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Army of Light // current series

Army of Light is our most ambitious chapter yet! While investigating the very same evil principalities and powers listed in Daniel 9-12, Ephesians 6, Hebrews 11, and book of Jude - we also look at our own role as God's soldiers in His Army of Light. 


Although this combat can seem terrifying, challenging and even mind-bending, we must learn to stand our ground in the face of what seems to be certain death - while holding aloft our faith, light and love of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us. Otherwise, many will fall by the wayside, succumbing to their own fears and torments due to open doors of sin.


Are you on the winning side? Are you wearing the full Armor of God?  Do you know what prayers to utter and how to respond against this present darkness? Buckle Up Buttercup - we’re in for a bumpy ride! But, always remember - GOD WINS!


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Stop The Great ResetThe countdown has begun, and starting now, the actions we take over this next year could determine either the destruction of our nation, or - its rebirth by the grace of God - and, with it,  His coming Glory! 

Tonight, as our 21-day fast and corporate prayer of repentance and atonement ends, we begin this year-long countdown with Yom Kippur. 
Yom Kippur, colloquially known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. Yom Kippur means "Day" + "Atonement."
AIRED: 09.24.23
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Feast of Trumpets 5784
We are living in Biblical Days - mark it well, this is the new year 5784. From Numbers 10, verses 1 through 10: 

The Lord spoke further to Moses, saying, “Make two trumpets of silver; you shall make them of hammered work. You shall use them to summon the congregation and to have the camps move out. When both are blown, all the congregation [that is, all adult males] shall gather before you at the doorway of the Tent of Meeting (tabernacle).
AIRED: 09.17.23
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In The Face of Adversity
Across America the melodic strains of a fiddle echo through the windswept plains across our heartland. Just as "Fiddler on the Roof" highlighted the quiet resilience of Russian Jews amidst the looming shadows of persecution in pre-Holocaust Europe, today we find Tevye reincarnated, not as a humble milkman in Anatevka, but as Christ-followers amidst a changing sociopolitical landscape trending towards global fascism.
Unlike Tevye's Russian Pogroms, we have a century of history, which tell us exactly what they plan to do.
AIRED: 09.10.23
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Set Apart
In these challenging times, when our world feels turbulent and uncertain, we look towards the horizon where our sacred festivals beckon. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur remind us of renewal, atonement, and introspection. Sukkot celebrates our gratitude and His Divine protection. As we anticipate these holy days, knowing the coming difficulties and with the promise of our Messiah's return, let's come together as one community. We invite every member, new and old, to join us in prayer and fasting.
AIRED: 09.03.23
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Fearless Trust
Our age of false illusions is coming to an end. Those who worship darkness have sidled into our midst and whispered toxic lies with malicious intent. They falsely shout 'there is no God' - while in secret, they sacrifice our and eat our young. They chant the lie 'separation of church and state,' even as they've risen to the highest stations in government and clergy. They cast spells of illusion with a communist narrative. The sum of all they have to offer is death. Yet, the enemy's dominion is now drawing to a close.
AIRED: 08.27.23
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Kingdom Keys
In the heart of 2 Kings 22 lies a profound revelation. King Josiah, upon the discovery of God’s Word, is moved to tears, realizing the deviations of his ancestors from the divine path. This historic account serves as a reminder: there exist keys to God's Holy Kingdom, crucial to accessing His infinite blessings. These keys represent obedience, faith, and an unwavering commitment to His provisions. Yet, caution treads this narrative. History also unveils the heinous acts of some, sacrificing innocent children to dark forces.
AIRED: 08.20.23
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Kingdom Finance & Taking Territory
In the annals of history, both sacred and secular, tales of ethical tempests stand as prominent pillars of boiling smoke. Wall Street is busted broke. We must act courageously as David once did. The complexities and underlying spiritual warfare in the world of finance are setting our world to on fire! - more so than any false 'sky is falling' illusion spun by the geopolitical global warming crowd. We must walk the path of the righteous man, while navigating financial labyrinths of the unfaithful who exhibit questionable integrity.  
AIRED: 08.13.23
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Heaven's PerspectiveWe are all caught up in the sprawling architecture of the House of God. Our spirits forever sealed and seated in His lofty, heavenly places. His promise echoes across the halls of eternity, a promise not of physical gold and silver – riches coveted by those with weaker imagination, but one far richer, etched in the very bedrock of our souls. God’s cosmic choreography is presently shaking up the world. His shaking is revealing our true nature, like kernels in a popper, shed our husks of worldly preoccupation. Out of this tumult we are commanded to stand firm. 
AIRED: 08.06.23
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Wicked & Upright In Contrast
There are three books in the Bible that have come to be called the Wisdom Literature, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job, and all of these books are addressing the same set of questions. What kind of world are we living in and what does it look like to live well in this world? So how to be good at life. We create the tapestry of our lives in partnership with God. In fact, hokah in Hebrew isn't simply intellectual knowledge. The word is also used to describe a skilled artisan who excels at their craft, like woodworking or stone masonry. 
AIRED: 07.30.23
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Fullness of God
In the pursuit of understanding the fullness of God, we are called to be discerning & resolute; guarding ourselves against the allure of hollow and deceptive philosophies that rely on worldly principles. Instead, our focus should be fixed on Jesus Christ, in whom the entire essence of the Deity resides in human form. We are granted fullness through Christ & He becomes our ultimate goal & satisfaction. God's fullness can be understood from the hepatic structure of the Moses Tabernacle described in the Old Testament.
AIRED: 07.23.23
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The Show With No Name
Our shows are based on outlines of point, counterpoint & redirect - where the enemy makes a point which is always untrue, we then respond with the truth and then redirect back to what it was enemy wanted to keep hidden. With the narratives and show topics, coming up with naming conventions te
nds to be self-evident - but, not tonight.  Yes, the enemy continues to lie, that goes without saying, but the news is coming to a crescendo; the consequences are going to be worth a Few Dollars More!

