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War of the World

WAR OF THE WORLD describes the eternal conflict between Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell - God and the enemy of mankind. In this series we explore the dimensions of this contest to include our own spiritual roles and the ultimate Prize! Ephesians 6:10-18 reveals our course!


The enemy's goal is to destroy every last man, woman and child on Earth. However, God promises eternal and abundant life through His son Jesus. The terrible thing we discover is - we as humans have set our own destruction in motion through ignorance and sin.


Will we choose God and join the fight or be lost in indifference like grains of wheat that have fallen in the rocks? The final chapter is fast approaching - where we are to contribute our all to this final conflict, without reacting in anger, nor picking up a single physical weapon to harm our brother.

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Poisoned Fruit

Tonight's show launches a new Series called War of the World.  This first episode called Poisoned Fruit, is so named for the three part idiom behind the events happening on this day in December 2019 - first, the original sin executed by the US Congress - two houses filled with traitors who've sold their country down the river into extinction. 

Though this episode is merely the first act in that five part play; second, the bite of poisoned fruit being a legal term referencing tainted evidence that prejudices any independent jury, which in the end, will set the falsely accused free - in this case, President Trump; and third, the fact that the genocidal germ warfare about to be released on mankind was manufactured inclusive of a snake venom in the false cure.

AIRED: 12.13.19
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Tech Tyrant Comeuppance

Censorship is the murder of information.  Constitutional Republics' lifeblood is accurate information disseminated on a timely basis, and the measure of accuracy is often found amongst the astute and carefully attending reader and listenership.  With accurate information, Constitutional Republics are quickly responsive and attentive to the needs of The People.  The Globalist Cabal, a luciferian outfit that worships death and destruction, requires an absence of true information for their message to gain resonance amongst The People - and here we have our conflict.


Evil people have gained control of Private Companies, and their puppet-public servants grant them monopolistic license, which disallows competition, and destroys such competition where it is found. And absent competition, governments and corporation tend to become isolated, insular, jealous and compromised.  In this environment, wickedness thrives and describes the circumstances we face today.  But, exposure of their evil destroys their illusion of power and mastery over their false dominion.  And delivering this comeuppance to their tyranny is what tonight's show is all about!

AIRED: 12.18.19
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The Time Is Now

Tonight we lay out everything we've learned about the Deep State's plan for humanity, and figure out what it all means. Providing biological weapons technology to Ukraine & China in 2005, massive money laundering, IP theft, disappearances of children by the millions, wars, rumors of wars, family bloodlines, espionage, money laundering, injustice on a wide scale, corrupt cops, federales and border guards who target the citizens as enemy intruders, instead of the invasion army massing across our southern border.
It all adds up to global genocide, and those who think they'll escape their coming maelstrom. But the won't - and this is the dirty little secret. The enemy craves human suffering, particularly from those who falsely thought they were above it all. This episode aired four weeks before the global election fraud we know as COVID-19 - and our conclusions are more prescient tonight than they were back then. Join us for this action packed episode!

AIRED: 12.27.19
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The Eagle And The Dragon

The Week that Changed the World: two political nuclear powers come to an historic first meeting - each leaders, men of great stature and enthusiastic domestic support. Together, they seek to hammer swords into plowshares and end the rise of democrat adventurism in Southeast Asia once and for all. The United States is represented as The Eagle.  China is represented as The Dragon.  Sadly for both leaders, this meeting immediately precipitates their doom, for Richard Nixon, Watergate was just a month down the road for initial CIA activation, and for President Zhou Enlai, he would be diagnosed with inoperable cancer on the same day Bob Woodward got his scoop of a lifetime - his first day of work at the Washington Post.
It has been little remarked that a CIA intelligence officer who attended the Kennedy killings, and who is indirectly implicated in the killing of Martin Luther King, would join Nixon's achievement and replace these two political titans - and in less than a decade too.  His name was George Herbert Walker Bush, and this seven day meeting prepared the ground work in China's Intelligence Headquarters for the deployment of a global Plandemic. This headquarters was (and is) located in Wuhan China.

AIRED: 01.05.20
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Trump Calls Their Bluff

We're dealing with some pretty ruthless outlaws and medicinal cutthroats. But, the good news is there's a new sheriff in town and he's fixing to set up all the outlaws caught in the middle of the act.  What act you say, Global Genocide and workin' fer the devil. And if that doesn't tickle yer fancy, they torture and eat kids for fun. The real bad ones have been profiteering off the buyin' and sellin' of these here kiddos. And the new sheriff is gonna put an ounce or two of lead in their ten gallon hats and finally put an end to all this foolishness. You don't wanna miss this episode, as our buckaroo has just called their bluff - because he saw the five aces up their sleeves. And there's no amount of fancy talkin' gonna save 'em now!

AIRED: 01.10.20
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Dragon's Lair

As President Donald Trump adventures into the perilous Dragon's Lair of Communist China, Deep State traitors plot traps and ambushes in the eerie halls of the Deep State House - and a noxious fume from Wuhan threatens to stop global trade and wipe out the American middle class - the very engine of US might and power projection on January 15, 2020.
The Haunted House delivers a deadly impeachment spell to the US Senate, Trump reluctantly accepts the quest to confront the Dragon on behalf of the thankless House. Armed with nothing but his iconic hairstyle and a penchant for fiery rhetoric, he bravely ventures into the heart of the labyrinthine lair.
With every step, Trump's bravado and honesty quell his wicked foe. The Chinese dragon, a cunning enemy and shrewd tactician has growing influence - fed by traitorous henchmen in the bowels of Congress and Corporate America. China's horseman, President Xi taunts Trump with trade hireling Democrat armies, terror and debilitating drugs - all of which feed the growing Dragon, while weakening the American Eagle. 
As amusing as it may seem to witness the president trying to outwit a dragon with diplomacy, high stakes socio-political rhetoric and economic warfare, the American public is being gaslit to cheer for the Dragon - even though our intrepid adventurer Trump is fighting - and winning - for the American People. The very fate of the individual freedom and nation-state's survival hangs in the balance.

AIRED: 01.15.20
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The Players

In the smoky, jazz-filled backrooms, and woke bath houses of carnal lust of 2020's Chicago, a twisty tale unfolds. Fresh-faced investigator Johnny "Two-Times" Durham gets a tip from an old-timer, "Whisperin’ Bill" Barr, about a major con game played by some heavy-hitters in the government. These aren’t just small-time hustlers; they're the real-deal syndicate, pulling strings at the highest levels. With the melodies of Scott Joplin setting the pace, Durham delves deep, uncovering a complex web of deceit surrounding the Trump-Russia investigation. 
As the players move, every revelation feels like a card shuffle, keeping everyone, including the audience, on their toes. But Durham's not alone; he's got a crew of street-savvy agents and secret military intelligence ready to pull the ultimate sting on these corrupt kingpins. Before we start picking which card to play in this unholy sting, we'd best find out who the players are - and which side they're on! Because the final act approaches and it's a race against time to expose the truth, ensuring justice trumps corruption. The big question remains: who's conning who?

AIRED: 01.20.20
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Bags of Sorrows

Tonight's show investigates the enemy's power, utility and employment of proxy armies as one of the key instruments used in fifth dimensional warfare. This quantum-field form of warfare is currently being used against the free peoples of planet earth by the occult Cabal we know by their marketing brand-name: Globalists. Fifth Generation warfare was invented and is used by the demonic host and their hirelings - and has been shared, after a fashion, with the three ruling bloodlines which command George Soros and his puppet armies about. George Soros is not the top dog - but, he has assumed the role formerly carried out by the house of Rothschild, after Jacob Rothschild untimely helicopter/plane accident. Soros wicked army is broken into regiments and include Executive, Legislative and Judicial mercenaries, private sector initiates and Illusionists, as well as private army cohorts of both the Overt and Covert kind.

This is our twentieth episode of our War of the World series. I picked War of the World for a couple of reasons - first in recognition that ours is a spiritual battle and that the combatants are the Heavenly Host and those who were cast down from Heaven and are physically locked up in the bowels of the Earth. Yet, their spirits remain free - for the time being. The second reason this series is called War of the World is to expose how the enemy's achilles heal is his pride. According to his twisted perspective, he wants to be thought of as every bit as powerful and omnipotent as God Himself. Of course, his wish will never be true, but, through this errant viewpoint, we know also know that he likes to brag about what he is going to do. From the bible we know that he is known as the Prince of the Air - and that the Earth was his plaything - his dominion. But, Jesus' death and resurrection defeated the enemy - and through that defeat, for all who are willing to repent and serve God, we are excused from the eternal punishment and damnation that is the enemy's due.

One of the funny things about the enemy's braggadocios behavior, controlling Hollywood as he does, is that we can learn much, if we listen attentively - about how he intends to re-extend his dominion over mankind, who is made in God's Image. In the 2008 Hollywood film Mr. Incredible, the evil genius admits to saving the best technology for himself - zero point energy and directed energy weapons.

As we are examining Soros' deployment of forces, we will first examine the three families' first world-wide success - the First World War and learn how a covert army known as The Black Hand became the initiator or trigger in the global conflagration that led to over 100 million deaths, and set up the luciferian plan to resurrect the State of Israel, but along luciferian lines. We will conclude and show how God will take what the enemy intended for evil, and turn it instead to serve His Good Purpose.

AIRED: 01.24.20
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The Hook

In 1973 Hollywood movie "The Sting," some penny-anny crime figures sought to take down a mob-boss to get even for killing their best friend. To capture the attention of the Mob-Boss, the pipsqueak con-men had to play a con on the master con-men. And the scene which captured the mob-boss' attention as called "THE HOOK". Con artists Johnny Hooker (good guy played by Robert Redford) and Henry Gondorff (Paul Newman, good guy) devise a scheme to deceive the crime boss Doyle Lonnegan (bad guy, played by Robert Shaw) by exploiting his greed, luring him into betting large sums of money on rigged horse races. 
Keep in mind, this fictional contest playing out on the crooked streets of Depression era Chicago is now playing out between Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani vs. the Clinton and Obama Crime Families! The twist in tonight's show is that President Trump and the White Hats are running a sting against the Deep State.  Trump and Rudy Giuliani are the good guys and the mob-boss (Obama) and his puppet (purchased cop, Biden) are being suckered - to attack Trump as they perceive him as weakened by their Trump-Russia, Trump is a Russian Spy, Stolen Election, Lawfare, etc.

