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Army of Light // current series

Army of Light is our most ambitious chapter yet! While investigating the very same evil principalities and powers listed in Daniel 9-12, Ephesians 6, Hebrews 11, and book of Jude - we also look at our own role as God's soldiers in His Army of Light. 


Although this combat can seem terrifying, challenging and even mind-bending, we must learn to stand our ground in the face of what seems to be certain death - while holding aloft our faith, light and love of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us. Otherwise, many will fall by the wayside, succumbing to their own fears and torments due to open doors of sin.


Are you on the winning side? Are you wearing the full Armor of God?  Do you know what prayers to utter and how to respond against this present darkness? Buckle Up Buttercup - we’re in for a bumpy ride! But, always remember - GOD WINS!


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The Fat Lady Sings
The phrase "it ain't over till the fat lady sings" was popularized by Dan Cook, a television sports broadcaster, in reference to the unpredictability of sports outcomes. Who is these Fat Ladies? These beautiful television and internet vixens do not sing truth with their own clarion voice, they move their lips and are voiced over by hidden opera singers who ain't all that pretty to look at.  Often times, these writers and singers of the songs are corrupt iniquitous intelligence agents dressed up in drag!

AIRED: 02.20.24
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Broken Bad, Part 2
Tonight's show investigates the open border madness being perpetrated on the West, the hidden communist and luciferian left who are behind the infiltration, and what we as a family of man can do to stop their genocidal ambitions.  The thing is, their infiltration only works when no one speaks out against it - and as we shine the light of truth on their wicked treason, we remove from the perpetrators the false masks of innocents they've been wearing to trick us into inviting their demonic serpents into our midst.
AIRED: 02.13.24
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Majority Report
What happens when a minuscule minority steals elections worldwide, silences all investigations into the theft, and censors all dissent? They become the majority opinion. And when this censorship engine is harnessed with 330 million instances of artificial intelligence, their tiny voice squashes ours - and the radical boot of authoritarianism is born on the ashes of the narrative my body, my choice. The worst part is, if their AI determines we are wasting precious and limited natural resources, they can elect to cancel our existence.
AIRED: 02.06.24
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Rendezvous with Destiny
We live in precarious times. There are some who've told us not to investigate for ourselves. We are to trust their science, trust their news, trust their views and trust their smart cities. The more reckless (and sociopathic) in their midst have spoken smooth sounding words with hollow tones - that under their new ordered plan, we'll own nothing and like it. Yet, even a cursory view of the scientists and their work product proves they lie - and the harmony of their medicine and science and politic and theosophy is toxic to mankind.
AIRED: 01.30.23
Live Free Or Die Hard
Patrick Henry's famed March 23, 1775, speech to the House of Burgesses (the legislative body of the Virginia colony), delivered this resolute message: "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"  And thus, the term LIVE FREE OR DIE became a motto - a sigil  on the flag of patriots, standing against all odds against the wicked, falsely hiding behind masks of grace and peace.
AIRED: 01.23.23
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Stay Gold 
President Trump wore a white hat at last night's electoral victory in Iowa - a white hat with GOLD lettering, too. We must come together to rise above all that the enemy of man is throwing against us. For through unity - we are strong. Through peace - there is victory. We must not allow the wicked to change our hearts to serve darkness but come together in love & continue to push forward. Q warned us that our elections were corrupt, & who was behind it. Q even said they'd weaponize disease to ensure massive election theft on a global scale.
AIRED: 01.16.23
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Tonight's show offers a humorous and insightful analysis of current news headlines, drawing parallels to the 2000 Hollywood movie 'Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.' This film, a modern retelling of Homer's 'Odyssey,' explores themes of divine intervention and moral redemption through its characters - escaped convicts metaphorically representing humanity's own transgressions. As they navigate a world filled with metaphorical giants and challenges, akin to today's corporate and societal Goliaths.
AIRED: 01.09.23
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The Midnight Hour
Acts 16: 26-27, says, "Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were loosed. 27 And the keeper of the prison, awaking from sleep and seeing the prison doors open, supposing
the prisoners had fled, drew his sword and was about to kill himself." 
There is much iniquity and open rebellion across the world today.  The lawless have stolen mantles of authority and have declared what is good is evil and what is evil, good.
AIRED: 12.31.23
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Great Awakening Tour, Day Two
Join us for this special 2-day multicast! Featuring Clay Clark, General Flynn, Doctor Cordie Williams, Anna Khait, Donne Clement Petruska, Cliff Gephart, Joel Gilbert, Mike Lindell, Seth Keshel, Dave Hodges, Marty Grisham, Alex Stein, Seth Holehouse, Charlie Carbone & Brett Raio, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Hannah Falknew, Nicole "Lady" Nogrady, Liz Crokin & more in Tulare, CA (Dec 15th & 16th)!!!