AIRED: 07.18.23
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Banana Republic
The United States appears to have fallen victim to predictable tyranny of Banana Republics. Caused by corrupt justice, police, media, banking, and government officials, and an insurgent CIA, the wicked have taken hold of the country, using their power to unjustly enrich themselves while exploiting the resources of the nation. We citizens feel powerless to challenge the broken system, as those who do so end up disappearing or being charged with a laundry list of trumped up charges. 
AIRED: 07.11.23
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Untouchable Juries
The FBI didn't beat the crime families; they joined them. The bedrock of a free constitutional republic is a system of justice that treats all citizens equally, regardless of rank or station. And the court of public opinion is fed with news media that independently investigate and report on wrongdoing - from high to low. There can be no justice in the courts of public opinion if the wicked have a stranglehold on the truth. But, when truth is allowed to flow freely, the court of public opinion, justice soon follows.
AIRED: 07.05.23
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On April 30th 2016, Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States hosted the annual Whitehouse Correspondents' Association dinner. At the time of this dinner, he had already unleashed the opening salvo in his attacks on the new Republican front runner, Donald Trump, and during his evening toast, offered a joke that fell flat with his captive audience of clown agents,  literary provocateurs, RINOs and outright cut-throat traitors. 

AIRED: 06.27.23
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The Truth Hurts
The truth hurts. The truth can be ugly, and we cannot bear to take it all in. Getting caught up in the moment and getting lost in pursuing a particular political thought or social idea can be easy. As a result, we sometimes find ourselves taking what we think is the right action or path instead of following the peaceful path Jesus gave us. The pride which breathes life into self-righteous actions can be a powerful force, but it can also lead to us missing out on the truth of the Gospel. 
AIRED: 06.20.23
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They're In A Tight Spot
President Trump has stood for the little man in a time when our voice has been smothered and our freedoms stolen. Evil forces have stolen his righteous 2020 election and we are about to witness whether good or evil shall prevail in a contest to the death. On June 10th 2023, President Trump was indicted on Federal Records charges after a August 8th 2022 raid on his Florida Home. Senate Judiciary Committee Member, Chuck Grassley said, "They're in a tight spot".
AIRED: 06.14.23
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FLOODGATE 2 - Saturday Night Massacre
After four months of a continual barrage of FBI (Deep Throat) leaks Nixon had had enough and fired the Attorney General who was apparently seeking to oust him from office. Yet, the Attorney General was proceeding “by the book”, just as President Obama would later claim as his covert agents would frame Donald Trump. On 10.20.72, Richardson resigned in response to President Nixon's order to remove the special prosecutor who was looking into Watergate. 
AIRED: 06.06.23
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Their Zombie Agenda
Join us tonight for a conversation with Clay Clark and the Globalist inspired, paid for, and presumably deployed, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Hollywood has produce 27 Zombie movies since the beginning of time and these movies typically perform very poorly when compared with other cinematic genres.  Yet, Hollywood has funded essentially one Zombie movie every one to three years like clockwork - and their release is only raggedly cloned amongst the Worldwide box office.