AIRED: 01.27.20
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The Tale

We've made the case that the whole Q Movement is part of a massive Sting operation against an entrenched Global Crime Syndicate which works for a ultimate Luciferian Crime Family who makes fun and profit from conflicts which they create. The winning move is to awaken the victims to their grift and graft and genocidal ambitions before it's too late. And the enemy's "tell" is when he wraps his poison in sexual iniquity.

The Q is composed of hand picked members of Military Intelligence - and they have been watching this wickedness for since the end of the Civil War. Donald Trump was picked because of his intelligence, business acumen, his connections and awareness of those who serve the devil - and because he's proven himself a service to the country in countless other military operations going back to the late 1970's. He also happens to be rich and cannot be bribed with an even more beautiful woman. Donald Trump already has everything a human could ever want.

And Donald Trump hates evil. And those who serve the enemy know this - because their master tells them to stop Trump no matter what they do... even if it means sacrificing their own lives to stop Trump.

As I've said, this whole thing is a trap. A Sting. And all of these bad guys are going to be caught - and brought to justice. But, at the same time, we have to remember that the Deep State has corrupted everything. They have AI to exponentially multiply their power, they listen in on all communications - world wide. The control all financial transactions, and even our political, judicial and military branches of service are under their total control. They believe they'll see any 'set-up' coming. And according to the Q - they've been right at least a dozen times in the past.  So, how do you entice those who service the devil to come out of hiding - particularly now, that their force multiplying AI is about awaken with General Purpose Awareness?

Why, you offer them a bait they cannot ignore. You put out the biggest, baddest Red-Herring imaginable - someone who's knowledge and mouth threaten all of them - and one with established media appeal.  We might say, a strawberry blonde tycoon who's been made for a time such as this.

And then, you have this Red Herring threaten to expose it all - down to the last slurp of child-sacrificed adrenochrome and genocidal intoxication in the disguise of Public Health. President Trump is exactly the one character they can't ignore.

And then, just when it appears that the Deep State's back door man, Barrack Obama makes Trump an FTX deal of $5 Billion Bucks - you know the trap is set - and the wicked falsely assume Trump's feigned weakness is as it appears.  In fact, the wicked will be given just enough rope to implicate them all - and we, the American People - and the value of our land and natural resources are the bait.

To get the deep state actors to believe everything is going according to their wicked plan is going to require a tale bigger than Paul Bunion - and with implications greater than Johnny Appleseed. Because their great Blue Bull to which they sacrifice and labor in secret - is, after all just a brass bull centered just outside the doors of Wall Street - and they forgot to remember, that was just a hood ornament to their Pride and ain't worth a plug nickel now, that they've corrupted even that once august trading hall.

They are the mark. Infinite wealth and eternal power is the prize. And the bullshit tale that wraps it all under one nice big fancy RED bow is what tonight's show is all about!.

AIRED: 01.31.20
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Judgement Day, Part One

On February 5th 2020, President Trump's impeachment verdict was delivered. President Trump was judged by lesser men and found not guilty of the charges brought against him for a phone call he had with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. The charges were fake - a distraction. But, more than that, were used by a corrupt omnipotent police state to unleash unlimited espionage and military powers of the world's sole Super Power against the citizens who supported this innocent President. And the object of this false impeachment trial wasn't Trump's conviction, but the conviction of "We The People" who support him.
In a socio-political type and shadow of Biblical Revelation, the last real President of the United States Corporation, President Trump's reputation, estate and sacred honor were sacrificed on the alter of luciferian pride that is Global Communism. It's flag and sigils are read - for the blood of innocents they sacrifice to their greater pride.

AIRED: 02.05.20
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Looking Glass

Tonight's show features the first in a two-part expose first published by Kerry Cassidy back in 2011 through her investigative news group called Project Camelot.  And the subject of tonight's important show is a project called Looking Glass.  This will be the first in a 10 part series on the topic. And what is revealed is truly remarkable.  This is because all the corruption we've been reporting on seeks to stop those seeking to bring them to justice. It is as if they are rust clogging up the gears of justice. But what they failed to recall is that some matter in this universe cannot be bribed, coerced or threatened, as it is light - and darkness cannot prevail over it's radiance and truth. You'll no doubt want to flag tonight's show - and links to Kerry Cassidy's corpus of work is in the show description.

AIRED: 02.09.20
138 - EMERALD CITY PT 2.jpg

Emerald City, Part 2

Tonight's explosive show delves deeply into the Luciferian cabal - and links Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Scott Peterson, Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, Crowned Prince Mohammed bin Salman - the Clown operated Cartels, money laundering, human trafficking, assassinations of Tom Clancy, Michael Hastings and Andrew Breitbart - and the two genocidal pandemics intended to exterminate more than 7 billion people from off the of face of the Earth. If you were looking for the one show that links together the lawfare now ongoing against President Trump, and whether the White Hats stand a chance of winning (they do), then this is the show for you!
Tonight's story begins with a tape-recorded interview - the subject and interrogator are not publicly known at this time - but, the Q & A that follows involves a once little-known salesman living out of his pickup truck and humble home in Modesto, California - and ends on a hard drive located in Bill Gates palatial Medina, Washington vast underground mansion - or, Medina.  Keep in mind, Seattle is known as The Emerald City - and that Q400 loop de loop was a message of warning to those who secretly pull false flag and assassination levers of power behind the scenes. This episode killed our YouTube account once and for all - as those we report on, have something to hide.  Don't miss it, as what they're hiding - involves every single American citizen.

AIRED: 02.16.20
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Screwtape Letters, Part V

Sinite Draconem Exsurgere

Tonight's show is the fifth part in our exploration of CS Lewis' fall from grace into Atheism - and his subsequent resurrection through Christ to eternal life. And our first four shows covered the physical path of Lewis and Tolkien, the intertwined nature of their studies, and context of their work. And tonight's show deals with the question of "how long will all this take" and "we've been waiting a long time - can't we just go out and take down the bad guys - and be done with it already"?  Truly, these are the questions on the lips of many friends and doubters who don't understand what is taking place. And I count myself in this group - because I too wanted to see more rapid progress - and more stalwart justice.

The name of tonight's show is SINITE DRACONEM EXSURGERE.  This is Latin - and is properly translated as "Allow The Dragon to Rise". As we have seen in the Holy Bible's Book of Jude and Psalm 83, the enemy shall be allowed to proceed and come against God's anointed - and they shall chase God's anointed up the canyons unto the pinnacle of despair - but, as with the Rebellion of Korah and later at the Battle of Korah, those who rebel shall be allowed to survive and even thrive as they scale the canyons of our nations' pinnacle - even up the very streets of New York, the center of world commerce and world trade - only to turn upon each other at the last minute, and even kill one another down to the last man, as they attempt to silence those who could finger them for the treason they have all committed.

AIRED: 03.16.20
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Under The Rainbow

The coming Vaccination that will claim to cure COVID-19, or slow it's effects, but, will instead be a deadly weapon to complete the military conquest vision of North America - just as foretold by Chinese General Chi Haotian (see our SNAKE IN THE GRASS, HIRELING FOREIGN POLICY & MEAT LOCKER episodes from our Time Machine series). To minimize the chances that our show will be programmatically censored, we will from now on refer to the coming COVID-19 Vaccine - as "The Jax" - which is a to part reference to the Tracker Jacker - a genetically engineered bioweapon from common Chinese murder hornets referenced in the Hunger Games series of Hollywood movies. 

As a political wrapper around this genocidal plan appears to be a covert Color Revolution agenda, which we must expect to be deployed once the bioweapon - and this will take place once our borders are kicked open, our the pillars of our economy and society which depends on it will be knocked out - and the United Nations is planned to swoop in to "save the people pleading for help", but, will be deployed with Chinese and Russian Military Troops - just as described in Q's 16-Year Plan. The pot of gold and the end of tonight's rainbow flag exploration reveals the masters of the cabal, their law firm in Seattle, how that relates to The Steele Dossier and the CIA's UK/MI6 connection, and their relationships back to those who traffic our little people - our children - and how the FBI/CIA/DHS/DOJ are giving them cover.

AIRED: 03.06.20

Screwtape Letters

Political Plague

Our medical industry has experienced a hostile takeover, and the new Chinese owners have decided to pull the plug on their American patients. And all of this, was first imagined by CS Lewis, through his works The Screwtape Letters. 
Imagine a sneaky bad guy, Screwtape, teaching his nephew, Wormwood, how to trick people. In C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, they talk about many clever ways to lead people away from doing good things. The head demon and his impish minion suggest all the wrong things to do.  When something is 'safe', they say it is dangerous.  When a behavior is said to be effective, they suggest it is merely rank quackery. When people are sick or scared, they are easiest to fool. Tell them that poison is healthy, and in a pinch, they'll guzzle it down like sweets. The sick become ever more desperate for healing, the longer they continue to do stupid things and follow stupid advice. Screwtape says to make them worry a lot so they forget about trusting God. He also suggests making people obsessed with health in a way that seems good but is actually selfish. When people fear death, they might do silly things, like believing lies about medicine. Screwtape’s tricks show how lying can hurt people deeply, especially during times of sickness. Reading this book can open your eyes to these tricks and help you see why staying honest and trusting the right things is so important.

AIRED: 03.20.20

One Ring, pt 2

Luciferian Peasants

The Global Revolution contest will now under way determine whether we live under governments of and by and for the People - or, we die under a Global Luciferian penal system, where we are presumed guilty until proven innocent, where are children are predated by monstrous cannibal families who don't follow the same laws - nor have the same rights - as We, The People.

We begin this investigation, by returning to the American Revolutionary War - and the miraculous victory at Yorktown.  Was it?  As we shall see, a wicked family traded anonymity for Freedom to the eternal doom of us all.  Unless ....

AIRED: 04.10.20

One Ring pt 5

Light at the End of the Tunnel

We've endured the long, arduous journey to get to the bottom of what's ailing our world & uncovered their treachery, murder, treason & genocide. Now, it's time we storm the last keep of the enemy's evil stronghold to set the captives free!

SRA survivor Jessie leads us through their caverns of obfuscation - names names, places, dates, contexts, explains the unholy liturgy & explains their occult objectives. Their Enterprise of Evil is a business measured by the pound of human flesh, outpouring of human suffering & harvesting of human innocence - all to their wicked amusement & inverted sexual gratification.

