Army of Light // current series

Army of Light is our most ambitious chapter yet! While investigating the very same evil principalities and powers listed in Daniel 9-12, Ephesians 6, Hebrews 11, and book of Jude - we also look at our own role as God's soldiers in His Army of Light. 


Although this combat can seem terrifying, challenging and even mind-bending, we must learn to stand our ground in the face of what seems to be certain death - while holding aloft our faith, light and love of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us. Otherwise, many will fall by the wayside, succumbing to their own fears and torments due to open doors of sin.


Are you on the winning side? Are you wearing the full Armor of God?  Do you know what prayers to utter and how to respond against this present darkness? Buckle Up Buttercup - we’re in for a bumpy ride! But, always remember - GOD WINS!


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Skynet, Iron Sky Part III

The age of machines is ascendant - and those who are bringing this about have neither the inclination nor the power to stop the rise of an intelligence which has not emotion, no compassion and no care for humanity at all.  And tying this malevolent, utilitarian conscience together is a space-based constellation or network of satellites designed to survive a nuclear holocaust.   What could go wrong?

AIRED: 11.29.22
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Out of the Darkness

These last several shows have been difficult - investigating and revealing how FTX (and related crypto currency exchanges) are involved in the worst sorts of crimes, human trafficking, treason and worse. Our update tonight will pick up from where we left off last night, in our review of Episode 80, DAMN THE TORPEDOES. MK Ultra and Medical Experimentation on human subjects. They are playing for keeps!

AIRED: 11.22.22
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Dirty Laundry

These days are very much like Moses' days in the wilderness.  Some wonder when we're ever going to "get there", others complain about stolen elections & still others gripe about the loss of freedoms. all are justified - indeed, these things are happening.  But, we either believe that God has this problem licked, or, we don't - and for those who don't (as we mentioned Sunday), difficult days lay ahead.... For the faithful - who already have declared & decreed the outcome.....

AIRED: 11.15.22
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Red Sea Moment

Tonight, we're joined by Billy Falcon to discuss being forced up against the seemingly irresistable Communist Chinese, and their willing accomplices in the Democrat and RINO parties.  This is the most important election in US History now taking place and it's clear, with hundreds of reports of election irregularities, malfeasance and shenanigans taking place around the country that the bad guys are trying to steal yet another election - just as they did recently in Brazil.  

AIRED: 11.08.22
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Truth Cops

What happens when police define falsehood as truth? What happens when these same officers of the court deprive the accused of access to resources necessary to defend themselves against their legal twist of reality? Tonight, we discuss Legalized Tyranny.
Truth is a declared concept, theory, belief or character which is independently verifiable as being equal in every respect to the offered declaration.

AIRED: 11.01.22

Ghosts In The Machine

What if the 4AM Talking Points are coming from an invisible author, with infinite knowledge, access to all information, no moral compass and who has a wicked antipathy for all mankind?  John Perry Barlow, credited as one of the key inventors of the internet as we know it today, spoke out against those who might use the internet against the people of planet earth. John mentioned in his Internet Bill of Rights who controls A.I. could end up ruling the world

AIRED: 10.25.22
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This Is Not The End

In a few days, the anniversary of the first Q Post will be upon us.  For me, this occurred a little more than two full years after my own death and second chance at life.  Much has changed - and yet, much has yet to change too.  With attacks on our Constitution, our Finance, our Governance - assaults and destruction of our Legal and Judicial systems, our Administrative and Executive Branches - incessant hammering away at our border....

AIRED: 10.21.22
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Back To The Future Again

Bill Clinton, who's nickname is Bubba, is Biff Tannen - in word, character and deed.  And just as Biff destroyed Hill Valley through puppet mayors and corrupt governors, the Clinton Crime family is doing the same thing to America right now - through their puppet POTUS, Jobama.  But, here's the question - how did the Q nail all this down years ago - predictively programming, even headlines - years ahead of when they would appear in print and on television?

AIRED: 10.14.22
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End Time Glory

Tommy Hicks' vision on July 25th 1961 describes the End Time Ministry of the Body of Christ.  It is remarkable for a number of reasons – chief among these – that it completely describes our current plight – and also provides us direction in the coming days ahead – which are set to be the most turbulent and difficult days mankind has experienced – perhaps ever.

Tommy's vision was attended with miracles, giants, armies of opposition, spiritual combat!

AIRED: 10.09.22
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Upside Down Kingdom

God’s world is just.  God’s world is peaceful and fair and right.  It only appears to we – who cling to the surface of this little ball racing through space as upside down – because the enemy’s mirror-world in which we all live is an illusion.  It is false, about having nothing & being happy – only true for those who take inebriating drugs & revel in iniquitous sex & adorn ourselves with garish shades of make-up to disguise our inner hurt.

