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Merchants of Menace

Three years ago, we began our odyssey with an eleven part series called Merchants of Menace - a triple entendre, pointing out that 
1) the same royal family that paid for William Shakespeare's Merchants of Venice are the same one behind the global slave trade & Luciferian Banking System used to process the funds,
2) The Rothschilds (German, Red Shields) are the same orchestrators then, as now, puppeteering our various crises to bring about their one world religion, and, the establishment of a Luciferian Age.

3) That the Hireling Armies - behind all the revolution, civil war and global strife - which is the primary economic engine driving their economic pump and the working fluid are the blood of men of every nationality, race and religious persuasion - are all of them triggered by Black, White & Gold Jesuit Order - who's very creed is what is driving mankind into a blind canyon of almost certain doom.



Q LEGEN[D] is an investigative journalist show that examines the links, developments, scope & implications of the Q Movement.  Historical context is essential to understand how to defeat their murderous plans.  The revelation of a many centuries plan is implied.

The most stunning revelation that our studies have revealed is that certain family bloodlines have passed these treasures through the family bloodlines.  To these hidden families, often following the maternal family bloodlines reveals their most hidden and guarded secrets.

AIRED: 03.19.19

Habeas Corpus


Habeas Corpus is Latin, meaning ‘a writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, especially to secure the person's release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention.’  Habeas Corpus is provided by lawful states when just men pursue justice. The Smollett Affair is reviewed. During times of insurrection or civil war, Habeas Corpus has been suspended owing to the life/death struggle of that State to secure its survival.
Jussie Smollett, a reported family member of Kamala Harris, close friend of the Obama family and Hollywood movie star with close connections to the Chicago mob, paid two black men from Kenya to put on white face makeup & maga hats, beat him up and threaten to lynch him.

AIRED: 03.27.19

Zimmerman Telegram

Part two of Lincoln's Anaconda Strategy (a plan to impose a blockade or WALL to prevent Southern resupply or reinforcement during the American Civil War), this episode picks up after the assassination of President Lincoln.  The Globalist Cabal, through their Jesuit assassin proxies, bribed, cajouled & threatened US House members and Senators to legislate the corporate fiction called District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.

While this Act does not legally imply that we are all chattel of the corporation, as some have recently opined, the fuzzy wiggle room in definitions & recent court rulings give the Appearance it did. 

AIRED: 04.02.19

Fingerprints of Murder

Bringing it forward - employing what we learned of Global Slave Trade, House of Orange, Assassination and the Financial Center of the World [Amsterdam's Central Bank], we deep dive into Tick Tock LLC - which appears manifold in the Q - and conclude the show with the Q Formula:  Ray Chandler = [NXIVM*100]

And while the United States tottered in it’s newborn infancy - seeking to chart a new course for the Liberty of Men - absent the bankers bondage at interest compounded with inflations maw - our founders knew quite well the tyranny of the hidden club, and sought to protect us from it’s reach.  

AIRED: 04.10.19

Helm's Deep

Epic conclusion to our first series!  The media has had a blitzkrieg assault on the Q movement - and I have to ask why?  The movement is causing people to find primary source material themselves - and work together.  It is denying the MSM lies - and discovering some amazing (frightening) things. My sense is that we're being cornered by the MSM with a Jussie Smollett type attack.

Is this a dead end defense?  The Lincoln family tree - and what happened in Illinois.  Jesuit Death Squads & Vatican Sponsorship.  Justice Thwarted - [Media] Truth Denied.  Celebration of Enslavement with US Tax Day = 15 April, 1865.  Who was the victor on this field of battle?  Qui Bono.  What can we do to stop it?

AIRED: 04.15.19

New Series:  Merchants of Menace

Merchants of Menace pays homage to William Shakespeare's Elizabethan era “Merchants of Venice & paints the impoverished financial conditions Queen Elizabeth inherited from her wayward father. Her novel approach to healing the financial insolvency created by her father's devil-may-care reign triggered the Global Fiscal, Material and Spiritual crisis that besets us - each and every one.
King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth’s father employed ambassadors of Plunder, or, ([P]irates) / Sir Francis Drake & Sir Walter Raleigh to privateer the millions of pounds of gold, silver and jewels Spain stole from Native Americans.

AIRED: 03.22.19

Battle Lines Drawn

Abraham Lincoln assumed an office no one wanted - half the American people knew it was a dangerous office likely to lead to derision and strife (maybe even murder) of the office holder, the other half of the voting public intended to murder the Northern office holder whoever it might be.