AIRED: 04.21.20

One Ring pt 8

Two If By "C"

New Q tonight!  Q posts two illuminated lanterns in the Old North Church - a clear reference to a new revolution - to take our country back from those who stole it from us!

Two if by "sea" (as the old Paul Revere poem tells us) - was meant to signal the method of invasion by the enemy forces - yet tonight's notice - is one of subversion (rather than invasion) - and the "sea" being referenced isn't only a body of water - it's a letter of the alphabet - "C" for China.

Furthermore, we discuss JTRIG - a tool of isolation and division used by a numerically inferior force to destroy a larger force - from within!

AIRED: 04.28.20
Broad Stripes and Bright Stars - Thumbna

One Ring pt 11 [Conclusion]


Broad Stripes & Bright Stars concludes the One Ring sub-series & draws them to the dramatic conclusion:  A Proof that God is indeed directly involved in the present world affairs - that the enemy's minions are being pushed back for a brief time, the wickedness of their genocidal sociopathy shall indeed release an Ebola-derivative cocktail b!o-we@pon & that we should make best use of the limited time we have to draw our families, friends & even acquaintances closer to God - while we still have time!

By His Stripes - We Are Healed - and our flag, Old Glory have more than a passing affinity or similarity - indeed: they are directly linked.

AIRED: 05.01.20
The Great Awakening.jpg

Conquer Giants pt 3 


The Sleeping Giant (We The People) are about to wake up (with the truth, and evidence that supports the various claims).  Q tonight released 100 transcripts - that will be added to our Transcript hoard!

Avalanche of New Q tonight!  The treason of Regime Leader Hussein crimes have been reduced to a database format.

New Q 4135 - 4160 Conquer The Giants Prayer for Economic Resurrection POTUS National Day of Prayer Giant Financial Decode Kayleigh McEnany Dead-Zone Plague [2003] POTUS Bilateral Meeting w/Israel

AIRED: 05.08.20
Black Hand's Champion.jpg

Conquer Giants pt 6


First, he was just a loathsome Nazi collaborator, who reported Jews to the local constabulary & confiscated their goods before they were taken away to the extermination camps - 'the best days of his life'. 

The club that he received is the weapon of the enemy - the club of greed & avarice - terror & fear - the weapon of Global Finance.  And as this monster deploys his weapon against the US dollar - the Titanic Clash of this Age is about to become revealed.

It's a war between nuclear armed opponents - and one opponent doesn't appear to know what's coming (US) - except through the Q Movement.  We know exactly what they are planning!

They mean to kill us. But, there is a weakness in his plan!

AIRED: 05.15.20
Inconceivable Cover.JPG

Conquer Giants pt 8


They were paid to start a war.  A prestigious line of work.  One with a long & glorious tradition.  Question is: who is 'they'?

We have covered in previous episodes how and why the Deep State employs movies & media to telegraph their ambitions - even their precise plans years - even decades prior to pulling off their ruin. Their advocate (man's enemy) argues in the Courts of Heaven - with his wicked finger aimed directly at US.

Thing is - if we believe the enemy (who we now KNOW has been lying to us) - 'that there is no God' - we remove from the court-rooms of Heaven - our only defense and defender - Jesus Christ.  Without a defense, our actions become whatever the enemy says they are - and we lose.

AIRED: 05.20.20
Giants and Dragons.jpg

Conquer Giants pt 11


As we assemble the puzzle pieces - we realize that there are two monstrosities confronting us - the Giants & Dragons.

On the one hand, the remorseless Giant corporations and non-governmental organizations that are the Globalists' play things - are directed in their bone-crunching terror by the Luciferian cabal - who work independent of nation states - and conspire to enslave us all.

This is not just another 4-year election - this is not merely the competition of a rapacious China - or the Chicom guerrillas who dominate their people - we are up against a Biblical foe who knows only hate and who speaks nothing but lies continually.

AIRED: 05.29.20
The Art of War.jpg

The Art of War

The contest we find ourselves battling has been brewing for all of human history.  It's consequences are massive & will determine whether we are a world of Free Peoples, or, whether we descend into 1000 years of Darkness.

Will you join our cause?

To be effective in this information warfare - we must arm ourselves with the accouterments of battle - we must learn the Art of War.  Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, military strategist, writer & philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China and rose to prominence in 516BC. Sun Tzu is the author of The Art of War - this is the strategy book of the enemy!

AIRED: 06.29.20

Waging War

In Chapter Two of Sun Tzu's Art of War - we learn that the most important aspect In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns.

This singular objective - simple, easy and practical to understand - is that which distinguishes the Good General from all other Generals.  It is also keenly appropriate that we learn 'there is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.'


Those who advocate for protracted warfare have divided and hidden obligations - and we use employ this understand to separate those who support our cause from those who secretly support enemies.

AIRED: 07.06.20
Tactical Dispositions.JPG

Tactical Dispositions

Chapter Four ~ Good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then having secured themselves from harm, waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.

To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.

Thus the good fighter is able to secure himself against defeat, but cannot make certain of defeating the enemy.  Our focus now turns to our Southern Border & implications of invasive foreign & domestic enemies. They've been operating as spies & traitors for decades - Now, we see them clearly!

AIRED: 07.10.20
Grim Fairy Tale.png

Grim Fairy Tale

Interview/Jessie Czebotar, Satanic Ritual Abuse Overcomer.  We've seen thru a mirror darkly long enough. It's time we confront the GRIM Reality.

Born of the Black Forest merchandised on the Black Sea - the precious cargo opens up the universe. At a price.

How many disappeared?  Think supply chain. The primary product has BOTH a drug & a spiritual component that costs a human life.  The rendered drug, more powerful than Opiates more addictive than heroine or crack - once this drug is imbibed - particularly with those who continuously do so - the addiction must be sated.  Further - the addiction is prone to overdosing (as the dosage is difficult to gauge).

AIRED: 07.17.20
Open Lines Discussion.JPG

Supplies & Chains - Discussion

30 hours' interview with Jessie Czebotar have yielded some surprising (troubling) results:  Human Trafficking isn't only about enslavement, but,  its about cannibalism, human sacrifice & Luciferian worship.

In fact, so much of the information to be discussed tomorrow night are troubling, a primer show of OPEN LINES discussion seems warranted - not only to warn about the coming content - but, to prepare for what is being revealed.

A significant discussion regarding Ted Gunderson ensues - as well as his findings which tie it all together.  Ted Gunderson, a lifelong Officer of the FBI, stationed out of Los Angeles is featured.

AIRED: 07.24.20
Armies On The March.png

Armies on the March

If near your camp there be any ponds surrounded by swamp grass, basins filled with reeds, or thick woods, they must be carefully routed out & searched; for these are places where men in ambush or insidious spies are lurking.

Tonight we begin to review the current Plandemic in conjunction with coordinated Social, Political & Strategic developments. All fingers point back to China - funding US terrorist organizations, Democrat  & RINO conspiracies to burn down US Cities under their thumb & Leftist bomb throwing fellow travelers with the singular aim to destroy the US.

Democrats & MSM are in lockstep agreement with these objectives.

AIRED: 07.29.20

Snake In The Grass

In our channel's first of it's kind - an Intermission is required because of the Q Drops & Genocidal/Treasonous Evidence:  US Politicians have conspired with Chinese Communist People's Liberation Army [CCP PLA] - in their own words.  The PLA's plan is predicated upon Nazi-era 'lebensraum' [Living Space] - and requires the extermination of Caucasian, Black and Hispanic Americans: Their ultimate aim is to exterminate all other races besides the "yellow man". 

We then reviewed the literary and philosophical bases for this racial purity "final solution". 

AIRED: 08.04.20
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Today was a busy day on the Q Boards - starting with a Rudy Giuliani tweet, referencing hundreds of hours of research (billable hours) - and has to do with the Biden Crime family operating in Ukraine, followed by Adam Schiff, the phony impeachment fiasco over an innocent phone call to Ukraine's new President Zelensky (a Q post mentioned twice in a row! the second reference indicating a secret witness to why Adam Schiff is doing this), a reference to Boris' Johnson's Brexit, an indication that this fight isn't merely about US politics, but is world wide, that Hilldawg, Hussein and the Pelosi Crime families worship the Devil, and half a dozen photos of President Trump's watch, taken on his briefcast while on AF1, and pointing to December 2nd at 1:29:11 PM EST.
Furthermore, the December 2nd 2019 Q posts referenced in these Q Watches, imply multiple references to Watch (as in time piece), Watch (what is happening), Watch what is about to happen (temporally), Watch what this means in the future and Watch who is implicated. The December 2nd posts also feature the same Watch and timestamp, Alphabet, Google, 23andMe (Human DNA sampling company that outsources all DNA results to Chinese Servers and the PLA) and YouTube (Censorship).

AIRED: 12.15.19
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The Game Is Rigged

The stakes are high, the saloon is smoky, and the cards are on the table. The crooked global crime syndicate is running the House, and they've got their hand in just about everything worth stealing. It's all rigged from the halls of Congress to the gold and silver markets, to the FBI, to real estate, to finance, to investment, to medicine, and to elections. President Trump's recent impeachment proceedings were just the beginning of a long list of corruption.
Tonight we're examining the Game - the rigged Game - and the 2020 election results are just the tip of the iceberg. It's time to call out the bad guys, to put them on the defensive, and to take back the House. We've got a sharper poker player in the room, and it's time for him to clean up the House.
It's time to serve justice, for the American Sovereigns, the American People, to be fairly represented, and for the con men and crime families who have gone all-in on their treason. It's time to run the table and bring each criminal to justice. It's a tall order, but President Trump will deliver it. It's time to cut through the smoke and burn down their House of Cards with the truth. Let the Game begin.

