Army of Light // current series

Army of Light is our most ambitious chapter yet! While investigating the very same evil principalities and powers listed in Daniel 9-12, Ephesians 6, Hebrews 11, and book of Jude - we also look at our own role as God's soldiers in His Army of Light. 


Although this combat can seem terrifying, challenging and even mind-bending, we must learn to stand our ground in the face of what seems to be certain death - while holding aloft our faith, light and love of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us. Otherwise, many will fall by the wayside, succumbing to their own fears and torments due to open doors of sin.


Are you on the winning side? Are you wearing the full Armor of God?  Do you know what prayers to utter and how to respond against this present darkness? Buckle Up Buttercup - we’re in for a bumpy ride! But, always remember - GOD WINS!




It's obvious that our country has fallen to foreign powers.  Occupation Vichy-Demos and fascist bootlicking RINO's are doing everything in their stolen power to subvert and destroy the country, its economic foundations - even the very Constitutional fabric that holds us together as One Nation Under God. They ignore their oaths of office without consequence - perhaps we should withdrawal our portion of the Social Contract (our obedience)....

AIRED: 04.16.21

Bold As A Lion

Tonight's report reveals key details on the border, in Washington, in medicine and in the law.  The enemy has been roaring, tearing up our Constitution and welcoming in fellow travelers into key positions within our society.  Ironically, it is precisely because Joe Biden has such diminished capacity, that his footsteps are no longer invisible - but, plain as day for the world to see.
We are called for to stand.

AIRED: 04.09.21

Fighting the Flesh

Happy Resurrection Day! It is difficult to imagine laying down one's life to save family and friends, let alone to save lawless ones. Yet Jesus - God Himself did, paying for all transgressions. I don't know about you, but I can barely carry the burden of my own errors - much less those of all humanity!
join our next Spiritual Warfare discussion with Jodi Lodolce - Fighting The Flesh.

AIRED: 04.04.21


Join us tonight as we rediscover brotherly love -  during a time of universal deceit! The "news" is full of divisive, race-baiting rhetoric to instigate a Civil War, just as the CCP-PLA have coached their MSM to perform. A hireling Islamist shoots up a shopping mall in Boulder, ANTIFA & BLM assaults white Americans in Portland, gunplay in FL. all  to drive forward the final destruction.

AIRED: 03.29.21


Human smuggling, terrorist misdirections, Constitutional torching, and 4AM talking points - the news is coming fast and furious. Don't miss this "explosive" episode as we get to the bottom of the Suez Canal blockade - and what that means for disclosure! Tonight we explore the recent blockage of the Suez Canal and the impact it may have on global human trafficking.

AIRED: 03.24.21

Stolus Stumbles

We need a president who is of the people, by the people and for the people. What we have instead is a bought and paid for mockery of a president - a President In Name Only - and his stumbling up the steps of Air Force One today is symbolic of what is to come. In Russia, Putin challenged STOLUS to a live debate. The ensuing spectacle would be worse than watching a bear maul of a puppy dog.

AIRED: 03.19.21

Learning The Battlefield

As with any war, learning the battlefield begins with identifying where it is - who are the participants - and what are their several objectives.  Today's episode in Spiritual Warfare investigates who are the contestants and what is the nature of the field of battle.  What is meant by Principalities & Powers - and what can we do against an invisible enemy who is full of such reckless hate?

AIRED: 03.14.21

Called Out Of Darkness

The tide of public opinion is turning: what was once hidden in darkness from MSM obfuscation is now breaking through to We The People and we can't believe our eyes! Wickedness, destruction, injustice - plain as the noonday sun! What we thought were the right answers - even the right timing of events - have been based on misunderstandings of the facts and signs. 

AIRED: 03.05.21
The Last President - logo.jpg

The Last President

1896: Ingersoll Lockwood publishes an allegorical political thriller set in then - contemporary America, yet it employs idioms, inventions & events that wouldn't be authored, invented or take place for the next 130 years.  Ingersoll's book titled 1900: or, The Last President, ends w/another politically convenient terrorist attack on our nation's capitol - reminiscent of Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

AIRED: 02.26.21
casting lots-logo.jpg

Casting Lots

The Holy Bible is full of types and shadows - echoes of things happening now and also yet to be. In the age of Persian king Ahasuerus (Xerxes I), a woman of unknown past is made queen due to her beauty and poise. Along with her uncle Mordecai, God made Esther for a time such as this - to stop the first global genocide against God's chosen people! The iniquitous stole authority that was not theirs. 

