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Spiritual Warfare With Jodi LoDolce

Are you ready to armor up?

Meet Jodi LoDolce - Mom, Grandma, Marine Veteran and Spiritual Warrior! 

I was saved at age 11 then filled with Holy Spirit at age 15. My Pastor saw a calling on my life and I was told to seek God. After I went and prayed, God gave me Luke 4:18-19. It was then I began my training, and my pastor taught me how to preach and teach and I began to speak in large state meetings regarding "Track Ministry" in New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. 


At age 18 I joined the Marines and was stationed to Camp Pendleton CA where I spent my down time giving spiritual counseling, ministering, casting out demons and worked with many women who suffered from sexual abuse [as I am a healed victim myself]. I also was part of the ground building of a church there before moving to Texas. 


In Texas I also ministered. I was part of a an intercessory morning prayer team that prayed every day for hours. We eventually started a home church which became a full church that remains today. 


Later I moved back to Connecticut and had multiple positions at a church for seven years. There I served as a licensed minister; as a women’s leader; taught in their school of leaders on many subjects including Spiritual Warfare. I also served as the Children’s Director (pastor). I also did spiritual counseling, ministry and casting out demons in my personal time. 


Eventually, my ministry moved to online resources where literally God connected me with Field McConnell, Cody Snodgres, GoodDog & Buttercup. I’ve also been on Right on Radio with Jessie & Cody, features on RedPill78; was on the McFiles, on Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth show with Cody & Ole Dammegard and also spent ten minutes sharing on the Rush Limbaugh radio show. 


Through these connections I made contact/connections with SRAs and began working with Jessie Czebotar in prayer ministry and veterans projects. We work very hard as a team of warriors to do spiritually what we can in warfare & in educating people to help protect children from ritual abuse & trafficking. 


Fun Facts:  I have been retweeted a few times by President Trump and thanked personally for a video I made about Gen Flynn, by Gen Flynn and members of his family. 

~ In Christ Love, Jodi


An Intro to Spiritual Warfare // 1

None of us can hide from the spiritual battle raging all around us. During this hiatus in the storm, let us gather to learn what we might do to save our families, friends and nation. Our enemy knows the rules of engagement - do you?

Join us with Jodi LoDolce, US Marine - as we enter Spiritual Warfare Basic Training! We're not talking Churchianity or globalist false religion - it's about spiritual warfare training and tactics. It's a matter of spiritual life and death!

AIRED: 02.28.21
SW 4 - The Value of a Soul-logo.jpg

The Value of a Soul // 4

The current battle we are in is taking it's toll on us all. Our nation, our communities - and our families are being pulled in every direction. Falsehoods are at every turn, and we struggle to prioritize our limited resource of time. Even so, we must take the time to pause and consider the value of a soul from God's perspective, in order to rescue those still under the bondage of deception. 

AIRED: 03.21.21

The Power of the Tongue // 7

We can breath God's Breathe over our lives - or - we can breathe death into our lives, relationships and fortunes.  Which shall it be?  Tonight we explore the "Power of the Tongue" - and the amazingly creative power of creating Life where there may now be lifelessness!
With these anointed scriptures, we begin to exercise our power of the tongue to expose wrongdoing, to stop the enemy and his fellow travelers.

AIRED: 04.10.21

Helmet of Salvation // 10

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:57
ARE YOU COVERED? Our God is an awesome God who has given us everything we need to be victorious in perilous times. Ephesians 6 provides us a totality of protection we must wear - but, what does the Helmet of Salvation mean - and how can this protect us against the wicked schemes of the enemy?
Our good friend Jodi LoDolce is with us again, and today's episode examines this essential piece of spiritual armor and how we are completely defenseless without it! We must always have on the Helmet of Salvation, the needed confidence in what Christ did for us, our SALVATION in HIM. Join us!