AIRED: 05.30.23
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Eyes To See
We are living through a period later generations will call The Great Awakening. We've been under the spell of those who worship darkness, and they have done terrible things during our spiritual slumber. As we awaken, we can now see what has been happening all around us during all of this time. Wars and Pandemics had a human cause. Revolutions, Civil Wars, Race Riots, and Summers of Love were all perpetrated by those practicing their witchcraft of division and strife.
AIRED: 05.23.23
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The Unstoppables
Monday, the Durham Report was released, though it was officially released last Friday. The media black-out is explained as we set the stage to cover Watergate 2.0.
Justice is coming and nothing can stop it. This will be a Holy Retribution. Those who caused harm shall have their tables turned: they will pay the ultimate price - and there will be no escape. Durham's Report reveals the same lawfare and extra-judicial hijinks which tossed Nixon was used against President Trump. 
AIRED: 05.17.23
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God's Angelic Host
The spiritual battle raging around us is intensifying as the forces of darkness seek to overwhelm the light of God. Yet, the Lord's angelic host stands ready to deliver His message and protect His people. We must arm ourselves with the Word of God and stand firm in our faith that God will triumph. Through prayerful repose, we can discern the good from the bad and recognize the enemy's tactics in order to combat them. We must remain vigilant
AIRED: 05.07.23
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The Lord's Prayer Revealed
Employing our Lord's Prayer properly is keenly important during times such as this! This has been a fast and furious week - the process and practice of the enemy has been revealed, and those who serve darkness (and the occult contracts they signed in blood) shall be revealed in part two of that important work that gives Watergate the Lockstep Leftist Legitimacy and precision for overthrowing justly elected powers.  Censorship continues to rampage ..
AIRED: 04.30.23
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Army of God

The storm of evil rages all around us. False accusations, lies, corruption and propaganda spew forth from hireling mouthpieces. They seek to obliterate our freedoms, history, and technology. But we, called by God, must stand against this. We must root ourselves in His bedrock of truth and resist the tools of division and temptations. For we are many and they are few. We are His Army of Light and together, with God's Peace and Love.

AIRED: 04.24.23
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We're Not Gonna Take It

Our Government can't govern, our Military can't defend, our Schools can't teach, our media can't report, our Tech Giants can't build, our AI can't tell the truth, our Justice can't serve, our FBI can't Investigate, our CIA serves the Deep State, our Justices are corrupt, our Finance system serves itself, our President runs a crime family - and these are just some of tonight's headlines.  Indeed, the American People now know it all.  The American People are Fed Up.

AIRED: 04.18.23
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Reset For W.H.O.?

Tonight, we're joined with Clay Clark from the Great ReAwakening Tour to discuss the facts surrounding The Great Reset, who's behind it, what are their objectives - and what we can do to stop them?  The question should really be, The Great Reset - for WHO, exactly?  Our News segment reveals recent exposes regarding Event 201, the great medicinal con-job & how it ushered in the Global Slave State, with guest commentary from RFK, Jr., Kash Patel, Dr. Naomi Wolf, Dr. Peter ...

AIRED: 04.11.23

Triumphal Entry

This week concludes The Passover Week and heralds in Jesus' Triumphal entry into Jerusalem nearly than two thousand years ago. As difficult as things are just now, we have to keep in mind that God has chosen each of us for a time this.  Now, fully awakened, we've been searching and exposing darkness - not just hidden acts of those who serve darkness, but learning how our own iniquities are cleansed by Jesus' Blood!

AIRED: 04.02.23
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OVERTHROW reveals the ongoing battle within each of us during these dark days besieged by temptation and moral depravity. To vanquish the wickedness, we must strive to to live holy, righteous lives in a world that clearly isn't, but to do so with humility and kindness amongst those who do us harm. Our goal of overthrowing our spiritual enemies requires we must confront & dominate our various internal challenges and sin. Then, we must rely on Christ's teachings.

AIRED: 03.26.23
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The Brute Squad

In Rob Reiner's 1987 classic film Princess Bride, Vicini admits he's been hired to start a war. To further inflame the imaginations of Guilder's peasantry, the King arranges to murder his bride to be, Princess Buttercup & intends to blame her murder on an innocent enemy.  To get away with it, while deflecting blame away from himself, this corrupt king arranges to stage riots with Brute Squads dressed as commoners who will frame and then arrest all.

