) finally admitting that neither could cite a single crime committed by POTUS or his team.

AIRED: 11.13.19


Something BIG Is Coming pt 59

Conclusion:  Tale of Two Trumps

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of Holy Spirit, it was the age of the enemy of man, it was the epoch faith, it was the age of murder, it was the season of Light, it was the Season of Darkness, it was the spring of MAGA, it was the winter of DECLAS, we had everything to offer the world, we had nothing to offer the Globe, we were all going directly to Heaven, some of us are going straight to Hell - in short, this period is as it was during the Age before the Flood, that some of it’s noisiest authorities insisted on making the world great again, while others plotted superlative measures to extinguish the Light of men."

The Trump Card displayed for all to see heads our Leadership segment this evening, POTUS then delivers remarks upon departure - and comment at Apple's Houston Assembly plant.  Mr. Cooke was noticeably demure during this presentation.  The end is near for the Deep State - perhaps Tim knows he's whipped?

Final presentations from the Schiff Clown Show are discussed - notably Sondland's Last Stand, Sherlock Holmes He AIN'T and a Soros Snake in the Grass strikes at POTUS heal.

AIRED: 11.22.19


Something BIG Is Coming pt 62

Tsar Bomba:  Rocky Rhodes

The Global Luciferian Death Cult's predatory practices are being brought to LIGHT as President Trump signs the Executive Order titled, "Committed to Supporting and Protecting Native American Women and Children Across The Country".  Surprisingly, nearly 20% of Native American children go missing at some point during their primary to secondary school years - never to be seen or heard from again.

President Trump Tweeted out this image - which, when properly decoded points to the Death of the Deep State - and an exposure of their Luciferian Worship practices, human sacrificial rites - and all of the evil that is practiced in their unholy names.

Our Deep Dive Segment features a Chinese Expose of the Human Trafficking, Organ Harvesting of the Luciferian Socialist State their - where more than 10 million people of Faith are incarcerated - waiting their turn for the State to sell their organs to the highest bidder.  They promise less than 2 weeks turn around - and ONLY THE VERY HEALTHIEST of religious practitioners in this Human Meat Market.

AIRED: 11.27.19


Something BIG Is Coming pt 65

Tale of Two Trumps: Buckle Up Buttercup ...

The 10-Attack Thunderbolt is one of the most viscious Close In Air-Support attack aircraft ever invented.  Designed and built around a 30mm Depleted Uranium Gattling Gun - and which encases it's pilot inside a Titanium bathtub - it is said to be nearly impervious to small arms and ground fire - with multiple redundant systems.  These aircraft were designed for the European Theater of Operations (NATO) and were designed and deployed in great numbers to blunt any Russian Tank advance anywhere along the European Frontier.


This also happens to be just the sort of weapon that will be deployed in the upcoming political/criminal battles against the entrenched Deep State - an adversary that is nearly exhausted spewing endless Trump Hate for over 3 years.

Tonight finds President Trump in Europe attending the 70th Birthday Party for NATO - with some of the most important Political and Strategic questions about to explode into the information battlespace:  will the Vichy-Globalist Governments that have conspired with Global Socialism be thwarted in their Luciferian advance?  Or, shall they succeed in their terror-steeped brew of political poison?

Our close investigation into Close In Air Support (in support of "friends") spans the gammut of shows we've thus far covered - but, principally, targets the Pedovoric champions of doom - as the Forces of Light assemble on the political field of Battle!  


Meanwhile, the Globalist-Puppet Democrats (and RINO's) stage a limp-wristed attack on POTUS while he's doing Big-Boy-Work - and to accomplish their ends - the demonstrate they're completely willing to trash the Constitution, trample on the Rule of Law - and Convict an Innocent Man - WHOM THEY KNOW IS INNOCENT.
Truly, an awesome time to be alive!