AIRED: 02.21.21

A Higher Calling

We learn from the Book of Daniel that God Creates His Leaders - whether from within The Faith - or, even from without  - to suit His Greater Purpose.  Nebudchadnezzar let the power go to his head - calling himself a god - yet, God corrected him with seven years roaming about the fields like a bull.  But, even fallen from Grace - God Also Sets Them Up For A Comeback.
Today is President's Day.

AIRED: 02.15.21

A Few Good Men

We are at a critical hour and God is seeking a few good men! Are you willing? Are you humble yet courageous? Do you have what it takes to be on God's front line and stand for truth with no fear?

Are we seeking to serve God or ourselves?

In Ephesians 6:10 we are instructed to armor up with the Full Armor of God!

AIRED: 02.10.21

The Day After Tomorrow

What happens when medicine and science are manipulated to drive a nation into a stampede towards the cliffs of insanity (communism)? Who's waiting at the bottom of the financial cliff to pick up the pieces? When this begins to happen, we know a Stalinist Purge and death camps will surely follow.

Tonight, we hack into the NYT piece based on government leaked STINGRAY data.

AIRED: 02.07.21

Pirates of Wall Street

8 million children go missing world wide each year - and even this is a gross understatement. When we include missing persons from war-torn regions, the real numbers approach 20 million - EACH YEAR. 
What is being now being exposed is not just a coincidental crime network caught up in every facet of government, finance, education, entertainment, or media.

AIRED: 02.01.21

Eagles Wings

These are wearying days - long, dark, full of sadness and remorse.  Where it seemed there might be hope, enemy's minions came & stole it away. What can be done to protect, nurture and grow this fledgling hope?  To protect it from relentless predators seeking to divide and destroy? Tonight's show investigates the implications of God's Protection in times such as this - our faith itself is being tested & measured.

AIRED: 01.25.21


We've been told by 17 that it 'had to be this way' - that the only time when people actually change, is when we are forced to confront the unpleasantness of our indecision.  We empowered these people. We looked the other way while they took rights from others - even as they ghettoed & demonetized & demonized - so many of us yawned & wondered what time was dinner going to be.

AIRED: 01.20.21
GLThumb w Logo.jpg


It's time to decide which side of God's Ledger we're on.  Don't be like those from Laodicea - who try to angle for the middle way - for those are spewed out!  This is clear as crystal. Our answer determines our own fate. Choose Wisely! Akron Ohio Communist Party ('comrade') outs covert communist rioter: destroying & terrorizing DC Capitol.  Also identifies himself as COUNTER-INTEL. 

AIRED: 01.13.21
GLThumb w Logo.jpg

The Italian Job

A crooked group of whackers, stackers, slackers and hackers join forces to take it all from fly-over country chumps.  But, they picked on the wrong innocents.  Tonight - we explore what happens when Defense Contractors become infiltrated with Global Socialists bent on ripping off the world. Starting on 10.18.16 - a grand White House luncheon sponsored by Hussein & Italian Prime Minister sets up the BIG STEAL.  

AIRED: 01.08.21

Military Justice
Happy New Year's Eve! Join us for the conclusion to #277 DIVINE JUSTICE - a perfect New Year's gift and last show of 2020 - we've had the answer all along!
When about to strike - feign disorder so that your enemy is encouraged to attack. He who is skilled in attack flashes forth from the topmost heights of heaven.
We are on the eve of something truly marvelous!

AIRED: 12.31.20
GLThumb w Logo.jpg

Crossing Over

All of human history has been a prelude to the coming conflict of Good v. Evil. The time of choosing sides is over - it's time to Cross Over!  General Washington & Continental Army crossed the Delaware River on 25-26 DEC, 1776.  Facing impossible odds, spies in towns & even within his own ranks - God's Hand was upon George Washington. His Victory over Great Britain's oppressive tyranny - God's Greatest Achievement would later become manifest.

AIRED: 12.23.20

The Shadow

The Shadow (government) knows what they are doing. Comprised of fellow traveler leadership in Executive, Intelligence, Legislative, Judicial, Business, Technology, Financial, Administrative and Education - they’ve cornered the market and driven our world into the bloodthirsty maw of Communists.

AIRED: 12.18.20

Biblical Perspective

​Tonight we're introducing a new segment for our Psalm Sunday show - Biblical Perspective. We will examine each of our shows from the previous week - through the prism of Biblical Interpretation - so that we might learn what we can do to advance God's Purpose in these very difficult times.