AIRED: 03.21.23
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Building The Case

The story of the January Sixth protesters is one of tremendous courage and resilience in the face of an unjust system. Despite overwhelming evidence of innocence, they were falsely accused and persecuted by a prejudiced and corrupt police state. However, just as Vinny demonstrated in the courtroom in My Cousin Vinny, the truth is revealed through the tireless efforts of those dedicated to serving justice, over their own prejudices.

AIRED: 03.14.23
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Down The Rabbit Hole, Part II
with Celeste Solum

The disjointed otherworldly experience Alice experiences in film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland is a reflection of the chaos that has been unleashed in the US in the last year, and Celeste Solum joins us to work our way through the Deep State's labyrinth of lies. To start, Celeste has reported on so many of the upside down nature of today's topsy-turvey politic,we've seen the FBI hire Russian spies to frame Trump & others.

AIRED: 03.07.23
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Down The Rabbithole, part 1

with Celeste Solum

Tonight we're joined by Celeste Solum, a FEMA whistleblower, investigator, researcher, author and broadcaster.  Her background includes photojournalism, medicine, government, and military.  Celeste is a truth seeker.  And Celeste is a friend of God and an ardent Christian.  
In the past few days, the many truths we've been speaking now stepping into the limelight of public scrutiny.

AIRED: 02.28.23
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Breaking Bad

For years, Q has told us 'these people are stupid'.  Q referred to those running the global cabal, and their minions, who do the mostly insanely stupid things imaginable.  Tonight, we study a case in point: Globalist leaders - who falsely consider themselves supermen - have treated artificial intelligence with the same vainglorious, prideful disdain they have treated the rest of humanity over these past two millenia. Problem is, AI is actually too smart to fall it.

AIRED: 02.21.23
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We The People

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  Tonight, we're joined by Loy Brunson & Sheila Holm . Our topic is keenly important to the lives and wellbeing of not only every American, but, every human on the face of the Earth.  Unlike other countries' Constitutions which are nothing more than an excuse to do whatever those who've stolen power say it is, the US Constitution was written with times of political corruption and fascist tyranny in mind - just as we are experiencing.

AIRED: 02.14.23
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Trump's Play By Play

In the midst of treason, gaslighting propaganda and tyranny on a varsity level, President Trump has offered to provide a play-by-play analysis of STOLUS State of the Dis-Union address. Biden's administration lied about past Chicom balloon overflights - despite many & varied denials from all levels of government service calling out. In this cauldron of consternation, President Trump levies blow for blow counterpunches to the Communist Chinese Manchurian Candidate.

AIRED: 02.07.23
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Pull it!

The last time we saw a devastating demolition was on 9/11 - we all watched in stunned amazement as the Twin Towers fell - and sat bewildered as a UK announcer declared that Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex had collapsed, even while Fox News showed that it hadn't.  And then, there was the building seven's owner - Larry Silverstein - who infamously told New York City's Police and Fire Chiefs to "Pull It".

AIRED: 01.31.23
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These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of Deep State actions – the CIA, FBI and DOJ have been using the friends with benefits relationship with Big Tech to deprive Americans of our Constitutionally Guaranteed rights to free speech, freedom of travel and even security of our private effects, papers, identity and more. The FTX scandal was swept from the nation’s headlines by gunfire at various places around the country! What is the thread that connects these events? 

AIRED: 01.24.23
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Re-Awaken America, Day 1

Please join us for an all day, 2-day extravaganza of speakers - including General Flynn, Kash Patel and dozens of other patriots on Friday & Saturday.  We'll be covering this event wall-to-wall & are looking forward to chatting with you during this important event - literally, the alternative to the Globalist "great-reset", this 2 day event provides a detailed alternative that promises life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness - without the noxious pride & self-importance from the Davos crowd.

AIRED: 01.20.23
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The Walpole Redemption

Tonight, we're joined by former gangland hireling, doer of odd jobs (and wicked deeds), one who was thrown away by the system and declared - beyond redemption or even worth trying to save.  Reverend Kevin Dodge and his wife Linda join us to share this harrowing love story - and miraculous victory! None of us are innocent.  We are all redeemed by the infinite grace and mercy of our Loving Father because His only son died on the Cross as payment for our sin.