AIRED: 12.04.19



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014 - SWAN DIVE.jpg

Swan Dive


Robert Swan Mueller, III has an interesting & varied biography and professional track record. Known as The Mule (drug cartel slang for 'Carrier of Drugs, Weapons, Money Laundering & Human slaves), The Mule carries the water of the Deep State.

According to a detailed House Rep Louie Gohmert report, The Mule's career is littered with bodies of imprisoned innocents & released renegades: If subjects of The Mule's ire were good - exculpatory evidence is hidden or destroyed, false evidence is created & inserted, but if they're bad - witnesses commit suicide, evidence is removed from lockup & the wicked go free.

AIRED: 04.24.19

Advertising Globalist Bondage

Military backed offshore programs firmly documented, the Bank of International Settlements (the underwriters) & Bank of England needed to attract the cream of the world's crop of terrorists, gun runners, human smugglers & nation states to transact business. Only one figure would do - BOND... James Bond!

What are James' Bond 'villains' characteristics?  What businesses do they have?  Do James' Bond characters in 'real life' hunt them? No?  When did James Bond first appear in theater? Larger audience on the silver screen? Blind Trusts (Treasured Islands) help? All happening right under our nose for 70 years! 

AIRED: 05.02.19

Dust In The Wind

James Comey: Life, Career, Achievements & connections to Chicoms.  $6M Man?  He 'looked the other way' & US Defense Comms were compromised.  Immediately after Comey did this, he was graduated up in rank & power - a move that would eventually have him play a pivotal role in The Mule's Frame Job.  How does HSBC feature into this?  HSBC is Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking corporation.  The term "being Shanghai'd" (sold into slavery) fits perfectly.

AIRED: 05.10.19

Binding The Hounds of Hell

William Barr's Summary Report.  Implicated: Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Hussein, HRC [The Witch] + 22 Others.  Robert Johnston, US Marine Corps & Crowdstrike:  Counter-Intelligence Gone Bad, The Hammer In Action, Plausible Deniability & JUSTICE SERVED!  The End Is Near?  Hardly! Guarding the Gates of Hell is a three-headed dog, who's sole function is to assure that every being passing into death is, in fact dead. Is Cerberus Capital Management one of the globalist capital management firms implicated in making sure there is a bright line between those Chinese officials offering bribes & money laundering, and those Private Trusts of the Luciferian Deep State?  No one gets past this dog, who lives!

AIRED: 05.17.19
Fools Gold.jpg

Fools Gold

Some serve the lord of Darkness - and have been converting human life into blood money.  God sees it all!  And through our investigations - now, we do too:  Park Con-Game, Biological, Warfare, Economic Motivators [OIL, Money - People], Enslavement is the feeblest part only part of it.  Paddock's Las Vegas massacre only a side show - the main event, was an attempted assassination:  President Trump & Saudi Crowned Prince.  Dopey takes his POTUS attacks public & hangs by his feet in return!

AIRED: 05.22.19

Sir Lawrence of Arabia

The money of kings changes hands - in flesh & blood. If paper is the currency of debt & slavery, silver & gold are the currency of princes.  Blood & oil are the currencies of kings! How's your wallet?
The Suez canal (re: #017 // Advertising Globalist Bondage - is the center to the Human Slave Trade.  Through this narrow waterway through the Egyptian desert pass millions of Europeans to processing plants in China - and other precious cargo.

AIRED: 05.29.19
The Mules Homework.png

The Mule's Homework

The Mule was groomed as a Luciferian Embed from the 1950's forward - and from evidence we'll review in future shows, it appears his true father may actually have been Heinrich Muller of Nazi Gestapo infamy.  The term "Mule" describes more than a hooved quadruped ... it describes someone who carries heavy contraband across contested borders - just as it describes someone belonging to the Democrat Party.
When The Mule was drafted and went to Vietnam, he did not waste a minute setting up The Golden Triangle - what would fund the Rise of Communist China - and the destruction of the United States.  Join us as we explore the consequences of having embedded Mules throughout our Justice System (with College Degrees in International Commerce):  News & Q's:  D-Day Remembered. Trump/May Presser, Interview w/Daddy Dragon (second part - as MI5 cut him off mid-sentence last time!).
The Mule - When Rats Disavow Their Own (they eat each other)
Daddy D presented the Bill of Rights and Good Dog - the Bill of Wrongs which articulated the Jesuit assault on English Peasantry & what it means today.