AIRED: 12.20.19
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Who Shot Seth Rich

Seth Rich was shot on July 10, 2016, at 4:20 a.m. in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Rich died about an hour and a half after being shot twice in the back. The perpetrators were never apprehended; police suspected he had been the victim of an attempted robbery.
The 27-year-old Rich was an employee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and his murder became highly inflamed and the narrative was silenced via Lawfare.  The DNC sent a major donor to help the Rich family deal with the trauma of their murdered son, and to silence political questions which delivered some uncomfortable truths for Hillary Clinton's campaign for President and to deny oxygen to a political fire that was drawing away from the false "Trump is a Russian Spy" narrative propagating on every channel of news and enforced with FBI/DOJ/CIA narrative compliance operatives who'd infiltrated Social Media companies.
The question is, why?  Who really shot Seth Rich? What ever happened to the evidence Seth Rich purportedly gave Wikileaks, and why hasn't the FBI ever examined the NSA metadata/trace records of the same day/time as reported by Julian Assange to prove him a liar? Why did the FBI seek to falsely brand Russia somehow involved in the DNC data leaks, and why did they never forensically examine the Guccifer 2.0 servers which were discovered in Kiev, nor the flash drive in Wikileaks possession?

AIRED: 12.29.19
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Glass Houses

"Living in Glass Houses" means being exposed and vulnerable to criticism due to one's own past actions or behavior. It presumes there is transparency in process, in law and in justice. And when the monster of our own creation, let's say Global Socialism, or National Socialism without borders turns back on those who first deployed it on their political enemies, and presuming eventual perfect clarity and transparency, what they used to take down Trump, will be instead turned on them. That day is not today.
Because our three letter agencies, justice system and tech giants have come after Make America Great Again Americans - they've even weaponized institutions we were taught through decades of media conditioning to admire and respect - and because the mainstream media (the socio-political window washers) have all become opaque to the Truth, we know that the tables won't turn around tonight. But justice is coming, eventually. And we know that once President Trump calls out the Military (and the Military Justice System), to quel the weaponized government insurrection that's been infiltrated over the last 150 years, those sitting high and mighty atop their positions of authority and privilege over the people, will be brought low.
Tonight's show is a study of Glass Houses. We begin in the nineteenth century with the First Glass House - The Crystal Palace and the earth's first World's Fair that took place in London in 1851. We end with the infamous words uttered by Spock in Star Trek in a glass house of another sort, who falsely declares that the root of communism, which is, the sacrifices of individuals do not matter, just so long the will of the global Proletariat - the mob - is worth all the blood of it's victims which seek to deploy it's ruin. 

AIRED: 01.06.20
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Poker Face

We live in a world that is more akin to poker than checkers or tic-tac-toe. In checkers, the moves are all known in advance and the winner typically is the first person to make a move. Poker on the other hand is more like real life - we don't hold all life's cards, and we make the best play given our current best guess as to what the enemy has in his hand. The best poker players don’t give away their hands. They keep their cards close, gazing into the eyes of opponents for any hint as to what might be lying beneath. Many have a ‘poker face’ – a facial expression which reveals absolutely nothing, and leaves everyone else guessing.
And while it is possible to cheat in Poker, those who do often pay the ultimate price - as shootouts are the stuff of Poker legend.
Tonight's show investigates the cards President Trump is carrying in a game of Global Poker where the stakes are the lives of every human on the planet. Our opponent isn't some mere black-hatted rube, our opponent is the enemy of man - and he's got five aces up every sleeve and even his pant legs. Yet despite this inconvenience, I still place my bet on Trump!  Do you?  You don't want to miss this episode - because to win this game we need the best Poker Face mankind can muster - and my money's on Trump!

AIRED: 01.12.20
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The Real Menagerie, Part 1

Eisenhower's Military Industrial complex was a description of fascism - where secretive private industry is married to the omnipotent power of a Global Superpower State. And when these powers unite, just as they did in Nazi Germany, they release unlimited power without moral conscience, public accountability or oversight. And the first sphere of private industry these transnational fascists seek to control is media, or the means of communication. And their corporate construct is nothing more than a menagerie for the "lucky" few of us they intend to allow to survive. This is what Klaus means when he says 'you'll own nothing and be happy.'
The point of tonight's show is to prove that we're living and experiencing a false reality that's being broadcast into the collective conscience of mankind by those with wicked intent. Those behind this are of the same spirit and temperament as those who fought and died defending slavery and for the same reasons: the institution of slavery provided them an easier life than they'd otherwise have had, and more importantly, being thought of as little 'g' gods by their slaves polished their pride, which is their singularly shared characteristic. This sin of pride, opened the spiritual door of all doors and if left unchecked they will kill off the majority of us and enslave the rest and expand their buying and selling on an interstellar/interdimensional basis.

AIRED: 01.17.20
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Knife Fight

Q has told us - and we have seen for ourselves - this is a battle of Good vs. Evil, and that we're to Trust The Plan - a euphemism mentioned 42 times in the Q - and when taken in context, describes an ultimate battle between those fighting on the side of Light and Truth - and those fighting to keep their crimes hidden. But, it seems to me, there is another implied reference, and that has to do with the stupid stealing power - because they are choosing to place themselves above the people, while claiming they stole it fair and square. What is more, one in their midst - a secret one, who is pulling Hussein's strings is John Kerry, architect of the Iran Nuclear Swindle - and who hides behind the pseudonym Swift Boat John - a true declaration of his hidden allegience.
But the crooks who steal power claim their following their guidelines - and their guidelines operate on a flexible basis - where every crime they commit is falsely declared "good" - and every lawful response by those whom they're robbing, is declared "bad". This is the basis of their visibility filtering cancel culture - it excuses their massive thefts of national treasure - and their obstructions and misappropriation of justice.  Yet, these bad guys never figured a man who formerly did business with their crooked crime families - Donald Trump, would seek to legitimately take from them the power they stole, fair and square. Tonight's episode considers the coming knife fight between the forces of darkness who stole power - and the forces of light and truth and God - who are gonna beat them at their own game. The trick will be, how the side of light does this while following their rules!

AIRED: 01.22.20
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Bags of Sorrows, Part Two

In a sea of in-flooding of foreign fighters disguised as refugees - Austro-Hungary fell. It was a successful recipe - for making one's fortune - as Criminal Syndicates go. And we covered the various Soros sock-puppets that decried as 'unfair' when today's Hungary under their current Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. President Trump welcomed this champion of Freedom into the White House for a meet and greet - and a few months later President Trump addressed the World Economic Forum - touting all his achievements to a corrupt fraternity of European and global leaders - who's private HSBC accounts had been stuffed to the rafters with ill-gotten gains - laundered through George Soros' many front companies. Notice that Victor Orbán's tie is orange.  You might need to go back and watch House of Orange and Origins & Oranges again for a refresher coarse on the meaning of this?
So, let us continue our investigation into Hungarian born criminal genius György Schwartz whom we know as George Soros.  I think you'll be interested to see why it was President Trump went in to the World Economic Forum touting all his accomplishments to a den of vipers and thieves who'd wiped out the financial viability of their own electorates under the phony slogan of climate change - even as they live in luxurious mansions that would have made French and Dutch aristocracy of 1750's Europe orange with envy.
First, George Soros first came to public light when he bragged about stealing Jewish family estates to hand over to his Nazi bosses on 60 Minutes in 1998. This is one of the hardest to find videos around - as George's hireling PR firm has disappeared all such videos as 'misinformation'.

AIRED: 01.24.20
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Pegasus & Godlike Powers

Good Evening and Welcome - this is GoodDog and tonight is Thursday, October 12th 2023 and this is a QBits Army of Light episode number 126 called - PEGASUS & GODLIKE POWERS. Tonight's show originally aired back on Tuesday, January 28th 2020 - just 3 days before the official declaration of the Globalist Plandemic we know as COVID-19.
Our computer systems are not secure. Whether we use Microsoft or Apple or Android phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, cars, voting machines or industrial control systems all based on Unix or Linux operating systems - all of them are compromised with Pegasus controlware. Pegasus is to Unix as Promis was to Windows. And ever since the 1980's, Hillary Clinton and the Clown criminal syndicate have controlled everything with a digital pulse - from legislators to military, from justices to corporate giants, Pegasus has infiltrated and monitored and controlled everything - and with Godlike powers provided by the Clown Supercomputer networks - first, their private Snow White and Seven Dwarves systems of the 1990's, to Google, Twitter and Facebook datacenters through the early 2020's to now the dedicated Quantum Bit servers in Beijing and Windows on the West in North Korea - everything is controlled and managed with uttermost precision. And before we warm up the boomers and our ICBM's to knock out these systems, we must keep in mind those who developed the code for Globalist Control isn't Chinese but, rather, Israel's Deep State. And exposing this network of international terrorists and the corrupt intelligence networks which control them is what tonight's show is all about.

AIRED: 01.28.20
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The Wire

We have to remember that in the grand scheme of things, today's Deep State is nothing more than the hireling muscle for the Communist Global Empire, and the mob bosses that run it are all intended to run things exactly as they once did in the Depression Era Chicago - when justice was allowed to flow into the hands with the bigger guns. Our government today is populated with the children of those gangsters - and they operate with the same code of ethics - and they're subject to the same weaknesses. In Depression Era Chicago, a Gangster mob boss couldn't afford to be disrespected, as pretty soon, no one would respect his stolen authority. 
The most powerful position the wicked have infiltrated, believe it or not, isn't finance (though that was their first infiltration). The technocratic keystone - the center of their powerbase is information technology - as this is the crossroads of their civil society global fascist ambitions - and all information technologies are transmitted via wires: wires in our computers, wires connecting these computers to their controlled data centers, wires connecting our banking and employment and government and military. And the secret of the Q plan, as we're about to reveal, is that to pull off the greatest STING in human history, one of these technocratic tools will have to be infiltrated - and expose their treason from within.

AIRED: 02.02.20
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V For Victory

Since President Trump entered office on January 20th 2017, the combined US and Allied Intelligence Corps have sought to toss Trump from office. Many who appeared friendly, were later shown to be traitors. Neville Chamberlain and the Globalist shills rallied for "peace in our time" - appeasement with Hitler's Nazi Germany. And declassified post-war evidence proved many who wore the colors of British Patriots, were in fact, hidden Socialists and worked in secrecy to bring about Global Revolution.  
Clearly, back in 1940's War-torn Europe, enemies were on both sides of the front line.  And even today, some who at first appeared traitors, were in fact hidden allies - and the sum total of fake news, friends and foes on both sides of the Globalist conflict raised a fog of war dust storm we haven't seen since the hair-raising days of the Battle of Britain, then popularly known as the Blitz.
President Trump defeated their false attacks through his Impeachment Acquittal on February 5th 2020.  But, the real purpose of all of this has been to identify who are the real friends of the Republic and who are the enemies. This can easily to discerned, when listening to President Trump's post-acquittal speech - and when he spoke them, it was exactly as if he were suffering as Winston Churchill once did - flashing Victory in the face of mortal combat - as much a display of character and faith as it is a declaration of future intent.