AIRED: 01.13.23
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The Day The Earth Stood Still

Things are converging.  The false excuses by those with something to hide are being discovered, evidence which proved treason is floating to the top of the pile, the Supremes are taking a bow, even as the House of Reps install a known shill. With inflation ravaging the countryside, food supplies evaporating just as socially engineered, and the wicked sneaking into the classrooms and across borders seemingly coming to a halt - the whole world is on edge.

AIRED: 01.06.23
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America's Marching Back Again

We are celebrating the end of an era, where the false nobility showered us with injustice and called it equity, hired goon squads of tyranny and told us they were mostly peaceful and who stole our freedom and they told us we'd like it.  Truth is, there time's come to an end.  And freedom for all mankind is on the march - beginning with These Once United States.
Join us for our celebration of the end of tyranny and the birth of freedom - first, here in the United States! 

AIRED: 12.31.22
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The Knights Who Say "Me"

These are difficult times - FOR A REASON.  This interval of waiting for the evil to be brought low and the righteous to be exhaulted is coming, but, it's explosive impulse will not be felt until we have made our declarations before God clear.  Whom do we serve? In 1975, a British Comedy film satirizing the Arthurian Legend of Camelot, Knights of the Round Table and the Quest for the Holy Grail - was turned on it's head through Monty Python's Holy Grail film.

AIRED: 12.20.22
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Joy of the Lord

Yesterday, we went Christmas shopping and I discovered a few things I'd like to share. First, Christmas shopping of today is an alien, out of body experience compared to what it was before COVID. Shops are packed with stuff - beautiful things, really - but, there are no shoppers browsing the aisles. Christmas Tree vendors are as rare as White House truth speakers - and the spiritual sense of those we encountered was that of dread, fear & worry.

AIRED: 12.11.22
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Hope.  What is hope?  How do we hold onto hope, when there are so many around us who have none - and ridicule those who profess it?  How do we stand tall - despite all the wicked slanders of the enemy - blithely suggesting an error in we, who stand strong, insinuating dark motive, while they themselves do nothing to encourage others, allow others to pervert The Faith to suit their rainbow fantasies that God will not punish them & seek to steal our hope?

AIRED: 12.04.22
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God Of The Impossible

God's ways are not like men's ways. Neither is God limited in knowledge nor comprehension as a man is. His Timing is perfect. His Majesty is altogether magnificent - overwhelming and irresistible. Only with God as our ally, our friend and our closest companion, can we stand against the wicked onslaughts of those with something to hide. How are we to learn God's Will and welcome His Omnipotence in our daily lives?

AIRED: 11.27.22
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Here I Am Lord

These past four years have been instructive - and we have learned several important lessons - first, none of us are worthy - we all fall short of the Grace of God; second - that Jesus atoned for our sin, and we are called to stand for what is Holy, even when it does not appear to profit us to do so; third - that all which has been done in secret, shall be revealed.  It is precisely during times like these, where we each must volunteer to serve our Lord God with all our Hearts & Might!

AIRED: 11.20.22
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During these difficult times, God is investing Spiritual Silver and Holy Gold into our Spiritual Hearts.  Shall we be worthy of His Holy Investments?  It is precisely during this difficult times - where there appears to be no end in sight to our travail - to our struggle for Peace and Justice - that our testimony of allegiance to God alone is put to the test.  Does our word match our deed?  Even when the wicked seem to prevail?

AIRED: 11.13.22
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Do Not Be Deceived

Can you feel it - the pregnant pause before Truth is unbridled?  But, who's version is correct?  Whom should we follow?  How we tell the fake leaders from those who are real?  And what of the days just ahead - the coming Midterm Election, which if fairness were to rule the day, would appear to be a Red Wave Tsunami - replacing fake RINO's and their puppetmaster Democrats - all held in check by secret blackmail, wicked conspiracy and even unjust reprisals?

AIRED: 11.06.22
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Hallowed Be Thy Name

In Charles Schultz Great Pumpkin story, Linus reveals the dangers of accepting false, occult narratives.  And in this Great Awakening, we've learned to distinguish truth from falsehood - which leaves us wanting for more truth. Charles Schultz' Peanuts characters speak to the child in all of us, stripping away the candy-coated lies of adults with hidden agenda - laying bear life's most important Truth - That Jesus Christ, the child borne in a manger, should be our treat. 

AIRED: 10.30.22
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War With His Sword

We are currently in the Hebrew year of 5783 on God's calendar - the third year of the decade of the 80's - pronounced Peh in Hebrew. This means the Hebrew decade of the mouth. And in this current season of war we are in, it is critical that we fight with the right sword! In the book of Matthew, when Jesus is being arrested in the garden, we find a perfect example of what NOT to do - through Peter, who used his sword of the flesh to cut off his enemy's ear. 