AIRED: 06.07.19

The Walking Dead

Communist Digital Authoritarians have wrested control of monopoly Tech Giants, for example, Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.  What's worse, they've partnered with Deep State Intelligence networks to kill free speech - and erase resistance.  What are they hiding?  Smuggling children for fun & profit!  Kindertransport. Goes right to the top!

This channel was hacked, taken down, deplatformed - all in a span of 5 days - this show, examines How This Was Done - and what to do about it!

AIRED: 06.17.19
Field McConnel Background.png

Sum We All Feared

In episodes Follow The Money and Shell Game, we examine the criminal connections, backgrounds and equity investments of the Biden/Kerry family business - apparently modeled on The Soprano's 'Bada-Bing' crony-capitalism.
Special Guest Field McConnell explores breaking news - Twitter censoring POTUS, Senate pays Invasion Army healthcare & Justice Roberts' Injustice.  Explosive show!  This show is nowhere near over.  It's going to take years to sort out!​

AIRED: 06.28.19

Look Who's Talking

Jeffrey Epstein continues to lead our news segment tonight - as 32 New Q have been issued since last show:  they all point to a Deep State Judas ratting out the Pedovoria Club and all who partake of Lucifer's promise.

Tonight's show begins with President Trump's declaration of war against Global Tech Titans - professional troll armies created and deployed to destroy Freedom on a Global Scale - and the need to band together and fight this doom.  We then lay the groundwork for the crescendo of SUM WE ALL FEARED & the death of Treason.  We need your help!  Will you join the fight?

AIRED: 07.09.19

Q Storm Warning

First and foremost, this channel and website are about the Q Movement for truth and the anonymous Patriots who dig for it - and present it to the masses.  Without honest reporting, there can be no freedom at all.  And sadly, our mainstream media news has become nothing more than a compromised Propaganda arm of the communist party (masquerading as Democrats & RINO Republicans).  5W1H [who, what, where, when, why and how] of the Q Drops - and tonight - the Q Posts were flying!

After last night's Q-Baby Presidential Speech (as the event will be known) - an ultimate Q Proof was demonstrated before the gathered masses:  A Q Post 9 months ago, forecast the appearance of a 'beautiful baby' - wearing the Letter Q.  So much more to this episode - 1 hour and 36 minutes of intense Q-Decodes and news review.  Sheep No More! 

AIRED: 07.19.19
Rods From God.jpg

Rods From God

Focusing on POTUS' symbolism of 4th of July 2019 Celebration in Washington - we decode the attack pattern and deployment of the Stealth Bomber (Jeff Sessions) and his two Stealth Fighter Wing-men (Trey Gowdy and John Goodlatte).

Having reviewed President Trump's warning against going down the path of Congressional Treason - the stage is now set for the exposure of their world: a Luciferian World of Child Bloodletting, Satan worship and worse.  The immovable object (their pride) is about to meet the Irresistible Force of Divine Judgment.  Special guest Doreen Dotan gives us a lesson in Sabbatian Evil.

AIRED: 07.22.19
049 - My God Its Full of Stars.JPG

Oh My God, It's Full of Stars!

Action packed episode decoding the latest News and Qs, reviewing Secretary of State Pompeo's speech before the Human Trafficking Interdiction Commission - we review the key events leading up to the attempted murder [masked as "suicide" of the bait] known as Jeffrey Epstein.

It might be easier to ask - who might want JE alive - because, apparently, JE has the dirt on nearly every Pedo/Luciferian in Congress and amongst Foreign Heads of State and even Royalty as well.  This is an episode for the record books.  35 New Q!