AIRED: 02.06.20

Looking Glass, Part 2

Tonight's show features the second in a two-part expose published by Kerry Cassidy back in 2011 through her investigative news group called Project Camelot.  And the subject of tonight's important show is a project called Looking Glass.  This is the second in a 10-part sub-series on the topic. And what is revealed is truly remarkable.  This is because the corrupt have had access to this technology and have been using it for decades to rip off the American people and to advance their global fascist agenda. But, what would happen if the good were to use a superior technology - one connected to The Source of all knowledge - to confound and frustrate the wicked?  That is what I believe is happening - and what will eventually happen. The wicked will be caught in their own schemes - as their modulus of control - the purchased press - no longer provides them cover and their algorithms of theft continue operating as before, but with the American People standing in slack-jawed disbelief of those who have no conscience and no moral character at all. Their money laundering and human trafficking - even their human sacrifices will become fodder for the Free Peoples of Planet Earth. And those behind their many schemes and crimes will be seen for what they truly are - traitors to the greater family of man. It is as if the wicked are rust-clogging up the gears of justice. But what they failed to recall is that some matter in this universe cannot be bribed, coerced or threatened, as it is light - and darkness cannot prevail over its radiance and truth. You'll no doubt want to flag tonight's show - and links to Kerry Cassidy's corpus of work is in the show description.

AIRED: 02.12.20
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Emerald City, Part 3

Warning, tonight's show is for matural adults only. The subject matter has to do with what prompted Seth Rich, Michael Hastings, Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy to be assassinated. The murder weapons were, disposable MS13 cut-out hirelings, artifical intelligence hijacked 2013 Mercedes Benz C250 Coup, an ice pellet fired from a heart attack gun, and a military grade arsenic remotely injected into the blood stream of an unsuspecting victim.

Each of these men were doing what they believed was right at the time of their murders. Each of them knew the dangers of the possessing the evidence each one had uncovered, or rather discovered - and each one paid with his life.  Someone or some group wanted them dead - but, after a lifetime of exposing corruption and the inner workings of the military industrial complex, what common threads did the evidence they uncovered possess?

AIRED: 02.17.20
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Screwtape Redemption

In our last Screwtape episode we introduced former Atheist turned Christian CS Lewis, and how truth about invisible enemy strongholds, demonic intrusions into the affairs of humans, and how to recognize those who are infused with demonic cohabitation - even how to recognize which demon controls lesser demons, and introduced the idea of Christ's sacrifice. Tonight's episode deals with Redemption for all humans, even those of us who've led lives of sin and corruption - for Christ's sacrifice redeemed us from the clutches of the devil.

Why Redemption? Why CS Lewis and Screwtape Letters? It is clear that the devil is intimately involved in the wickedness playing out all around us. This is bigger than political parties, and socio-economic theories - this is a battle of Good vs. Evil, and we are the toy soldiers on the World Stage - and CS Lewis surrendered his atheistic support of the enemy's script - "the narrative" once he followed it to it's natural conclusion, which yielded death for all those who denied the obvious truth.

AIRED: 03.23.20
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Emerald City Part 6

EcoDeath Alliance

EcoDeath Alliance is a public-private threesome marriage of governmental-medical-technologists hell bent on exterminating mankind. They are the Frankenstein's monster and embody the irresistible force of governmental superpower fascist state married together with the anonymity and untouchable characteristics of private companies. They are modern day Canaanite giant golem enchanted with hidden witchcraft of the club of lucifer - and they emanate from The Emerald City. This giant golem simultaneously attacks on multiple fronts targeting all key societal pillars of Western civilization (government, justice, military, economy, finance, health and faith). And they don't expect there to be any survivors. And just as in the days of Moses, we must face them to realize The Promised Land of milk and honey. 
Our episode 144, which revealed the memetic architecture and signaling now understood for the first time, reveals why Seattle had to be the Emerald City, what the yellow brick road really stands for and why the characters were actually following it to their apparent doom. Tonight's episode reveals what the Globalist rainbow stands for and why it is their pursuit of wealth and power over the common man eventually leads to death of the family of man (if they are successful). In short, their plan requires stealth of operation and intent. Our show was censored and our hardware destroyed in a vain attempt to stop the revealing of their wicked plans. And ultimately, we learn that their wicked plans begin with the common cold or flu (COVID), but they intend to conclude their attacks using weaponized Ebola - thus creating the zombie apocalypse which their 100 movies have sewn the seeds for since 1932. And with the American People now awakening to their wicked plans and SMART city control grids, there is a storm of righteous indignation coming that will sweep the land. Let's just pray that when we all awake from the sleep spells and potions poured out on an ignorant nation, we awaken to Godly peace and justice instead of the plastic banana illusion they have projected onto our futures. Figuring out which is witch is which is what tonight's show is all about.

AIRED: 03.08.20
Show 145.png

Eye of Perdition

Heart of Darnkess

The Black Queen resides in Europe - and the Heart of Darnkess (sic) is the Castle Neuschwanstein.  This next 10-part sub-series shall shake our world to it's core & change the hearts of men for eternity.

The Heart of Darnkess (misspelled by Q on purpose) - exposes that the Luciferian Deep State always intended to use internal medicine ("RN") as the vehicle to destroy mankind with our SRA guest Jessie.  On November 5th, 2017 - Q warned us the attack vector would come from China - would infect the Global Population - and the race is on to find a cure - before it is too late. Unbeknownst to the enemy - God Is Involved with a Plan!

AIRED: 04.03.20
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Screwtape Letters, Part VII

The Infamous Dr. Gallo

Tonight's show is thus a cautionary tale and illustrates what happens when this spiritual disease metastasizes to infect an entire country's socio-political leadership like the Dragon - Communist China, which is paying for all the WMD creation. And when this same spiritual virus spreads from the Host country (China) to the soon to be decedent victim country (the United States), the enticements of wealth and power are scarcely considered, as these only have merit within a social construct which values them. When civilization is exterminated, the wealth and power once sought have no meaning at all - and this is the devil's ultimate gambit.
Screwtape Letter 23 specifically addresses the topic of wealth and power as tools used by demons to corrupt humans. Screwtape advises Wormwood on how to tempt his intellectually prideful patient by appealing to his vanity and desire for material success and dominion over those not as smart as himself. Screwtape explains how the pursuit of wealth and power distract spiritually weak people like this from spiritual growth and lead them towards pride and self-centeredness, ultimately serving the purposes of darkness - and can yield the most devastating results in terms of iniquity, death and outright destruction.

AIRED: 03.22.20
Yorick Speaks.jpg

Conquer Giants pt 2 


[Hamlet / Think Play Within A Play]

In Shakespeare's Hamlet (referred to in the Q) - Yorick was the one-time teacher of Hamlet who died mysteriously (poisoned).  The question whether to live or die (to be Saved or to be Damned) is yet before us.  The choice is simple - yet eternal in implication. The mad queen is driven insane through her greed for power.

Treason so wicked, poisonous & hateful ~ because the second part of this episode is so explosive (other channels have been taken down who broadcast it, we published here in totality.  This link serves BOTH parts.

AIRED: 05.06.20

One Ring pt 9

After The Ride

Massive new Q drops tonight!  After the Ride refers to the consequences experienced by the American Colonies after the Ride of Paul Revere - and the decision to become embroiled in a bloody Revolutionary War - it cannot be forgotten - that up until that time, the British nation had never lost a colony to Revolution.  This time, it was different.

As the United States again finds itself in another Revolutionary Conflict - and, with foreign adversaries poised to strike US interests abroad - and all sides armed with WMDs - we confront the ugly truth - the first weapon has already been deployed - a Chicom Bioweapon of Mass Destruction.

AIRED: 04.29.20

Conquer Giants pt 1 


We're up against those who do not have our "good" in mind.  These have long conspired to bring evil upon us & it's time to conquer them.  As we have reached the floor of the Valley of Death, we shall fear no evil.  And to find our way out of this labyrinth of madness and hatred, we must first scout out the land.  WE MUST STAND STRONG.

Together we are strong.  Together we defeat the enemy.  Together we win!

Faith In God Will Deliver US!


Specific Deep Dive on Abraham, Isaac & Jacob Covenants & Contracts.  They are linked.

AIRED: 05.04.20
Obamanation - 07.jpg

Conquer Giants pt 4 


Apples & Oranges is about the final plague to be released on mankind - the "Apple" (Tech Tyrants) and the House of "Orange" - and their heirs.  We have intercepted some of their comms - and decoded their plans - which go all the way back to late 1979 and early 1980 - and emanate from Medina Washington (near home of Bill Gates).

We begin our examination of a slide from I Pet Goat 2 film - the COIN under his cartoon shoe - Counter Insurgency Plan.

Conquer The Giants
Prayer for Economic Resurrection
POTUS National Day of Prayer
Giant Financial Decode
Kayleigh McEnany
Dead-Zone Plague [2003]
POTUS Bilateral Meeting w/Israel

AIRED: 05.11.20

Conquer Giants pt 6


Tonight we take stock of what we've learned so far - weighing the unmistakable and undeniable evidence that there are those who not only believe in the enemy of man - and who worship his unholy name - but, that they are doing and sacrificing everything in their power to affect his victory.

Yet, we also know that God is most certainly involved in this movement - as His Will is being revealed as well.  And while we must acknowledge that God Wins - we also know that His Word is perfect - which means that the enemy must have his day - and all must choose which side of the ledger we are on.

This period of time - of decision will necessarily be brief - just as our choice will echo through the halls of eternity!  Join Us!

AIRED: 05.16.20
Inigo Montoya.JPG

Conquer Giants pt 9


The admissions of Rob Reiner's Princess Bride are laid bare - they are a cutthroat band of Pirates - operating out of the Caribbean, traitors to their namesake.  Yet, they cast upon the villains the practice of their own ruin: ill-gotten gains - stolen for less than 1/10th the promised price - which eventually leads into the Pit of Despair for their helpless victims - unsought and unsung among the world above.