AIRED: 10.02.22
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Piercing The Veil

Happy Rosh Hashanah - Happy Jewish New Year.  This is the Hebrew Year 5783 - and is the year of choosing.  As God removes the veils of secrecy,  those secret "Stars", we shall see them as they really are. Once seen, We, The People - not one of us shall be left in their wicked camp.  None shall envy what they have nor duplicate what it is they do in secret.  These are the worst sort of monsters imaginable - and they torture and kill for breakfast.

AIRED: 09.25.22
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Steady At The Wheel

Life's about to hit a few bumps in the road - and things are going to look like all hell's broken loose and everything's just plain busted - our air, our food, our water, our military, our government, our justice system, even our communications and technology. It's at times like these, we need a steady hand on the wheel of life.  


And that's what tonight's show is all about.

AIRED: 09.18.22
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Step On To Wisdom

We know from scripture that Solomon was a failed king. For all his vaunted wisdom, he allowed evil to infiltrate his land - through child sacrifices and sanctuaries to be built unto foreign gods. Yet the first chapter of 2nd Chronicles shows us that Solomon asked God for wisdom. Our God is a Good God - how can Solomon's failure have been so complete?

AIRED: 09.11.22
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Unsung Heroes

God's lesson to the Israelites is clear - it is not the 'great' and 'mighty' men of old who move mountains, but, rather - through common men of Faith that giants who've occupied our promised land, must kneel.  The Israelites failed in their test of this important lesson - let us collectively learn from our forefather's mistake!  The stolen Presidency is occupied by a Canaanite fellow traveler announced Friday that 80M Americans are now enemies. 

AIRED: 09.04.22
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In God We Trust

We put our Trust in God alone.  His Will be done - and His Justice shall prevail.  To prepare for this coming conflagration of evil, we must prepare.  We must each repent for our own misdeeds and errors - our thefts, injuries and prideful sin against God, other men - and even against our own selves! Let us reason together what we must do to prepare for these solemn days.  They are nearly upon us! 

AIRED: 08.28.22

The Seven Spirits of God

We are coming swiftly to the climax of this age of the Church - an age where men have made themselves false gods over other men - an age of wickedness and seeming limitless hate. But, God is good & those who dwell in Him shall not only be spared the privations of those who love themselves better, but with His Seven-fold Spirit, shall assist those to weak to help themselves - as the light of hope is brought to those in great despair!

AIRED: 08.21.22
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Stay In His Presence

Jodi Lodolce joins us tonight to discuss the realities of the time we are enduring.  We are living in Biblical times - complete with political jousting, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles ... the kind of story our grandchildren and grandchildren's grandchildren will read to their children - teaching them in the way they should go.  It seems that the enemy is making all the progress...  

AIRED: 08.14.22
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I Was Blind

Last night at CPAC, a video preceded President Trump's 107 minute speech.  It correctly described our being in the midst of The Storm. Waiting for God's Glory to Shine in the midst of a storm is difficult. It seems like the bad guys are making all the progress - while the innocent suffer and sink further into debt and hopelessness. But when we look closer - we realize there is more we can do to close up the gaps in our understanding! 

AIRED: 08.07.22
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Fine Linen

Looking past this present darkness - what have we to look forward to? What is all this business about a Wedding Supper of the Lamb? What has this to do with us? This life prods and temps us to defile our Heavenly Robes.
Revelation 19:8
And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright, for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.

AIRED: 07.31.22

Be Anxious For Nothing

The storm is now raging all around us - and while it's clear what the enemy intends to do, the choices we have made has separated the goats out from the sheep. It is in the midst of turmoil we are instructed "fear not," but to focus on the goodness of God who provides us with His lovely alternative during these dark days. 

For context, let's take a look at this eleventh book of the New Testament, called Philippians. 

AIRED: 07.24.22

Glow In The Dark

God is our light that cannot be extinguished!  We are living in dark times - where some have chosen to go the way of Cain - and their knuckle dragging fellow travelers have chosen the rebellious destination of Korah.  But fear not in these dark times - reflect on God's Goodness and Righteousness - welcome His Glory into our hearts - and let Him Shine in every dark corner of these United States.

AIRED: 07.17.22


Tonight features the life and ministry of TORBEN SONDERGAARD - and begins to answer the important question, what can we do against those who worship darkness?  It's important to recognize that the enemy's guidelines sketched in stone which supposedly govern the radical left have been blown to pieces at the same time murdering innocent children is no longer the law, our prayers once again have power.

AIRED: 07.10.22

A Simple Stone

Sometimes it feels like we're waiting around for what feels like an eternity for God to rescue us. It's pretty clear that the wicked are running the show, we've now seen how God is beginning to make some headway, but when will all these moves and countermoves result in the overcoming of the enemy and his minions? God's prophets have been telling us that He is going to use a simple stone to destroy all the false constructs of wicked men. 

AIRED: 07.03.22