AIRED: 12.16.23
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Moving Mountains
Enemy insults & injuries have entered into our very doors, unlocked by the wicked, pried open by merchants of darkness - and now these terrors roam our streets in service to those who stole power. The question before heaven and Earth is - what will we do to move their mountains of falsehood and iniquity? Will we face it? Will we confront it? Do we have the faith in God and Country to stand up when all others shrink away in terror? Moving Mountains is evidence of our faith and learning how this is done is the purpose of tonight's show.
AIRED: 12.10.23
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Pillars of Light
Join us to explore the divine intersection between Hanukkah's Festival of Lights and the Christian revelation of God's Light. This thought-provoking show delves into the miraculous victory of the Maccabean Revolt and the endurance of the one-day supply of menorah oil, which kept the light burning for eight days! Join us to discover how this sacred blend speaks to our present struggles, offering a beacon of hope and a pathway to peace through the transformative power of Jesus, the eternal light. 
AIRED: 12.03.23
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Is Your Boat Ready
Our world swirls with uncertainty and trials, yet we are called to navigate our families and friends through these tumultuous times and turbulent waters with faith and resilience, much like Noah did in the face of the Great Flood.

Our theme tonight is "Is Your Boat Ready". This powerful metaphor, drawn from the heart of Genesis 6, resonates deeply with our current global landscape. Noah was warned of the impending deluge and prepared the Ark for salvation.  
AIRED: 11.26.23
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Free In Me
We're learning to distinguish truth from falsehood. The enemy has false stories that lead us into ambush and death. God speaks the truth which leads to freedom and life. Some mix portions of God's Truth out of context to justify their service to the devil & hide behind their bloodline to murder. Yet, Jesus warned us about this in John 8 verses 31-40 where he said, "Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
AIRED: 11.19.23
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The Jig Is Up
Sometimes the truth hurts. The enemy seeks to divide us along racial, social, financial, sexual and cultural lines - and seeks to spread out our God-Given light into every more diffuse and diminished sub-sets - until we find ourselves alone in the darkness of the enemy's choosing.
On dark nights like this, when all seems lost, it helps to come together and pray: to speak God's peace and victory into the darkness - because God is listening - and God is light. God has been awake. The enemy has been exposed to the light and is doomed.
AIRED: 11.14.23
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Trump Rally In Hialeah, FL
The judges presiding over the four instances of Lawfare around the country are conspiring to politically persecute an innocent man as President Trump takes the stage to stand against their tyranny disguised as justice. The good news is, now we have the evidence - and disbarrment should be the least of their concerns!  Join us for this important Campaign Trail speech by an embattled and innocent man. Tonight's rally is taking place in Hialeah, Florida.