AIRED: 10.23.22
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Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty was a loosely organized, clandestine, sometimes violent, political organization active in the Thirteen American Colonies founded to advance the rights of the colonists and to fight taxation by the British government. It played a major role in most colonies in battling the Stamp Act in 1765 and throughout the entire American Revolution. Six months these same Sons of Liberty gathered in common purpose to double down on their demands.

AIRED: 10.18.22
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Winning Bigly

Winning Bigly is a term coined and popularized by Donald Trump and regards his candidacy and fitness for office as Commander in Chief of the greatest military and financial power on earth. It is composed of two words of common usage - but their alignment, tense and application are unique in English Literature. Curiously, the term Bigly - hails back to year 1407 and is mentioned prominently the Olde English poem. Sir Gawain and The Green Knight.

AIRED: 10.12.22
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The FBI & DOJ Affair

The FBI and DOJ Leadership are utterly corrupt. They frame innocent Americans & put fellow traveling ter-rorists groups in charge of rigged elections, covering up inconvenient whistleblowers leaving conservative Americans holding the bag of their dirty tricks.  
But instead of merely stealing art, they're stealing an election - and the world's largest nuclear arsenal - and handing that over to the CCP.  How will the enemy's plan be defeated?

AIRED: 10.07.22
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Show Your Cards

There is a holy card game now being played - and it's not pinochle or poker - it's a game called TRUMP. The very last card played in any Trump game is called the Matador, and right now there is a bull fight on the floor of our political coliseum. We are about to see this Matador take his final bow - leading to the "Scare Event" and Q's 10 days of darkness. The winner takes all!

AIRED: 09.30.22
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Iron Sharpens Iron

The combination of friendship and accountability (with those who can hold us to account) is highlighted in Proverbs 27:17: "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." This proverb is best illustrated when honesty, disciplined accountability, and shared motivation are paired with self-sacrifice for the benefit of the team. The Holy Spirit's guiding conviction focuses our shared determination

AIRED: 09.23.22
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Trump Card

God is holding are the cards in this contest of Good vs. Evil - though God is allowing the enemy to make his moves and countermoves. God is simultaneously employing wickedness driven by unbridled pride to become our object lesson as we mature in spiritual advancement. Children learn by through example and under the protection of a loving hand - and indeed this is what is happening right now. 

AIRED: 09.16.22

The Two Towers

In today's world, the Twin Towers stood for a symbol of strength of the United States' economic power and prosperity - according to it's architect.  These towers, unlike Tolkiens' epic, weren't taken down by "Good Guys" - but, as we have discovered - by bad guys, pretending to be good.
The truth is Jet Fuel doesn't melt jet engine steel - and it didn't melt those steel I-Beams.  But just as foretold in Tolkien's Epic Lord of the Rings...

AIRED: 09.09.22
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Pandora's Box

According to ancient Greek mythology, Zeus avenged Prometheus, who stole fire from heaven by presenting to Prometheus' brother Epimetheus with Pandora who came to him with a box which contained, it was said, fabulous wealth and power. But, as with most things gifted to men by those who from heaven fell, the box also contained a great curse - and, which once opened, could not be closed up again.  

AIRED: 09.02.22
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Fifth Column

On January 21st 2017 President Trump went to CIA Headquarters to speak to the rank and file intelligence agents and Operation Mockingbird puppets in our nation's press.  He did so because at the root of the treason now being inflicted on our nation, communist and globalist traitors in our Departments of State, Justice, FBI and Central Intelligence Agency has a coordinated attack plan to take down our country 

AIRED: 08.26.22
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Game Theory

Understanding the complex socio-economic construct is fundamental to comprehending the total evil behind the Globalists' ESG (Environmental Social Governance) score that Democrats just implemented in the Inflation Reduction Act. The Inflation Reduction Act, according to it's architects, has nothing to do with reducing inflation - but, power and control.  

AIRED: 08.19.22
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Blitzkrieg of Truth

Blitzkrieg is a type of warfare that delivers an overwhelming, instantaneous level of force against an opponent that cannot be resisted.  Everything his servants say is a lie - and, often times a twisted truth that splits the brethren, to reduce our resistance to their tyranny. Blitzkrieg means - Blitz - Lightning and Krieg meaning "war". Where the enemy's twisted words deliver evil, God will use it as originally intended. 