AIRED: 12.13.20
Show 266 - Kangaroo Court-logo.jpg

Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Courts ignore recognized standards of law or justice and often carry little or no official standing in their respective territories.   

Kangaroo Courts may ignore due process and come to a 
predetermined conclusion.

AIRED: 12.07.20


Leviathan is known as the great watery serpent. His minions speak with his forked tongue and slither and hiss his manifold lies. Tonight - we go after this TWISTER of truth - and shine the light of day on his traitorous accomplices!

AIRED: 12.02.20


We are known by the compan[ies] we keep. Corporate Law is used to bamboozle, frustrate and betray United States and has been the tell of the greatest SHELL GAME in human history. When they entered "The Ecclesia" - God vowed to upset their money changing tables. The players interrelations can be summed up in one word: CORPORATE as in "... for the love of money."

AIRED: 11.27.20

Tech Tyrant Redemption

Censorship has again visited our little corner of the internet - as YouTube has arbitrarily decided that some of their community standards were insulted with something we said sometime back in July.  The episode they reference in their post - had to do with our prayer for our enemies.  

They may be released from the Spiritual Bondage that is causing them to harm their brother.

AIRED: 11.22.20


Shining light onto the enemy's dominion. They do not intend any to survive. Those useful tools who enable them to seize power - will be the first to be dispatched once power has been secured.


God has a better plan.

AIRED: 11.15.20


Studying code buried in Dominion, Smartmatic and Hart Intercivic machines... According to Anon research, all precincts can WEIGHT particular votes based on a globally set primary dynamic variable. Also found - a randomizing factor allowed for in a particular sub-routine called prior to canvass tabulation.

AIRED: 11.11.20

Closing Arguments

We've been living through a great trial. Did you know? In the scales of justice:  whether we continue to live as free people, or whether we are battened down into another thousand years of darkness. DO NOT MISS THIS!

[D]'s have murdered and burned cities to the ground and none seem to be brought to justice.

AIRED: 11.02.20

Cutting The Strings

As their gags cover our mouths like knives to our financial throats and 'community standards' are whispered in our ears, these psycho/technical [D] vampires insist we have nothing to worry about. It's time to cut the strings! Mr. Dorsey lied? He said tweets which reference the LAPTOP FROM HELL would not be censored.

AIRED: 10.28.20

Humnter's Redemption

A history of tragedy and hope. Tragedy of a dead mother at a young age. Hope that money and service to family would fill in the void. Hunter discovers that only Truth can set him free. Truth of the lies, abuse and terror found in digital files. PLANDEM!C!

AIRED: 10.25.20

Mister Biden's Neighborhood

Hunter Biden's hard drives continue to lead our news segment this evening - placing dynamite under the best laid plans of obfuscation & terror the CCP-PLA can muster. Elect "BIDEN" to end our way of life.

Why are the mainstream media and the Tech Tyrant monopolies working so hard to censor this material?  What can be done to thwart the unending censorship across all domains?  The Holy Bible gives us a solution!

AIRED: 10.20.20


What happens when the wolf's clothing slips? Those teeth! Those words he's been saying! Getting the picture? And where did our kids go?  Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the LA FBI. Now, combine with a very much active, live-fire insurgency coordinated from a DC bunker.

AIRED: 10.16.20

The Handmaid's Tale

How damned LIES cover up genocide and LYING LIARS - who convince us to sacrifice a little more liberty for our own security. Don't be their statistic.  No show tonight, as we have some housekeeping to do and working on censorship issues. It was all fun and games until they started killing Americans. And no, this isn't a fairy tale. 

AIRED: 10.14.20

Faith of a Child

MATTHEW 18:3-4
“I assure you & most solemnly say to you, unless you repent [that is, change your inner self, live changed lives] and become like children [trusting, humble, and forgiving], you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." 

AIRED: 10.07.20

Faith of Kings

How did Abram's faith change in character thoughout his life? Why was his name changed? Why did Abram’s pace change from walk to run? This is precisely the opposite of most men. Why did Sarai's name change? How did her faith change? What has this to do with the Crucifixion of Christ?

AIRED: 10.04.20


Detailed examination of last night's Presidential Debate - that was worthy of any Banana Republic. Chris Wallace Decoded, Patterns Of Force Applied, Who WON? Maybe the better question is - WHO LOST?

What are Chris Wallace’s connections?  Does his son serve at the pleasure of the Cabal?  