AIRED: 07.26.19

Blood Lust

President Trump holds a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio​ and releases symbolism and support of the Q Movement generally - and the take down of the Deep State particularly. 


At the conclusion of the rally, we continue the Deep Dive into Get Smart, Vatican Implications and Dog Star Implications that are driving the Q Narrative.  What is clear from the symbolism - and the ancient connections, stylized graffiti, bones and charred markings - there has been an ongoing consumption of humans for more than a thousand years.  What is more, the evidence suggests the practice is ongoing!  There are 2 new Q.

AIRED: 08.01.19

Legalized Propaganda

The creation of the fake screen shot displayed on Monday & falsely attested to was not an inexpensive affair. Tens of thousands of dollars & professional actors were used to make it.  It falsely claimed to show Hillary Clinton & her supposed paramour Huma Abedine planning the murder of a child.  But, it doesn't.  It's a stage play.  Someone went to a lot of expense to create this false narrative.  But, who?  Tonight, we examine the legality & race-war implications of a Fascist Deep State hell-bent on inflaming racial hatred across America using public/private partnerships.

Their objective:  making it legal to hunt Trump Supporters (called Deplorables) in cold blood!

Disney appears to have paid for this race-baiting narrative.  Were hunted victims a different skin color & their hunter's of lighter tone - or, were the hunters wearing head scarves and the hunted wearing crosses - all Hell would certainly break loose.  This appears to be their plan.  Also, we consider the implications of this sociopathic psychodrama &  a 1999 FBI document targeting radical white Christians as the hunted.

AIRED: 08.07.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 27

4D Chess:  Statue of Liberty Play

Special show tonight: we trace the Deep State's attempt the steal freedom & murder truth - plus a featured discussion as to what Atonement means & why it's pursuit drove me out of Tech!

Tonight's show examines the KeyStone Cops routine of the FBI & SDNY assault on Little Saint James Island.  We also examine a Russian Ground Penetrating Radar application by the FBI for use in searching underground on the island for hidden lairs, buried bones & treasures.


Next, we examine the historical context and implications of a recent James Comey tweet portending a coming False Flag operation?  The show is named after this apparent operation: Statue of Liberty Play. 

Our Deep Dive tonight considers the possibly perjurious testimony of Sundar Pichai, Google CEO v. Recent Project Veritas revelations! 

AIRED: 08.14.19
US Space Policy.JPG

Something BIG Is Coming pt 30


The United States does not exist in a vacuum of Space.  Does anyone find it interesting - that at the same moment the Deep State attempts a Coup d'Etat against the United States, they poison our air and water, food and education system - they compromise our Judiciary, Federal Constabularies as well as attempt to wipe out US Small Business [ie. Amazon] - that the Flat Earth movement began?

Historically, which was the last period where the common man was compelled to believe in the plastic banana known as Flat Earth?  About the time Galileo was put under House Arrest for suggesting an alternative to an Earth-Centered Universe?  Who put him there?

US Space Policy is synonymous with the existence of the United States - and THEY KNOW IT.  Listen and learn what is really going on in the Heavens - and take a stand against their Flat Earth Buffoonery!

AIRED: 08.20.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 33

4D Chess - Eye of the Beholder pt 2

Despite Globalist Censorship, our show continues to be visible on backup channels & Censorship-choked YT version also made it into the ether.  Why the censorship?

Watch, as we document the lies by omission and obfuscation of Deep State Actors as they try to put a lovely varnish of inclusion and 'non-binary' truth around rigging a coin flipping election.  Could real elections be rigged in just this same manner, by a computer that 'Knows Better' than We, The People?  Tonight's show explores the frightening realities of Palantir coupled with a malevolence that does not mind injuring and killing men - a force that only tells lies continually.