AIRED: 11.08.23
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What's Going Down
Tonight's show is part one of an expose I'm working on for a soon-to-be-published Substack - called ALL THE RESIDENTS MEN - how US government and intelligence officials are killing American citizens to genocide our citizenry and overthrow the country.  Tonight's part one considers the monetary reward for killing 330 million American citizens along with 30 million imported military-aged men coming to the aid of the Deep State. And here's the dirty little secret - they've already lost and we're gonna prove it.
AIRED: 11.03.23
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We See You
Godly men and women abhor violence and love peace. But when the wicked creep into our midst and insert spies into our midst, poison our people and troops with weapons of mass destruction, invite an enemy ghost army - a real army but hiding in our midst outside of uniform - take over our airwaves and command our ruin, we cannot abandon our post and hide in fear. We are commanded by God to stand - to rise above the fray  and point out those who serve darkness. We are to  bring out the Big Artillery - our spiritual prayers.
AIRED: 10.27.23
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Puppet President
President of the Bankrupt United States Corporation, Joe Biden is cognitively impaired. Dumb as a bag of hammers.  Thick as a stump.  Yet, he's managing the country as we edge closer to World War III.  Ever wondered who's pulling the strings? Furthermore, what clot-headed audience pretends President Biden is intelligent and espouses sage advice? They clap & cheer at all the appointed teleprompter moments & vote to throw away billions of dollars on Ukrainian Nazis & their Hamas proxy army, while smiling for Israel.
AIRED: 10.20.23
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Line In The Sand
Differences of opinion and judgment may be settled peacefully and judiciously. But when perpetrators dress as people they are not and attack men, women and children - when these same wicked criminals persecute and crucify their victims - seeking to insult and demoralize through acts of inhuman violence. On May 21st 2017, then President Trump delivered a keynote speech to the Pan Arabian Congress on behalf of the United States - and tonight we sit upon the edge of a bayonet - shall we confront evil, or shall evil  kill us?
AIRED: 10.13.23
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Rising Above
Journey with us on a transformative odyssey above a world of chaos and control as we explore groundbreaking innovations and timeless tales that promise freedom and hope. Discover how Chief EnJin & Stephen Fantl's LOVE Networks' revolutionary technology challenges conventional communication, and immerse yourself in Chad Stewart's captivating stories that weave dreams of unity and understanding. Tune-in and be part of this collective soar toward a boundless horizon, where the spirit of humanity reigns supreme.
AIRED: 10.06.23
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The Coming Trial
Tonight's show is the final show trial of the Merchants of Menace, who've sold us all down the river into slavery and death. And just ask Shakespeare wrestled with the value of human life - through the purchase of marriage and bondage slaves, and those destined donate harvested organs (pound of flesh), so too is the trial for the Deep State now on our horizon. The dirty little secret which impacts all human life is the treasure concealed in tonight's amazing show. Be sure to catch it - or, you'll catch it for sure next Wednesday when all hell breaks loose!
AIRED: 09.29.23
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Stop The Great Reset
Tonight's show is a call to action. And our action must remain non-violent, though defiant and courageous. Our country was born of revolution and advanced the world-shaking idea that individual men and women could be trusted with self-rule, presuming we are armed with the facts, no matter how dire - coupled with the notion that all men are created equal in the eyes of God - and that it is from God directly that our rights flow. These revolutionary precepts upset the eighteenth-century noble-class slave masters who ruled the world.
AIRED: 09.22.23
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Be One Of Those
Derek Johnson is our special guest tonight - an active member of the Wounded Warrior project & US Army Vet with two degrees and a budding career in Country Music. Derek stood apart from former servicemen when he published his COG Report and that is the subject of tonight's fascinating interview. In keeping with our looking forward agenda, tonight we're going to dig deep into the Continuity of Government plan to overthrow the Globalist Cabal. Once done, we're going to join President Trump's prayer vigil over these United States at 9pm.
AIRED: 09.15.23
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Man Out Of Time
We've been examining today's events through the historical lens of Biblical perspective, and it's become clear that the wicked have gotten away with murder. It's in times like these, we are called to stand against it, in the name of Jesus Christ - and not shrink away from it as a coward might. Yet, we come into this spiritual fight, having spent most of our lives asleep to all matters Spiritual. We are spiritual weaklings and what's more, we've been brought up in a culture of decadence and pride. This is a toxic culture which misleads and gaslights.
AIRED: 09.08.23
All We Need Is Love
God's Plan for Redemption and Salvation of Man was through his Son, Jesus Christ. But, how is God going to save His family of man? Even though it seems that the baddies are winning all the important battles - but, that's just so that our family of man will wake up to our danger. Once we're all awake, God's final stages of His plan for mankind's redemption shall be made crystal clear! Joining us tonight to sing praises to our Lord and Father God, Billy Falcon is bringing his whole band to sing about the True Glory of God!
AIRED: 09.01.23
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I Am The Precedent
Donald Trump, the former U.S. president, is facing a series of legal challenges. In the Jan. 6 insurrection case held in Washington D.C., Trump has been indicted on multiple felony counts, including conspiracy and obstruction. The case's prosecutor is Jack Smith. In Georgia, he faces charges related to election interference, with Judge Fani Willis presiding. Trump is also facing charges in Florida concerning classified documents. Jack Smith, known for his involvement in the IRS Harassment scandal.
AIRED: 08.25.23
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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Our nuclear family has been under sustained assault for decades - the bonds which have held human societies together for millennia are just about totally neutralized. It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that when our families fly apart, just like sub-nuclear particles - the resulting fission product releases a form of societal energy which will utterly disintegrate our land and everything we hold dear. The message of tonight's story is to stop following the fake allure of globalist wealth - just say no to their yellow brick road.
AIRED: 08.19.23
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The Tempest
Tonight, we are heading into a vast storm of controversy. In an era when the mighty gales of the Atlantic frequently tested British mettle Shakespeare penned one of his most evocative plays, "The Tempest," a reflection of nature's tumultuous force and the human spirit's thirst for justice. Amidst this historical backdrop, the unpredictability of storms mirrors the unpredictability of life from a Sea-Faring age, "The Tempest" emerges, a bastion against the flood of misinformation cast as a spell upon the body politic. 
AIRED: 08.11.23
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Trust The Plan
We know that innocent people are being destroyed with false evidence, judges are bought off, people are being murdered and investigations are immediately distracted, lose focus and obstructed. Finance has been utterly destroyed, we are being pitted one against another - and the we're being silenced as the corrupt media talking heads point to distractions and make up stories to gaslight the people that all is well, when clearly, something is rotten in Washington
 DC. Q told us to Trust the Plan & that's just what we'll do!
AIRED: 08.04.23
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For A Few Dollars More
Before Clint Eastwood even saw his first Spaghetti Western on the Big Screen, Sergio Leone called Clint back to film the third part in the first trilogy, For A Few Dollars More. Sergio Leone wasn't part of Hollywood - and where Hollywood's agenda is unwholesome and destructive, Leone's classic films remind us of the Holy Battle mankind is in against the Devil. Joining our conversation tonight is Todd Callender, President and CEO of CloutHub - as we discuss the most important contest in Human History.
AIRED: 07.28.23
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Fistful of Dollars
It has been a week BQQMs and ricochets. Those who sought to hide and misdirect from the many crimes being done in our name are having those crimes projected for all the American public to see, despite the MSM's attempts to ignore the coming thunder. It ain't workin' & American people are betting a full dose of what the deep state has tried so hard to hide: treason, pedophilia, genocide and worse. Throughout all this brutal melee, it helps to keep in mind who's been in the main circle of this fight - President Donald Trump!
AIRED: 07.21.23
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From Bitter to Sweet
These last four years have taught us much, but the most significant lesson is that "life" is no stranger to bitterness. Bitterness is an unwelcome guest that too often overstays its welcome, leaving us wounded and disheartened. We find ourselves searching for solace, for any glimmer of hope that can pierce through our darkness and heal our wounded souls. In times like these, we often turn to Scripture, seeking words that will uplift our spirits and open the windows of our hearts to the Holy Spirit's love and kindness.
AIRED: 07.16.23
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Quantum Faith
Quantum Faith is a mighty force. Faith can move impossibly large obstacles from our path. Faith can heal the incurable. Faith can raise the dead. And Quantum Faith has the potential to shape and influence our lives significantly. The power of Faith is evident in a variety of contexts, including science, religion, and personal relationships. People from all walks of life have used Faith as a source of strength and guidance to manifest our dreams into our reality.