AIRED: 09.30.20

She Cares Enough to Send
Her Very Best 

Should Senators & Congressionals have private thug armies? Should these armies reside in places of ‘sanctuary’ carved out of America's heartland - so that they can proceed unmolested by mere peasants? When irony has a body count, it ceases to be funny. When private armies bust some skulls its time to Rise. Nancy insists Q's a danger - while her party pays for Killers & Arsonists to keep us in line.

AIRED: 09.28.20

Never Give Up

All threads come together and what once seemed impossible emerges from the gloom! We need a few good patriots, brothers, sisters and countrymen. For Kool-Aid drinkers, a few good years of recovery and most of you will be good as new!

AIRED: 09.24.20

Unjust Judgments Rebuked

Censorship of the Faithful - why might the Socialist Deep State want to do this?  Tonight we examine the Book of Daniel, Chapter 10 - and an Angelic encounter - which not only propels Daniel forth to report future events during the End Days - but, we also receive a clear understanding of the invisible (to humans) Principalities and Powers mentioned in Ephesians 6-8-18!

AIRED: 09.20.20

Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

POTUS delivers a House Republican Conference Dinner speech - rousing in implications - to sometimes tepid response - symbolically demonstrating this battle still has a long way to go!  While Elon Musk warns us about the coming A.I. Apocalypse - as he admits he is deploying the Terminator's "SkyNet" - yet seems to find the irony unremarkable.  

AIRED: 09.15.20

For Whom The Bell Tolls

POTUS leads a ceremony commemorating the tragedy of 9/11 and all who have died in service to this horror - a moment of silence, punctuated with three distinct tollings of a Bell.  Our second segment replays the famous 2016 Pre-Election Al Smith Charity Dinner Roast that POTUS gave, not only Hillary Clinton, but, to a number of those sitting around the dais decked out in their Millionaire and Billionaire finery:  This is not going to be just any other President.  

AIRED: 09.11.20

Supplies and Chains

Interview/Jessie Czebotar, Satanic Ritual Abuse Overcomer.  We've seen thru a mirror darkly long enough. It's time we confront the GRIM Reality.  Born of the Black Forest merchandised on the Black Sea - the precious cargo opens up the universe. At a price.
How many disappeared?  Think supply chain. The primary product has BOTH a drug & a spiritual component that costs a human life. 

AIRED: 07.17.20

Harmless As Doves

"Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves."
Tonight we'll employ the enemy's own devices to uncover their nests of serpents and scorpions! Instrumental to our investigations - NEO4J has crafted the perfect tool to connect the works of the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists,) the complete datasets - spanning 200 countries.

AIRED: 04.14.21

Spiritual Warfare

Come with us tonight as we take a 100,000 foot view of the enemy's plan and how to defeat it. The wicked one and his minions have put together TWO MEDICAL WAR GAMES designed to kill the United States - and once the US is out of the way, the world is next.

The first part of their plan is called FEAR (Phobos in Greek) and PANIC (Demos). Find out the organization these wicked ones have used to deploy their WAR GAMES.

AIRED: 04.07.21

Not In Your Contacts

Happy Good Friday to all! At 3PM local time, on Passover two thousands years ago, Jesus died on a cross - persecuted by those who secretly worshiped pagan gods and sacrificed God's most precious ones. And today we are witnessing so many things going wrong - it is difficult to keep track!

Join us tonight as we put into perspective the raw goings on all around this Good Earth.

AIRED: 04.02.21
SW 5 - The Battlefield of the Mind-logo.

Battlefield of the Mind

God is interrupting their plans of terror and destruction, murder and enslavement - and he is choosing the enemy's elect as His Sigil of vindication!  Evergreen. All they have planned is to be revealed - the invasions, removal of rights, hireling murders, human trafficking - all of it is being revealed. We, God's Elect, have a job we must do - for we have been born for a time such as this!

AIRED: 03.28.21


Children are our greatest asset - our most precious gift from God! What do we call those who take children from safe, loving families and inject them thousands of miles from home into a foreign land? DEPLORABLE! 

These children are just pawns for disposal, all for the political purpose to insert foreign mercenaries, terrorists, drug and human traffickers, weapons and money launderers!

AIRED: 03.22.21


They plotted against mankind in service to hidden lusts, only now to discover their game of chance forgot to include genomic variation and taxonomic industry. When these are properly factored in, and presuming parallel metabolic processing - we realize they accidentally created the ultimate doomsday weapon.
They deployed it to cull the herd. But the one they conspired with ensured it would include secrets.