Both sides knew a war was coming - but, neither side realized who was fomenting their hatred of one another - and leading them to slaughter!

POTUS attends a Rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  POTUS signals a verbal assault on Pocahontas - and the ill gotten gains gathered by her cabal of co-conspirators. 

AIRED: 03.29.19

Global Socialism

Series Advertisement

We are sometimes asked for brief summaries of our shows.  This 2:19 video presents all of the key facts from the last 7 shows and the several shows to come which tell the tale of the Global Socialist State.


Each slide in this series document the real illegalities, troubles and travails we face - as we assess our Global Socialist enemy - their characteristics, strategies, strengths, weaknesses and challenges.  The implications are
1) Nazism was never truly defeated, it just grew up and went Global.
2) We cannot turn our back on it - or pretend it isn't there.


It is time we came together as one brotherhood of man to defeat this evil.

AIRED: 04.17.19

Human Supply Chains

Global Conglomerates, NGO's & Non-Profits are not only funding the Global Immigration Invasion, but, humans caught up in the Global Supply Chain have a number of consumers - from sex to slavery to cannibals.  Millions of people per year disappear!  Politicians, Clergy, Judges, Police & Globalists are all on the prowl & we're their Pray!

As horrific as this sounds, the trade in human meat is not without precedent.  Thanks to some anonymous Chinese dissidents, we now have video of the horrific practice - video which has been shared with appropriate government agencies.  Thing is - why are the Tech Tyrants covering up the practice?  What should we do to stop it?

AIRED: 04.12.19


Merchants of Menace investigated the origins of the modern day Globalist Cabal - from the financial ruin plaguing King Henry's realm to today's extra-jurisdicational lawless cabal - who profit from currency manipulation, weapons, bribery, extortion, treason and war.


Our next series, Time Machine reviews the key developments, relationships & money trails that comprise the modern day Luciferian Deep State as we've come to know it & the media predictive programming which is used in the throne room of Heaven to justify their rapacious slaughter.  Time Machine reveals its 11-D structure.  We begin with the humble life & times of a one, Robert Swan Mueller, III.

AIRED: 04.16.19

Treason Most Foul

We being with a Skeptic’s contribution.  There are two sorts of skeptics - one who seeks to misdirect and the other who seeks to know.  The latter, we welcome and champion, the former, we ban.  Discernment is key determining which is witch (sic).  These former then, are local examples of those who serve the Dark Purpose we study.

Q released a communications org chart (including numbers of communications between captured/co-conspirator media and the false directors of the ongoing crime - known as the Trump Russia investigation.

AIRED: 03.25.19

Anaconda Strategy

Abraham Lincoln was confronted with an entrenched insurgency & their confederation of insurrectionists appeared exactly as the northern American citizens.  How to tell them apart?  How to defend against such a ubiquitous foe?  The Anaconda Plan was a military strategy proposed by Union General Winfield Scott in the outbreak of the Civil War. The plan consisted of blockading insurgent forces, encouraging them with feints to expose themselves and to target their network prior to attack.  This is the same strategy being used today. The House of Orange, through it’s proxy bank, the Bank of England, fomented insurrection within the US.

AIRED: 04.01.19

House of Orange

Constitutional Republics are born amidst fire and blood - as aristocratic luciferians fight to keep their brothers in chains.  Even as the United States’ had won it’s Liberty (with decisive French assistance at Yorktown), France herself descended into a reign of terror which would wipe most French nobility from the face of the Earth.  The House of Oranges’ plan for Global Domination had taken it’s first occultic steps.  Clearly the needs of the few matter more greatly than the needs of the many.


And while the United States tottered in it’s newborn infancy - seeking to chart a new course for the Liberty of Men - absent the bankers bondage at interest compounded with inflations maw.

AIRED: 04.05.19

Oranges & Origins

President Trump's verbal tangle of Oranges & Origins Decoded.  Historical and detailed current events in context:  French Reign of Terror, Bill of Rights, Civil War (cause, who gained, how much), Titanic, Financial Servitude For All!  Make no mistake, they will destroy our food supplies, decimate our currencies & terrorize our streets to reign in their dark night - just as they did in France!
Impact On Coming Trials & Executions. 
A curious thing happened while putting together evidence for tonight's show - the reference linking Lord Rothschild to a comment he made regarding his 'not caring who might be king, so long as he [Rothschilds maintains control over the money supply] - simply disappeared as I was noting it.  From now on, we copy evidence & distribute offline (Sauce Packets)!  There is no stopping what is coming.  None.

AIRED: 04.15.19
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