AIRED: 05.02.21

Relationship Over Religion // 2

Relationships make us or break us. They can be healthy or sometimes toxic. What makes a relationship healthy? If we're in a toxic relationship, how can we heal it? Chapter two of our investigation into Spiritual Warfare considers our relationships. First with the Holy Spirit who resides in our heart, and then to other relations with family, friends, co-workers, community and nation. Before we can put on the Full Armor of God we must know Him and have a relationship with Him. How is this even possible due to our fallen state? Jesus Christ's miraculous sacrifice provides all the bonding agent we shall ever need!

AIRED: 03.07.21
SW 5 - The Battlefield of the Mind-logo.

Battlefield of the Mind // 5

God is interrupting their plans of terror and destruction, murder and enslavement - and he is choosing the enemy's elect as His Sigil of vindication!  Evergreen. All they have planned is to be revealed - the invasions, removal of rights, hireling murders, human trafficking - all of it is being revealed. We, God's Elect, have a job we must do - for we have been born for a time such as this!

AIRED: 03.28.21

Sandals of Peace // 8

Peace from within is needed now more than ever, as we are called to take a STAND against evil. Join us today with retired Marine - Jodi Lodolce, as we begin our study on each piece of The Armor of God, starting with the Sandals of Peace, in our Spiritual Warfare BASIC TRAINING expose.
Join the Army of Light - help us fight against this present darkness!

AIRED: 04.18.21

Sword of the Spirit // 11

BQQM week, as alluded to Friday, does indeed appear before us.  Our loved ones who took the Jab (despite our warnings not to) are now pondering the dangers being admitted openly.  But, through PRAYER - even the injuries caused by greedy men are no match to God's Awesome Might!  This is where wielding the Sword of the Spirit will come in handy!
[Hebrews 4:12] - "the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

It should be no surprise then, that this is where enemy forces have sewn so much confusion. Nietzsche and Freud belabored the quixotic, yet discernible characteristics of the "subconscious" – those areas of memory which seem to be out of reach to our own conscious effort. Yet, Scripture clearly indicates that the heart is beyond our knowing [Jerimiah 17:9].  And this, then, represents the essence of the difference between the Worldly and Godly perspectives – man’s creations honor the pride of knowing – Godly perspectives instead lean on and rely in The Greater Power (Psalm 91).

AIRED: 05.16.21

Learning the Battlefield // 3

As with any war, learning the battlefield begins with identifying where it is - who are the participants - and what are their several objectives.  Today's episode in Spiritual Warfare investigates who are the contestants and what is the nature of the field of battle.  What is meant by Principalities & Powers - and what can we do against an invisible enemy who is full of such reckless hate?

AIRED: 03.14.21

Fighting The Flesh // 6

Happy Resurrection Day! It is difficult to imagine laying down one's life to save family and friends, let alone to save lawless ones. Yet Jesus - God Himself did, paying for all transgressions. I don't know about you, but I can barely carry the burden of my own errors - much less those of all humanity!
join our next Spiritual Warfare discussion with Jodi Lodolce - Fighting The Flesh.

AIRED: 04.04.21

Belt of Truth // 9

We are at war, in a battle of  lies verses truth. So many are still sleep as the "Father of Lies" sews division and hate. His minions apply the false shellac of "diversity" celebrating what keeps us separate. Once isolated, we are even weaker and no threat to his wicked dominion and picked off one at a time.  So let's put on The Belt of Truth! It is our most important piece of the Armor Of God!

AIRED: 04.25.21

Breastplate of Righteousness // 12

Righteousness is pretty important. It means "right standing, being in accord with, morally right, genuine". Yet, we see self righteousness worn on the sleeves of false politicians with their many colored ribbons. We hear righteous indignation from fake media personalities who decry just verdicts. Up is down. Left is right. Right is wrong in our culture.


Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! ~ Isaiah 5:20


TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS is a gift from God, and we are instructed in Ephesians 6 to wear our Breastplates of Righteousness. (Ephesians 6)  Jodi LoDolce joins us once again tonight to explore another piece of our defensive armor, come join us in the fight!

AIRED: 05.23.21
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