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Merchants of Menace

The Merchants of Menace series traces the history, practices, financial and family ties of the Global Deep State and described their goals and objectives - in their original source material. The title pays homage to William Shakespeare's Elizabethan era “Merchants of Venice" and paints the impoverished financial conditions Queen Elizabeth inherited from her wayward father. Her novel approach to healing the financial insolvency created by her father's devil-may-care reign triggered the global fiscal, material and spiritual crisis that besets us - each and every one.


King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth’s father employed ambassadors of Plunder, or, ([P]irates) / Sir Francis Drake & Sir Walter Raleigh to privateer the millions of pounds of gold, silver and jewels Spain stole from Native Americans. Business was so 'good' that a sister company in the Netherlands was also created - named the Dutch East India Company. Those who bore these brand names - received a free pass for their rapacious lust.​


Merchants of Menace' plot twist embroiled Abraham Lincoln into the Royal Machinations for Global dominion. Though President Lincoln was assassinated on April 15th 1865, the implications of this murderous cutthroat foreign policy is behind today’s day's headlines from the Persian Gulf to Beijing.


Introduction to Q LEGEN[D]

Q LEGEN[D] is an investigative journalist show that examines the links, developments, scope & implications of the Q Anon Movement.  Historical context is essential to understand how to defeat their murderous plans.  The revelation of a many centuries plan is implied.

AIRED: 03.19.19

Habeus Corpus


The Smollett Affair is examined in the greater context - who is Kamala Harris, her relation to Panther Parties & Murder as public policy & Historical examples going back to the Civil War.  The focus on Abraham Lincoln is revealed to imply a CURRENT CONTEXT!  

AIRED: 03.27.19
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Anaconda Strategy pt 2

Lincoln's Anaconda Strategy (a plan to impose a blockade or WALL to prevent Southern resupply or reinforcement during the American Civil War) is explored.  The WWI Zimmerman Telegram reveals  German & Mexican plans to invade & break up the United States.  From today's news, it appears this Treaty is still very much ACTIVE!

AIRED: 04.02.19

Oranges & Origins pt 2

Fingerprints of Murder

Bringing it forward - employing what we learned of Global Slave Trade, House of Orange, Assassination and the Financial Center of the World [Amsterdam's Central Bank], we deep dive into Tick Tock LLC - which appears manifold in the Q - and conclude the show with the Q Formula:  Ray Chandler = [NXIVM*100]

AIRED: 04.10.19

Conclusion:  Merchants of Menace

Helm's Deep?

Are we being channeled into a dead end defense?  The Lincoln family tree - and what happened in Illinois.  Jesuit Death Squads & Vatican Sponsorship.  Justice Thwarted - [Media] Truth Denied.  Celebration of Enslavement with US Tax Day = 15 April, 1865.  Who was the victor on this field of battle?  Qui Bono.  What can be done to stop it?

AIRED: 04.15.19

New Series:  Merchants of Menace


Merchants of Menace traces the Global Slave Trade & it's Luciferian consequences: the destructive thunderstorm created when a penniless Queen & her captive Bard tried to excuse piracy:  Merchants of Venice.

AIRED: 03.22.19

Battle Lines Drawn

This show acknowledges we are in the middle of a Global Civil War - Deep State Luciferians seek to destroy Nation States & replace them with patron Regions they control.  In such a Luciferian State - the people are "Natural Resources" to be harvested as cattle.

AIRED: 03.29.19

Global Socialism

Q LEGEN[D] Advertisement

This 2:19 video presents all of the key facts from the last 7 shows & aligns their Global Socialist characteristics for dispassionate consideration.  The implications are that Nazism was never truly defeated  it just grew up and went Global.  It is time we came together as one brotherhood of man to defeat this evil.

AIRED: 04.17.19

Human Supply Chain

Q LEGEN[D] Advertisement

Global Conglomerates, NGO's & Non-Profits are not only funding the Global Immigration Invasion, but, humans caught up in the Global Supply Chain have a number of consumers - from sex to slavery to cannibals.  Millions of people per year disappear!  Politicians, Clergy, Judges, Police & Globalists are all on the prowl & we're their Pray!

AIRED: 04.12.19

Coming Soon:

Merchants of Menace



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 (including Show Notes)

ETA:                                                 Fall 2019

ETA: 11.23.19
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Treason Most Foul

The Mueller Report is released & proves Deep State Communists tried to overthrow a duly elected President due to the composition, conclusions, delivery & obfuscation of the Left-vaunted Mueller Report.  This Treason kicks off examination of Past POTUS victims of the Luciferian Cabal.

AIRED: 03.25.19

Anaconda Strategy pt 1

The Deep State's plans to destroy American.  In this 2 part sub-series, the least egregious part - giving Iran our Nuclear Tech & Nuclear Materials to destroy US.  Finally, we explore what really got the US involved in WWI - The Zimmerman Telegram & how it's still active today!

AIRED: 04.01.19

Oranges & Origins pt 1

House of Orange

The Greatness of Man through those who sacrificed their Lives, Fortunes & Sacred Honor against forked tongued charlatans, traitors & hirelings. Lincoln knew.  Origins to everything point back to William of Orange III's UK Bill of Wrongs & Bill of Rights!  First assassination by handgun is related to House of Orange.

AIRED: 04.05.19

Oranges & Origins pt 3

Bill of Wrongs

President Trump's verbal tangle of Oranges & Origins Decoded.  Historical and detailed current events in context:  Bill of Rights, Civil War (cause, who gained, how much), Titanic, Financial Servitude For All!
Impact On Coming Trials & Executions.  There is no stopping what is coming.  None.

AIRED: 04.15.19


Time Machine reviews the key developments, relationships & money trails that created the Luciferian Deep State as we've come to know it.  Time Machine reveals its 11-D structure.

AIRED: 04.16.19


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