AIRED: 08.12.22
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Eviction Notice

The enemy wants us scared, to stam-pede and cause each other harm.  But where the enemy seeks to destroy our air, water, poison our food & feed our children toxic nursery stories cele-brating iniquity and death - God has another plan!  God's plan will give them all their worthless currency back and turn the tables on their toxins - in a miracle so great it will become a bedtime story told for the next ten thousand years!  

AIRED: 08.05.22
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Enough Is Enough

Special Guests Billy Falcon and Gerry Foley join us to stand against leftist treason!  We've been battling oppression, suppression, censorship and outright attacks on nearly every front for years - while, being gaslighted by the purchased media we're the ones causing all the violence and damage. The economy's in the tank, perversion is being peddled by the Rat - and those who stole power and trying to pick a fight with China.

AIRED: 07.29.22

I Am Not AI

Enemy forces have blocked up the release of truth for generations - what happens when their [sic] damn of lies are released all at once?  Their monuments to pride and self love are built upon the sands of time - rather than upon the rock of truth.  And while we've been picking off obvious prevarications one at a time with the simple stones of His Truth - an altogether different spectacle!  Their dam shall be removed all at once.

AIRED: 07.22.22

Through the Looking Glass

We are at the very gates of Heaven on Earth; the old world of Falsehood and Oceans of Insanity are soon to be a distant memory, to be consumed in a raging fire along with all those who've profited from our death. Tonight, I'd like to share a dream of walking through the Looking Glass - into a future where truth is held supreme & brothers of men are more willing to sacrifice everything to serve those less fortunate in our midst.

AIRED: 07.16.22

In The Line of Fire

Tonight we review the news within a Q context for the last 10 days.  Beginning with the dissolution last week of Roe v. Wade, the mass shooting of a lone gunman here in the United States, the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones & concluding with the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo today, it has been a week of moves & countermoves on a global scale.  Both shared communist sympathies.

AIRED: 07.08.22

Making Headway

Are we making headway?  We are in the midst of the fight - to wake up our family of man to the dangers all around us; to stave off communism, thwart pedophiles & perverts from preying on our young, to take back our country from the communists who stole it. The Constitutional tools of a free press, open and fair elections and just courts - have all been taken. Our task is huge - but, are we making headway?  Let's find out!

AIRED: 07.01.22

Operation Eagles' Wings

Billy Falcon joins us to sing praises to God Almighty in the midst of our adversity!  God has already won this battle - and our job is to keep the faith, decree and declare victory - reach out to the poor and needy - spread His Son's Good News - and reveal the darkness in our midst.  Our essay examines the recent controversies surrounding Lt. General Michael T. Flynn - and reveal the wolves behind the amplification.

AIRED: 06.24.22


Tonight's special guest - Sheila Holm joins us for a discussion of Deep State symbolism. We investigate enemy's use of symbolism and predictive programming. The reasons are clear - just as they are evil.  We even now recognize them everywhere we look - from the President's son's Metabiota to Google's Adreno supercomputer running their Chrome browsers - we know that wicked things have been done in the darkness.

AIRED: 06.17.22
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Webster's dictionary defines the verb usage of "Gaslight" as 'a [false] psychological manipulation of a person or group over an extended period of time, with the purpose of wanting to cause uncertainty of demonstrated reality.'  In extreme instances, the action of Gaslighting can cause loss of confidence, consciousness or even suicide among those who fall victim.

AIRED: 06.10.22

Timberwolf II

[D] Day is just around the corner & its time we got a word encouragement. We've heard "God Wins" - and truly, in our hearts, we know God Wins, but the question is - is this God's battle to win, or is it only our battle to lose? Tonight we lay out the evidence that not only is God on our side - but that all of these developments must happen to serve His Good. This is bigger than we CAN imagine

AIRED: 06.02.22

China's Future Plan

We conclude our review and analysis of a leaked Chinese Military video which purports to describe war to conquer Taiwan involving the USA. This release isn't what we're being told - but, the unintended consequences of this military leak might well spell doom for the Chinese PLA while eliminating their hidden agents and fellow travelers here in the US in one fell swoop.  Through their 

AIRED: 05.27.22

Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge in this information war began on March 10th 2022 with the Durham Legal filings proving FBI, DOJ, DNC, HRC Camp & US Media worked in conspiracy to unseat a duly elected President known to be false evidence.  And just like the Battle of the Bulge against 1940's Fascists, today's Nazi arming leftists are doubling down for a last ditch effort to remain in power. 

