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Why Should I Care?


For better search results like Google, but with no tracking or censoring, go to privacy search engine . It does not collect or share any of your personal data, compiles your search in real time with thousands of other searches and sends them instantaneously and anonymously to a variety of search engines and ports back the object of your search - without any of the censorship or gradation which has been institutionalized. With  you search anonymously - and cross-search engines simultaneously. This improves search results and leads to better productivity.

What's wrong with regular Google, Androids and iPhones? As time has gone by, regular phones have become ultra intrusive spy machines that track every event in our lives. Rob Braxman offers A VPN Service Bytes, VPN, Dego Phones, V P N routers, as well as a Brax mail email service. If you are using or just relying on Google freeware, you are in essence eating the candy off the witches house in The Brother's Grimm Hansel & Gretel! Rob Braxman products are made to protect us from Big Tech, and their tricks to profile people. They are also available on Rob's custom app, called BraxMe (free on the Brax2Me phone). The link is in the description.


Both Apple and Google (Linux) phones track our locations 24/7/365. They discriminate, censor, destroy lives and ruin careers – even blackballing people with whom they disagree. They're capable of doing something called geofencing, which allows big tech companies to find out who among us are at specific places in the world and at specific times. Both companies can also identify (and share) our patterns of life to nefarious players in Big Government - and often do so without a warrant. And as we have reported, they have even implanted false evidence against political opponents on users phones & computers and even cars. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this information alone is enough to profile us with our interest, our politics, and our behavior - and who our friends and family are - and even who we interact with and when - and even what we say - in voice and text. 



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