AIRED: 03.17.21
Walls Crumblin Down - Logo.jpg

Walls Crumblin' Down

The globalist's sexual iniquity, pedophilia normative processes, policies and personel - their lies and misdirection, murderous vaccines, massive censorship, devastating deficit spending, economic ruin, open border, enemy compliance and big tech confederates are now all in full view. Even our most radical left of center family members cannot excuse this constellation of inconvenient facts.

AIRED: 03.12.21

Last Flight of the Last President

Join us tonight for part II of where we left off on last Friday's show, #353, The Last President...The invisible enemy has stolen our peace and his minions are coming after those we hold dear. Everything that binds us together as one people, is under siege - by those who stole power. The rules are fixed. The game is rigged. And now, they seek to cancel even God. We cannot cower in fear.

AIRED: 03.01.21

Justice on Trial

We live in a time of injustice on every level. Lies are championed over truth. Innocent are destroyed. Guilty go free. Lawfare impoverishes the valiant while the prosecution takes their cut offshore. And all the while - justices make BANK - but we can find their hidden piles of treasure if we follow their wives. God is good! The oaths taken on Holy Bibles aren't just a quaint old idea from a bygone era. No.

AIRED: 02.24.21

The Way Things Ought To Be

In the Q - 3966 and 3968 tell us the final Global Cabal take-down must be done "by the book" as in Military Justice. But may we also add, by the Bible. God's word is Holy and full of wisdom, and entails HIS plan for mankind.
When introduced to Q, the average person must be able to digest and accept [factually] events: FISA lead-in [stage 1 act 1], Bad actor(s) had to be removed. 

AIRED: 02.19.21


Once again President Trump has been tried and acquitted for Impeachment. And the implications of this have set a new precedent, changing the country forever. Elected officials and even private citizens showing promise, but outside the corrupt beltway - are now legal fodder for Lawfare. What is more - doctored, completely made up and unsupported 'evidence' are now the legal standard of evidence.

AIRED: 02.14.21

Fiery Furnace

Why did Nebuchadnezzar's strong-men attendants who tossed Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego into the fiery furnace, die in the attempt?

Where was Daniel during this prophetic moment? How can we apply this scripture with the second impeachment of Donald J. Trump? Tune in tomorrow night to learn the amazing answer. Trump was made for a time such as this.

AIRED: 02.09.21

The Great Commission

American Colonies (recently declared Independent States) created its' and hired, as a Lieutenant, John Paul Jones to serve aboard the USS Alfred.  In 3 short years, he'd gallantly lead his crew to victory in the most spectacular way. He also faced censorship, inflation, taxation, infiltration, treason, misprision of treason, cancel culture & terror and come out victorious.

AIRED: 02.05.21

Light Of The World

Their world of darnkess (sic) has been exposed.  All that has been done in darkness shall come to light.  Where once there was darkness - now, we expose it all to the full light of God's Truth.  The hidden keystone detected - the latch set to loose - WELCOME LIGHT!
What does this mean?  The hidden keystone is the source of Deep State power - the Corporate State.

AIRED: 01.31.21


Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen, for by this kind of faith the men of old gained [divine] approval.  Join us!  Stand for what's right - in the face of reckless hate!

So many now, in this time of rest between actions - the departure of the honored leader and the assumption of power of the false one.   

AIRED: 01.24.21
Show Thumbnail.JPG

The Storm

The Russian-communists employed Operation TRUST meant to silence dissent with the false promise of help that would never come. By the time those woke to the truth - it was too late.  THIS ISN'T THAT.  We must remember the enemy is the father of lies. His minions cannot create - only destroy.  But, let us examine Operation Trust in some detail.


AIRED: 01.17.21
GLThumb w Logo.jpg

Light in the Dark

Enemies and liars surround us - even as the Tech Tyrant servants of darkness smother every candle seeking to conserve this great nation.  God calls on us to be ever mindful of delivering HIS Message to our family and friends - to let His Light shine from within us.  In this world of universal deceit & poorly concealed wickedness - it is time to shine!

AIRED: 01.11.21
GLThumb w Logo.jpg

Discovered Check

Discovered Check - A move where check results as a player's moved piece or !pawn! reveals opponent's king in check from a third chess piece.  Depending on who's next move remains - this is deadly.  Tonight is the first night of a Triple Feature of events:  the reveal of the Guardians of the Pedophiles (tonight), PANIC In DC (where they deploy their most wicked plans) - and FISAGATE - the end for the Luciferian Cabal.