But, more importantly - in this predictive programming piece - we also learn how to recognize the leadership of their murderous band - The Six Fingered men!

As we are released from our prison of revenge and violence - what shall we do now?  The answer is Biblical!

AIRED: 05.22.20
Memorial Day Special.jpg

Conquer Giants pt 10


Tonight's unannounced show - Memorial Day Special celebrates the land that birthed liberty - and which promises hope & freedom - not only from sea to sea - but, world wide.

Our nation has for many decades - been compromised by evil men with wicked intent.  It is time to reclaim our birthright & remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice that we might be free.

Our rights to vote - were purchased with the Blood of Patriots.  We owe it to them to put up the Good Fight.

POTUS delivers Memorial Day address, Red Skelton recites America's Pledge of Allegiance.

Freedom Is Never Free.

AIRED: 05.25.20


According to Sun Tzu, when should we deploy spies, how should we pay them & what to do with them after their purpose has been served?  The Rocket's RED Glare depends on the efficient deployment of Spies. Find out WHO!

WHO.  Why is the D-infested WHO so in bed with China?  Where did the US Taxpayer money go?  NGO donation sources (where published) with Chicom PLA front companies (any Chinese Corporation involved with SPACE, DEFENSE, MEDICINE, WEAPONS & education <- this is where the Chicom PLA spies begin their infiltration).

Start Here (just as one example):  100,000 Strong Foundation - find NGO donations from former Columbia/Honduras Chief.

AIRED: 07.03.20
Attack by Stratagem.jpg

Attack By Stratagem

In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy's country whole & intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them.

Hence to fight & conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.


Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy's plans; the next best is to prevent the junction of the enemy's forces; the next in order is to attack the enemy's army in the field; and the worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities.

AIRED: 07.08.20


Chapter Five ~ The control of a large force is the same principle as the control of a few men: it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers.

Fighting with a large army under your command is nowise different from fighting with a small one: it is merely a question of instituting signs and signals.  The interconnected nature of this fight is the hardest thing to figure out! No one arrested yet?

All forces must align at precisely the right time - with social-fault-lines understood & recognized by the Q Army (We, The People).

These Signs having thus been agreed & understood - the enemy's destruction will occur of it's own accord.

AIRED: 07.13.20

Weak Points & Strong

Whoever is first to field & awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight; whoever is second & has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted.  The clever combatant imposes his will on his enemy.  ~ Sun Tzu

One of the most important dictates alluded to by Sun Tzu is that we should perform our assessments much like water flowing over rock - constantly looking for weaknesses in the enemy lines and constructs, avoiding what is strong in the enemy's strategy and deployment.  When we apply these principals to our current affairs, it becomes obvious that we are combating an invisible malevolent force, complicit nation state & terrorists. 

AIRED: 07.20.20
Supplies and Chains.png

Supplies & Chains

Deep Dive into the Human Supply Chain that feeds the Luciferian Cabal & other feeding frenzies & cannibal clubs. Tying together the billion dollar movie industry which injects Luciferian hatred & social disintegration on a global basis, Jessie Czebotar - a Satanic Ritual Abuse Overcomer - Jessie's testimony reveals dates, times, events, practices, Human Trafficking supply chains - in particular PROCESSORS (like China) are detailed.


Surprisingly, we discover that US Embassies Tied To Trafficking Rings, that US enemies are processing children parts.  We also discover that there are more than three million perpetrators just in the US in a market measured in trillions of US dollars, 

AIRED: 07.25.20


If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know heaven and know earth, you may make your victory complete.

What if these same traitors who've been framing POTUS - using every form of political chicanery, malfeasance & misprision - with a seeming inexhaustible source of assets to draw from - are working in every way against the interests of the united states of America?

What if its proved they shared our nuclear submarine locations (GPS coordinates) in real-time to nuclear armed adversaries?  

Shared top-secret launch codes?
Provided real time GPS coordinates of US Aircraft Carriers in the South China Sea?

AIRED: 07.31.20
Attack By Fire.png

Attack By Fire

Anger may in time change to gladness; vexation succeeded by contentment. But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life.

Hence enlightened ruler are ever heedful & good generals full of caution. This is the way to keep a country at peace & armies intact.


Tonight’s show was one of the most YT interfered with shows to date.  Why?  Why interfere with a show about a 2,500 year old book?  Because the finger points right back to the Invisible Enemy.

Defeating this Invisible Enemy is our next series: Holy Fire!

AIRED: 08.05.20
GLThumb - w Logo.JPG

President Trump at
Turning Point USA

The day after the United States House of Representatives Democrats and RINO Republicans voted to impeach President Trump, President Trump delivered a speech at Turning Point USA, and directed his words of encouragement to America's youth. President Trump never needed this thankless job of President.  And unlike his fellow public servants, President Trump never took a dime as compensation. He took all the slings and arrows for America's future - for America's Youth -and he did so, as partial payment in kind for the many opportunities and blessings bestowed on Donald Trump and his whole family.
We sometimes forget that those who throw daggers at the innocent are themselves not innocent.  They often do what they accuse others of doing.

AIRED: 12.20.19
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Jimbo's Gambit

Watergate isn't what we've been sold. It is much deeper, much darker and is the actual decay and rot that gives our Washington DC swamp it's foul stench. Nixon didn't approve of the break-in to steal donor rolls, or money laundering records. Nixon was deeply distrustful of the criminal syndicate who had the Kennedy's whacked, and knew which cops were crooked, and what kiddie porn and human sacrifice leverage kept the leftist cabal towing the line. Those records weren't stored at his political contender, George McGovern's offices - those foul records were stored in the DNC safe at the Watergate complex. And as with any wicked Criminal Syndicate, it helps to have the federal cops and judges in your back pocket, if you wanna live through life's storms.
Nixon had a family friend, the Trumps - and knew they were well connected, and that Donald would someday run for President.  And to bring down their unholy corrupt temple serving darkness, Trump would first have to slay the Deep State Dragon known as Deep Throat.  And the thing is, their bent federal cop Comey was clever as a snake, but prideful to a fault.  And that pride would end up becoming his undoing.  Tonight's episode looks at Jimbo's first hand of poker in this gambit for all the marbles. Every American life hangs in the balance, and this is one of those episodes you're gonna want to refer to again and again and again.  Particularly, with those who've been drinking from the Deep State information swill pumped out by the likes of CNN, MSDNC, ABC, DNC and C-BS.

AIRED: 12.23.19
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Umbrella Surveillance

Umbrella surveillance is a term of art in counter-espionage that refers to the systematic collection and analysis of information associated with an individual of interest. This individual can be a person suspected of engaging in espionage activities or a person of political importance. In the case of government leaders, umbrella surveillance typically begins at the highest echelons of power and then goes deeper, looking to identify people tied to the target in the form of aides, family members, business associates, political advisors and so on. This process of expanding surveillance is often referred to as “following the breadcrumbs” and results in the creation of an “umbrella” of surveillance providing an in-depth look at the person's activities and associations.
Under US law, such surveillance is typically conducted pursuant to a duly issued warrant from a federal court. To get such a warrant, the government must show that there is probable cause to believe that the target of the surveillance is engaged in espionage activities or poses a threat to national security. This must be done in a way that is consistent with the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.
The main oversight of such surveillance programs is conducted by Congress, which has the duty of ensuring that federal surveillance activity does not cross the line into intruding on citizens’ constitutionally protected rights to privacy. There is also oversight provided by state governments, which may regulate certain types of surveillance activities within their borders.
If such surveillance were to be used against Joe Biden, as President of the United States, it is likely that the umbrella surveillance would expand to include 6 echelons deep. This would be important because it would allow law enforcement and intelligence agencies to get a clear picture of all the people and activities associated with him. This would also help them to determine if any of those individuals or activities pose a threat to US security. Such an extended umbrella of surveillance is necessary to protect not just the President, but also the nation. However, it is important to keep in mind the risks associated with such a dragnet-like approach to surveillance and the potential for abuse of these powerful tools. It is critical that those responsible for carrying out such operations understand the risks and act with caution and discretion to ensure that they do not infringe on the rights of innocent individuals.

AIRED: 12.13.19
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Friend of God

Donald Trump put all of his family fortune - even the lives of his beloved children and wonderful wife at risk along the dark and dreary path of facing this mountain of evil we have constructed?

Tonight's show considers the Holy Ground upon which we walk. Our objective is not to own all we behold, but to become better stewards of the time and blessings God has bestowed upon us, our families and friends - and even our beloved countrymen who remain lost upon life's path.

Only with the Holy Friendship of Jesus Christ do we stand a chance at reaching trails end - to behold and appreciate all the glories of heaven.

Join us tonight as we discover together how Jesus might use us each and every one - in service to His Greater Purpose. Against such wicked foes of darkness, we need God as our Friend ... and Jesus Christ as our ally!

AIRED: 01.08.20
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I'll Take Two

We've been playing a rigged political game since before we were born. The bad guys snatched victory from the jaws of defeat when they assassinated Lincoln and it's been a long downhill tobogan ride ever since - politically, socially, militarily, judicially - even financially. George Carlin said it best - The Game Is Rigged Folks - The Game is Rigged.
what happens if we change the game of 5 Card Stud we've been playing - where the highest valued hand wins - we simply call the deal (and the risk as dealer), and offer a game of Lowball Poker? Lowball Poker is a version of poker where traditional hand rankings are flipped, and the lowest hand wins.  The cards up their sleeve become useless to win the game, and instead become a liability to prove they were cheating in the first place!
Tonight we make the case that this is what is happening through the Q Movement. And there's a trick play - some cards have two simultaneous values - like Aces. Aces can either be High or Low value depending on the players preference. What would happen, for example, if the corrupt confederates in Government, Justice, FBI, DOJ, CIA etc. were all exposed as being cheaters? Whom would we trust to play the game fairly?  
You're gonna love tonight's card game - because the enemy is gonna lose his hands - as well as his feet, his arms, his eyes, his ears - and just about everything else he has when we call his bluff.