The "Inventor" of Quantum Computing" walks us through the most interesting and complex machinery that manipulates space and time - and can even alter the course of History - after the fact.  Join us in prayer - as we prove what Truth Can Do Instead!

AIRED: 08.30.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 36

4D Chess - Titanic Consequences

Vice President Pence's return from Poland was momentous - first a stop to London to No. 10 Downing Street to meet with Britain's new PM Boris Johnson.  Globalist hirelings there are trying to pressure Boris off Legislative the political cliff of failing to institute BREXIT (UK's departure from the EU).  VP delivers a much needed financial lifeline to buy the votes to win.

Then, VP Pence travels to Iceland & shows a SOSUS screen - demonstrating urgency of maintaining NATO situational awareness against a hostile China.  VP is playing the role of 'good cop' to POTUS' 'bad cop.'  To accentuate the meetings - B2 Spirit Bombers are sent (to Iceland - the first time ever) to capitalize on the maneuver.

Our Deep Dive segment considers the Treason of Powell - and the futility of the FED - as they are caught playing both ends against the middle - to wipe out the US.


AIRED: 09.06.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 38

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

POTUS delivers a House Republican Conference Dinner speech - rousing in implications - to sometimes tepid response - symbolically demonstrating this battle still has a long way to go!  While Elon Musk warns us about the coming A.I. Apocalypse - as he admits he is deploying the Terminator's "SkyNet" - yet seems to find the irony unremarkable - even worthy of sardonic humor.  Truly one of the most horror filled speeches ever delivered when taken into proper historical context.  We shall return to this important segment many times in the coming months.

Our Deep Dive segment features the second interview with Cody Snodgres; former Clown and Soldier of Fortune - Cody has come out from the Darkness to tell the tail of Gun-Running, Drug-Running, Child-Trafficking and Treason.  We investigate the "Other Side" - and what Heaven might teach us - as a family of Man - and as leaders in our families collectively.

AIRED: 09.16.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 41

A New Hope (3) - Helm's Deep

Adam Schiff's Deep State Treasonists have bitten off more than they can chew as Secretary Pompeo denies the House of Representatives Unconstitutional demands to thwart the rule of law.  Meanwhile, POTUS doubles down, defiantly attacking those who would destroy these United States during a time of war - including those in the hireling press.

POTUS swears in a new Labor Secretary and triumphantly welcomes in our 20th Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - while the remaining chess pieces of Good and Evil battle across the body politic - from Soros' hireling Nazi stooges, to paid & armed invasion armies - to hireling press who obscure the facts and occult warriors scour the countryside looking for booty.

Tonight's Deep Dive investigates a broken Chicom Spying Network in the San Francisco Bay area - and the Congressional implications that go all the way up to the Regime Leader Hussein's traitorous White House. This IS the Last Battle of Freedom!  We are now compelled to choose which side of the battle lines we are aligned with - Good or Evil?  There is no middle ground. 

AIRED: 10.01.19

Something BIG Is Coming pt 43

A New Hope (4) - Grand Tetons

Tonight's show begins with an update to Treason, Inc: A piece from The Blaze that proves POTUS' Witch Hunt theory as stone cold truth - while at the same time, proves the Leftist Long March towards Impeachment is nothing more than a Coup Conspiracy in Fact.  Steve Hilton then takes us through The Truth About Impeachment - which lays bear the grave consequences should the country slide towards impeachment and Civil War.

Our next segment details POTUS unusual, angry tweet to Turkey - and a threat should Turkey break their promise and go after the Kurds.  Things are definitely heating up in Washington - and it appears to this writer - Civil War - and possibly Global Conflict are staring us dead in the face.

Next, we follow FLOTUS to the Grand Teton National Park - and a curious ceremony there that is the subject of our Deep Dive.  In our Cibolos and Tortugas segment, we document the linkages between Antonin Scalia's murder and the Mexican Drug Cartel and their Clown Handlers.  PURE EVIL.

AIRED: 10.07.19