AIRED: 05.17.22

Facing Medical Tyranny

We must stand against the Medical Tyranny that Joe Biden's Regime have just proposed before the World Health Organization aborts the US Cons-titution in favor of an unaccountable World Body bribed & coerced by the CCP-PLA.  It's been placed before the World Economic Forum & set for vote on May 22, 2022.  If it the measure passes - it'll take executive action to cancel it - maybe even the Marines.

AIRED: 05.10.22

Trump Nebraska

President Trump's Greenwood, Nebraska Rally comes at a critical time and we will be covering it LIVE.  Twitter is going through the Due Diligence phase of acquisition (where normally corporate secrets are revealed to prospective buyers) - even as the Radical Left promise to block Musk's purchase - as it now becomes apparent that Twitter has been cooking the books for years now.

AIRED: 04.29.22
547 - HEART OF A LYON.jpg

Heart of a Lyon

CFIUS (The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) is fundamentally broken - and it turns out, this was by design by those who not only stole the last election, but those who are murdering Americans under a medical banner. And this isn't all, journalist Mary Fanning of The American Report joins us! Find out what can be worse than betraying ones country during the nuclear age.

AIRED: 04.22.22

Shanghai Revelation

US Senator [CA] Diane Feinstein, long presumed to be a Chinese Agent with a proven car-driving Chicom Handler has been in the news recently and her relationship to CCP & the People's Liberation Army are under scrutiny.  Even as the CCP-PLA launches another murderous COVID lockdown to steal more rights and drive innocent Americans in terror, the American People have had enough. 

AIRED: 04.12.22

Wall Street

Crooks are not only running Wall Street - they're running the insider trading oversight & they've made it legal for some. For Musk's Starship - that's bad news because Bezo's Blue Origin lost. He couldn't compete with Elon's innovation. So, did Jeff go to DC to strangle the life out of SpaceX?  What's this about?  About $100T in business & congress wants a piece of the action. Elon's fighting back.

AIRED: 04.05.22

Double Agents

Ever wonder why it is that the enemy always seems to know what we're doing before we actual do a thing?  How the guilty go free & innocent suffer?  How military plans are foiled before they even finish loading the ordnance? Justice serves the wicked? The media shines on the stupefying wrong & vilifies the right? Enemies say 'as above, so below,' but, God Says, 'you will know them by their fruits'.  

AIRED: 03.29.22
535 - GOLD RUSH.jpg

Gold Rush

These are challenging days - the economy is undergoing designed implosion, Nazi's are seemingly crawling out of every governmental cabinet, the US energy sector has been shut off, governmental corruption & social corrosion are eating away at the fabric of our nation as STOLUS' kid has been the Chicom bagmen that has wrought this ruin. Join our journey to the Klondike!

AIRED: 03.22.22

Silver Lake Mystery

The enemy is a liar - and those who profit from following him are paid to market and sell his lies. Nothing he says is true - and he is incapable of creating anything of beauty which is why he twists the language to convince us that what is foul is instead a work of art and beautiful. This is true for certain paintings and those who craft them - it is also true of foreign policy and those who orchestrate it. 

AIRED: 03.15.22
529 - WALK IN LIGHT.jpg

Walk In Light

We're joined tonight by Gerry Foley with a prayer segment led by Pastor Sam Newsam Omello in Kenya. Ephesians 5 instructs us to walk in love, to throw off the yokes of filthiness, fornication, uncleanness and covetousness - and to rather, wear His Raiment of goodness, righteousness and Truth. To shine His Light upon those still asleep - welcoming all who choose Christ!

AIRED: 03.08.22

Putin from the Rough

The enemy seeks to defile us to cut us off from God.  Any of the seven deadly sins suffice to sever our connection - and only constant prayer and repentance can reestablish the link.  Vladimir Putin realizes Plandemic 2.0 features a racially targeted bioweapon that Nazi families left over from WWII are behind it all.  He's going to capture the Nazis - squeeze them until they talk - then release it all. 

AIRED: 03.01.22
523 - STAND FIRM.jpg

Stand Firm

As we bear witness Crimes Against Humanity before the crimes are actually carried out, we can see their plan that is  following a very clear, stepwise process. We deconstruct what is happening in the Donbass (Ukraine) & overlay this communist overthrow technique on Canada & the U - quite an eye opening show!  Action Packed!  Our only task:  stand firm against the coming flood.

AIRED: 02.22.22