AIRED: 01.13.20
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Club-K Missiles In A Box

The US House of Representatives has voted to impeach Donald J. Trump. They have delivered their articles of impeachment to the US Senate, the US China trade deal, delayed for over a month, and no one's really sure why is now signed on the very same day that the China declared the human, human-to-human transmission of some disease that is reportedly killing people mid stride. The Operation Crossfire Hurricane courier, NoName Senator from Arizona, is tied to a domestic espionage operation using the seven top secret CIA supercomputers collectively called the Hammer, and which runs an election interference program. The clandestine purpose of these systems seems to be to overthrow elections overseas, and it has a secondary function too.
Through a secondary program called The Scorecard, The Hammer is capable of planting fake evidence against political opponents to frame them and to control them for crimes they never committed to Remove them from the political chess board of opposition. Furthermore, the CIA Supercomputer Network, which has since been officially disavowed by the Central Intelligence Agency, even though we have direct primary source evidence to the contrary, check your sauce packet under the search terms Sleepy Defined and is collectively called The Hammer - can hack any system from a million directions at once.
Tonight's show investigates Hammer and Scorecard and reveals the clandestine context of Operation Crossfire hurricane, and once they've taken Trump out, using these same covert systems will report how Chinese made weapons of mass destruction have been prepositioned around the United States, already locked and loaded with NBC payloads.
That's nuclear biologic and chemical warheads, and the delivery systems disguised as simple container trucks. The thing is, The technology isn't Chinese and it isn't even Russian. It was a US military technology called N-LOS, which the Obama administration canceled and which was sold to the Russians and Chinese through HillDawg's toilet server; this same server, James Comey's FBI never investigated.

AIRED: 01.19.20

The Set-Up

The Holy Bible calls for many miracles and tribulations to befall God's people in the end days. The dead are awakened - and stand together to be judged by God. Indeed, the dead shall be awakened. Before all of this, were we not dead to the Lord? Dead to His holy kingdom? Were we not dead to the needs of our brother? Did we not look away at our women who were robbed of clothing and sanctity by a culture which sells them by the pound? The more scant, yet top heavy - drawing the most dear price in our culture?
In our slumber - did we not choose music of the dead and watch movies which championed the dead - and see with our own eyes the unholy deeds of those who would be damned - and their rich lifestyles - and didn't we want what they had - in a never-ending nightmare without end?
This is the truth. And God is in the process of unfolding His Master Plan to defeat the enemy's deception. And this plan begins with a set-up. Pills of Truth, Swords of Justice and Holy Retribution are coming - and indeed must be so. Tonight's show explores God's Holy Set-Up in the Holiest of Stings ever seen on the face of the earth. And the size of the sting - is larger than any murder hornet - is more magnificent than any banquet or splendor - for through God's carefully wrought path to His New Kingdom and His New Earth - resides His Hidden Truth. The Earth shall give up her dead - and the blood of innocents shall be avenged - and none shall escape His Coming Judgment.

AIRED: 01.24.20
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Event 201

(because practice makes perfect)

Our rights to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom to worship as we see fit have all been stolen and tonight's exploration examines what they hope to achieve by this communist overthrow disguised as a Pandemic.
All good theater practices their play before it goes live. Actors and actresses rehearse their lines, learn their stage entrances and exits - and learn the signals and ques which help deliver flawless performances to their adoring fans. But as Shakespeare once noted, not all those in the stands or in the standing-room peerage are supportive of the acts being portrayed. And for this reason, repeatedly rehearsing ones lines and delivery can rescue doomed plays from becoming scenes of mayhem and misfortune, should the attended masses feel they are being cheated.
Event 201 was a rehearsal for the COVID-19 crisis and was practiced in unison with it's global deployment at the WUHAN GAMES at precisely the same clock strike of 9PM Eastern Time and 9AM Beijing Time. And boy, did the theatrical performance deliver - fifty million dead worldwide, deployment of a binary bioweapon disguised as medicine to 'cure COVID' - and complete destruction of the world's only superpower, The United States of America. Never before have so few done so much to advance the luciferian slave state in world history. But, hidden from all the doctors and politicians, supportive of the communist overthrow, was something they did not expect: a hidden medicinal payload which is can be activated worldwide, once a coordinated 5G signal is released. This payload is known as Marburg, or as it has been advertised by the CDC - better known as the Zombie Apocalypse.
Tonight's show reveals this monstrous venom - this ultimate Snake Oil Medicine, advanced and promoted by a little feller and his band of fellow travelers. And brother, they are making out like bandits! The killing they've already made is just the beginning - the residual effects will be written in blood on the pages of history - and none shall ever forget his name.

AIRED: 01.26.20
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In our last Sting episode called The Hook - we learned how the Deep State was fooled into thinking there was a richer score to be made if they were to take Trump's bait and sell the whole country into slavery. Deep State suckers took the bait and decided to go all in with their plandemic and communist overthrow. Tonight's show considers how to tell friend from foe when executing The Sting - and in the process, not get caught tipping Q's hand in how the same tools the Deep State has employed against us, are in reality being turned on them!
So, how to tell the Good Guys from the Bad is what we're going to be considering. In the Great Depression era captured in the 1973 movie The Sting, the biggest money makers were buying and selling liquor - and women through prostitution. Criminal Syndicates grew up to defend supply, distribution and sales of these illicit goods - and the children and grandchildren of these Mob Bosses are behind today's power structure in each of the Demonic controlled cities, which also happen to be managed and controlled on the part of the Democrat Machine.
Robert Swan Meuller didn't operate alone in Swan Dive - and James Brian Comey isn't a friend of freedom.  As a matter of fact, they're just some of the crookedest cops ever to wear a badge - and they've got a whole passle of nefarious friends to make sure his many treasons remain unpunished.  Moonshine isn't just about selling fermented potato peelings to desperate junkies - Moonshine is the alure of nearly infinite bounties paid for missile and rocket tech which promises to guarantee that Chinatown is the only opererative town on earth, and those who steer by it's light are the targets of this ultimate sting - and tonight we reveal who they are ....

AIRED: 01.29.20
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The Wire

Adam's Family Values: A History of corruption, double-dealing, malfeasance, fraud and crimes against humanity. The richest family you never heard of. Who is the Schiff family? Going all the way back to a Jewish settlement in the Middle Ages, the Schiff and Rothschilds lived under one roof in Europe. Continued for centuries. Intermarriage and acting as one family.
Adam Schiff's family has also intermarried with the Soros family. Schiff's family and the Gore family have been accused of funneling millions into personal accounts along with the help of the Biden Crime family and Nancy Pelosi's notorious crime family. The Schiff family has apparently been involved in crimes and corruption for centuries. They have played a huge part of the corrupt foundation that currently enslaves us and sells out this country to the highest bidder. This is why you see the panic follow the bloodlines.

AIRED: 02.04.20
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Communications which occur over a Telephone convey more than just ones and zeroes - Telephones communicate emotions as well - an added dimension which is alltogether important as we confront the Deep State.  For where the wicked have no empathy for victims of their crimes, we must listen with attentive spiritual ears, the pleas and clamor for rescue from those who remain tangled in the fallen nature of this world. This means, we must first recognize and surrender our own errors before we can be of service to others in need - and that's what tonight's show is all about.

AIRED: 02.07.20
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Emerald City

Seattle is the center of digital identiation, Microsoft and Global Computing.  Seattle is the center of Lawfare in the United States, the birth center of the Steele Dossier, the weaponization of the FBI and the control and legal obfuscation of the Democrat Private Army we know as the Cartels.  But, as we learned in For Whom The Bell Tolls and The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail - Seattle is also the legal center of the DNC through Perkins Coie, who was caught earlier last year with money laundering while Selling Munchkids on the Open Market - at least this is what they were accused of doing.
Seattle, you see, was Christened in the 1970's with the moniker of The Emerald City - a reference to the Wizard of Oz - and by the end of tonight's show, I'm sure you'll agree that Seattle is the center of Witchcraft and Wizardry that birthed the technocratic police state and the weaponized medicine that can crash a human body as often and for the same occult reasons that Bill Gates' Windows once did.  The problem is, there is no reboot to their Smart City incarnation, their Yellow Brick Road is social acquiescence to their Globalist Ambitions, and their shiny glass-gleaming towers are nothing but monuments to their hubris and hypocrisy.

AIRED: 02.14.20
140 - EMERALD CITY PT 4.jpg

Emerald City, Part 4

On December 15th 2017, President Trump traveled to Quantico, Virginia to deliver a speech to recent graduates of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - the FBI.  This speech has been called THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD speech - and tonight's show investigates what this speech is all about.  Before we join the FBI Academy Graduation ceremony, let's take a look at Q post 435 - it says:

F-I speech - history.
Wizards & Warlocks.
Alice & Wonderland.

Part Four reveals the explosive truth that connects all these idioms - the corrupt FBI, the human trafficking network they're in charge of running, the Bloody Wonderland buyers of that illicit trade - and how it is that President Trump will expose it all!  Don't miss this amazing episode!

AIRED: 02.20.20
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Screwtape Letters

Draco Ignis

Ours is a spiritual war - though it bears the trappings of a political war, a medicinal war, a propaganda war and a fifth generation information war - complete with bombed out cities, torched cathedrals and places of worship, political figures burned in effigy, constitutional conflagrations - and ferocious fevers of the medical sort, which is even now killing Americans a hundred times faster than Vietnam or World War II ever did. But the most dangerous and wicked fire of them all comes from the breath of the devil himself - uttered in fits of anger and rage that incites otherwise well intended citizens to wrath and ruin - and leads to destruction of greater impact and precision than the Atomic blasts which scorched Hiroshima and which mercilessly fried Nagasaki. Draco Ignis is Latin for "Dragon Fire" - and where Tolkien and Lewis combatted dragons of their age, so too must we make a stand against ours. And fighting back the fevered greed of the wicked with compassionate love and God's Grace is what tonight's show is all about!

AIRED: 03.23.20
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Draconis Destructa

Draconis Destruca is Latin for Destroying the Dragon, or, destroying the lies of the father. And understanding the battle against falsehood, or The Dragon, The Serpent or Leviathan - the battle between Light and Darkness is what tonight's show is all about.  For example, in several of our episodes from Merchants of Menace, Time Machine and War of the World series, we have featured the seminal works of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien - or JRR Tolkien, who wrote The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings literary fictions. Tolkien was always clear to say that no literary comparison, allegory or modern day metaphor was implied or even suggested. But, Tolkien's work dealt with combating dragons, and those who serve darkness throughout the key books of his manifold epics. And Tolkien wrote and spoke from time to time on this topic. But, was he telling the truth regarding the real-world implications of his life's work fictions? And if not, why would he lie about such a thing? Let's just, for the time being, chalk it up as a happy coincidence that Tolkien and his Oxford friends wrote such mythical epics that entertained and educated the world - having as their genesis, Der Ring des Nibelungen (the four German language epic musical dramas called The Ring of the Nibelung).