AIRED: 07.09.23
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Born Free
Born Free is a British drama film that was released in 1966. Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers starred as Joy and George Adamson, another real-life couple who raised Elsa the Lioness, an orphaned lion cub, to adulthood and released her into the wilderness of Kenya. The film was directed by James Hill and produced by Sam Jaffe and Paul Radin. Born Free, and its musical score, by John Barry - was first released without the musical score due to it's dangerous ideas of freedom in the mid-1960's
AIRED: 07.02.23
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Our God Given Rights
Have you ever wondered why those who tell us there is 'no God' are the same ones pushing for the destruction of Civil and Constitutional Rights? Tonight's show casts a light on the occult agenda behind their actions and shows their overall objective in simple terms.
Our rights have been stolen.  We must never forget, our Constitution says, "All men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; among these are Life, Liberty & pursuit of Happiness." 
AIRED: 06.25.23
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Abba Father
Happy Father's Day! Fatherhood is a blessing for children as it is for fathers. For most of us fathers, this is a day where we thank God for His many blessings for our families and kin. Children receive inheritance from their fathers, so do we as children of God receive an inheritance of His grace and mercy. This inheritance works on both material and spiritual levels. But because men are fallen, the inheritance we bequeath to our children might not be as kind. 

AIRED: 06.18.23
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Toxic Tolerance
The radical left have christened this "Pride Month" - the sixth month of the year. And they demand we bend a knee to their false god of "inclusion ".
Proverbs 8:13 (NKJV) states, "The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverse mouth I hate."  Across the country, multiple churches fly rainbow flags of compromise, celebrating the very sin that God hates. Compromise dilutes the character of a community, if not an entire society and allows evil to have a foothold. 
AIRED: 06.11.23
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From Suffering To Glory
We do not suffer in vain! Shakespeare once said, "And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and t