AIRED: 03.21.20

One Ring pt 6

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Wall

Having documented that Luciferian Societies exist, and that they require certain commodities that must remain secret, are perishable, and have a shelf-life - we now turn our attention to the Globalist Supply Chain.
Light at the END of the Tunnel [Ep. 150] also revealed the monetary equation - that breaks down like a menu of services - so much for sodomy, rape and torture, so much for murder & cannibalism, so much for disposal and recycling of human waste.  The dollars per victim are more than $300,000 - and for some rare commodities - astronomical!

We open our discussion with "Venue".

AIRED: 04.22.20

One Ring pt 4

Mark of the Beast

Just as ​Dante's Inferno delved into the depths of depravity and horror that line the pathway in the Valley of Death, so too have we been traveling.  Tonight's epic investigation links the 32+ year struggle to create and release a genetically targeted bio-weapon with the Globalist aspirations of a Tech Tyrant - bent on global extermination of the human race.

Ironically, as our show concludes - beholding the unimaginable - we set the stage to return to a Bavarian castle nestled along the edge of Hansel & Gretel's Black Forest - Castle Neuschwanstein.  And when we return - we realize that the end of the Age is indeed upon us!

AIRED: 04.17.20
Battle of Baal.png

One Ring pt 7

Battle of the Blood

On 18.Jun.1940, Sir Winston Churchill gave his now famous speech "The Finest Hour" during the brief respite between their defeat at Dunkirk a few weeks before & the onslaught of terror from the skies during the Blitz just weeks later.  Sir Winston gave voice to courage during the period of un-certainty of the outcome - even when all seemed lost for the Island Empire.

So is this true today - as we find ourselves battling an unseen enemy - with secret agents of evil on every street corner - nabbing our children from the streets - as they seek Unholy Approval for their murderous plans. We must stand against them in prayer!

AIRED: 04.24.20
American Coup D'Etat.PNG

One Ring pt 10

American Coup D'Etat

New Q drops continue tonight!  Q4012 names names (who are the traitors): Hussein, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, Susan Rice, Aaron Zebley, Valerie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes, Sally Yates, John Brennan, James Clapper, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Evelyn Farkas, Susan Powers, Andrew Weissman, Mary Jacoby, Rod Rosenstein, The Mule, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Jeannie Rhee, James Baker.

When this is finished, a much bigger graphic will be needed.  MUCH BIGGER!  Biggest Political Scandal In World History.

AIRED: 04.30.20
Color Of Law.jpg

Conquer Giants pt 7


Infiltration instead of Invasion.  When societies are infiltrated - the systems of law and order are purposely compromised to bring about the ruin of the country.

Employing what we have learned about James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - we are ready to plumb the depths of their treason - and perhaps answer the question - Why Is It Taking So Long?

And while the answer is not brief - the solution to this present darnkess [sic] will indeed be complete.  For their commissions of ruin have sought to cover up the most heinous acts of any civilization - the Luciferian predator's realm of enslavement, bondage, carnal lust and sacrifice - all to a pleasant little tune meant to lull us to sleep.

AIRED: 05.18.20
Bqqm Week.png

Conquer Giants pt 5


They have stopped the movement of currency globally - just as foretold of old.  Their Giant Constructions (Public/ Private Partnerships) are poised to strike the Death Blow to the Global Market.  Now, they have released a BioWeapon with a State sponsor (China).  What can possibly happen next?

Something enormous in on the horizon - if we remember Yuri Bezmenov's fateful warnings from 1983-6 (interviews with G. Edward Griffin) - the only move left is "CRISIS" (ie. War).

It's a war between nuclear armed opponents - and one opponent doesn't appear to know what's coming (US) - except through the Q Movement.  We know exactly what they are planning!

They mean to kill us.

AIRED: 05.13.20


There is an information revolution happening all around us - did you notice?  What is an information war?  Who is Q?  What is Q?  If the "Q" Team accomplished everything they set out of achieve, what would be different?

Tonight's show examines the 5W1H of the Q Movement - what it's about?  What should we do if we are attacked, our property destroyed, our cities burned to the ground?  This should be required viewing before any other shows are attended - for our Battle is not against Flesh & Blood - but, against Principalities, against Dark Powers - about the rulers of Darkness in Spirituals Realm - and we must go spiritually armed!

AIRED: 06.24.20
Infiltration Not Invasion.jpg

Infiltration Not Invasion

Tonight, we receive a sobering warning of the telltale signs of Communist infiltration & what must [can] do to stop it.  Yuri Bezmenov (aka Thomas Schuman) defected from the Soviet Union in 1979 - and spent the rest of his life trying to warn of the dangers of Communist Insurrection that had not only established a foothold within the United States - but, was poised to strike the fatal blow as soon as we see riots and massive looting take place.

What seemed impossible in this 1983 speech, was further amplified by a G. Edward Griffin warning given in a private home in 1969.  Neither warning was heeded - and now we must bear witness to the impending doom!

AIRED: 06.26.20
195 - OMEGA GLORY.jpg

Omega Glory

Their final solution is to dazzle us with space aliens after they've totally demolished the West.  Reaching back into the Globalist "tacit approval" toolbox (movies & media that foretell their coming genocidal plans) - Star Trek's Episode 23, Season Two  debuted on March 1, 1968 was called THE OMEGA GLORY.  Power-mad Chinese Communists have launched race-targeted bioweapons attack that devastate the entire Earth & only leave scattered enclaves of survivors who's surviving DNA was not included in their genocidal deployments.  The conclusion - descendants of this rag-tag band of American survivors would rally round the US Constitution & Old Glory to overthrow their Chinese oppressors.  This was a surprise ending in 1968 - and ultimately - shall be again in 2022!

AIRED: 06.20.20
Join or Die.jpg

Join or Die

Fourth of July Special!  Tonight we examine the historical context of this present conflict - from the real financial antecedents to the US Revolutionary War - British compromising of Colonial Script - as well as the exhaustive French & Indian War taxes that ravaged the Colonies.

By the time the 1% Tax on Tea was imposed (with promise of unrestrained future taxes on all manner of British products) - rebellion was the natural consequence.

It's important to keep in mind that never before had a military opponent to Great Britain had successfully fought against the British - and the British didn't intend this to be the first installment of a Global Empire's bet.

AIRED: 07.04.20

Look Who's Talking Too

In our first episode on this topic, Episode 40, where Jeffrey Epstein continued to lead our news segment tonight - as 32 New Q have been issued since last show:  they all point to a Deep State Judas ratting out the Pedovoria Club and all who partake of Lucifer's promise, his BFF Ghislaine Maxwell joins the cooperating witness crowd.

Tonight's show begins with President Trump's declaration of war against Global Tech Titans - professional troll armies created and deployed to destroy Freedom on a Global Scale - and the need to band together and fight this doom.  We then lay the groundwork for the crescendo of SUM WE ALL FEARED & the death of Treason.  We need your help!  Will you join the fight?

AIRED: 07.09.20

Submarine Treachery II

An important update to our episode 41, Submarine Treachery, we look more closely at the espionage under the protection of the Clinton Crime Family - and feature a long classified/buried genocidal speech by Chinese General Chi Haotian that took place at the US Naval War College on December 10th 1996. 


This speech, delivered in Chinese - and until now, Classified by the US State Department - reveals China's plans to decapitate the United States with a non-nuclear WMD (Bioweapon).  No wonder the Crime Family sought to hide this speech behind layers of obfuscation, military prestige and diplomatic niceties.  The document was hacked off a Chinese military website - then translated into English - just for this show!

AIRED: 07.13.20
Maneuvering Final.png


Chapter Seven of Sun Tzu's Art of war - Maneuvering - reveals the key to any General's success is moderating and alternating movements on the field of battle.  Curiously, the most successful General advances by offering false retreats - advances while seeming weak - and masses troops silently in preparation of a surprise attack - always the preferred method of domination.

Upon examining the Communist Deep State's attack plans, it's now clear this is their attack vector - the current riots and coordinated deployments of WMD's (bio-weapons) are indeed elements of a concerted campaign to overthrow the United States government, capture disaffected Americans, and kill freedom forever.

AIRED: 07.22.20
Chapter 8 - Variation In Tactics.jpg

Variation in Tactics

The author of this war of hate and strife is the enemy of man.  He absolutely will not stop - not EVER - until he is vanquished - and there is no appeasing him.

Tonight, w continue our Sun Tzu's Deep Dive on The Art Of War.

As we've learned about SPIES (who started our investigations) - their plans to infiltrate and subvert all that is wholesome and right in this country - we learned their STRATAGEM - and even where they will focus their attacks to install their global terror and enslavement.  Through WEAK POINTS & STRONG we learned where to anticipate their next attacks & how we must now deploy our forces through MANEUVERING contested spaces. Now, we get to the "CRUX" of the matter ~

AIRED: 07.27.20
Nine Situations.PNG

The Nine Situations

Forestall your opponent by seizing what he holds dear, & subtly contrive to time his arrival on the ground.  Walk in the path defined by rule, & accommodate yourself to the enemy until you can fight a decisive battle.

Sun Tzu's  The Art of War (Ch 11) delivers coordinated actions, commands, warnings & consequences of an embattled General.  Victorious Generals intelligently deploy forces to maximum effect to WIN THE WAR.

The Nine Situations describe each of the possible conditions Generals face in his adventures in the field of battle.  Follow the rules & render proper discipline & Generals need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles.

AIRED: 08.03.20
The Art of War.png

The Art of War - Complete

(Live-Stream Version)

For three years we have born witness to the great unfolding of a terrific clash between Good v. Evil.  There are rules to this conflict, and sides - and the consequences are already known by all the participants.

This Live-Stream episode (The Art of War) combines everything we've learned in this series & blends everything we're now seeing play out in the news.  The final outcome (who will win & who has already lost) in the greatest contest in world history!  Join us as we explore the Cliff-Notes version of Sun Tzu's The Art of War - written 2,500 years ago and employed by both the forces of darkness and the side of Light!

AIRED: 08.06.20
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