AIRED: 01.04.21
GLThumb w Logo.jpg

Divine Justice

Who is William P Barr & why it matters? Who's going to be Arrested First? Military Justice? Today is December 29th 2020 and we have 22 days until the Inauguration of the next United States President. Will those who stole the election fair and square be allowed to keep it, or, shall Truth and Justice vindicate the Rule of Law?

Our research has touched 117 times on the inglorious career of a one William P. Barr. Tonight's show presents a summary of this work.

AIRED: 12.29.20

Fear Not

What makes them "Medical Experts?" Tech Tyrant confederates who give them aid and comfort; Media and
Congressional darlings who kiss the ring of socio-economic death? Why is it that their policies only destroy the west? It's time to TAKE A STAND. It's time to take it all back - plus interest!

AIRED: 12.21.20


​When Jesus overturned the money changing tables for buying and selling sacrifices in the temple, His act was more than symbolic. Everything is about to be overturned! Not just the false election - but, the false currency, the false 'global warming (theft)', the false 'community standards' - EVERYTHING.

AIRED: 12.16.20

Let Your Light Shine

For nearly four years we have investigated the totality of the evil we face in this world. Our findings include who is involved, how they communicate, what their objectives are - and which allies they have enlisted in their genocidal plans.

AIRED: 12.11.20

Boomerang Vengeance

For nearly four years we have worked under cover reporting some of the most damning material on those who lust for power. Many reporters have died pursuing their story – Bill Cooper, Tom Clancy, Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, and Danny Casolero to name a few.  Join us tonight as we talk with Investigative Journalist, Anna Khait and CloutHub CEO, Jeff Brain fighting for truth for "such a time as this!" (Esther 4:14)

AIRED: 12.06.20

No Deals

Today one of the jack-booted thugs got a boot of his own - just as did No-Name, Hillary and Chelsea. Blamed it on the dog? Not his dog?  A dog named MAJOR. Two weeks to recover? Normally takes six? kek. Comms? Justice. Military justice.


A  call to Stand Tall.

AIRED: 11.30.20


The shocking mechanics of foreign-enemy inspired and purchased fraud are exposed. Some may never recover. The implications in a nuclear armed world, as State Legislatures of which majority are Republican, come to grips with the outright theft of the 2020 Election. Constitutional provisions are dusted off to right the wrong.

AIRED: 11.25.20
ThumbnailTemplate [Autosaved].jpg

Never Surrender

At the outset of World War II, the Allies suffered their greatest defeat of the war - a near total devastation of their military on the continent in a little French town of Dunkirk.  Outfought, outgunned - outmatched in every respect, the Allies suffered most grievously from enemy air assault.

AIRED: 11.17.20

End of the Line

Raleigh. Durham.

We began with Merchants of Menace - a study into the Industrialized Slave Trade & Caribbean Privateering.

Durham, the location of the negotiated surrender of the Civil War. 



AIRED: 11.13.20


Define the term DISCOVERY

(legal process): Formal process of exchanging information between parties about witnesses and evidence for trial. The most common methods of discovery is to take depositions.



AIRED: 11.10.20

Lion of Judah

The author of space and time obeys His Laws. He is the Creator, the Merciful, the Judge. He is altogether Sufficient and Worthy - HIS WILL BE DONE. Not one shall escape what Is coming. NOT EVEN ONE. This is why they howl.

AIRED: 11.01.20

Goolag Archipelago

Mark Zuckerberg claimed he was late to today’s Senate Hearing as he ‘could not figure out how to connect to the Skype call.  Mark knows darned well how to connect. But, how to answer their questions ~ another matter entirely. Elections have consequences! 

AIRED: 10.27.20

Invisible Enemy

"Human Trafficking" is to "Human Sacrifice" as "A Woman's Choice" is to "Murder".  "SIGH-TANIC" is only marginalized because it is true. They wouldn't waste a nanosecond on it if they didn't want it "DISAPPEARED" as a topic.  The Invisible Enemy is here.
Nobody tells us what Psalm 19 means by 'He Made A Tent Of The Sun.'  Particularly, when taken in context with He Made Man In His Image.  LIES DO NOT BECOME US.  Joe chose poorly.  Don't be like Joe.

AIRED: 10.23.20

CCP Propoganda

YouTube has censored us again over editorial disagreement! Ever compared US Headlines with Chicom Daily (ie. NYT or WaPO)? What an interesting puzzle! Why do headlines appear DAY BEFORE in Beijing? Then, next day, parroted by Mainstream Media  "Reporter" Henchmen?   ENEMIES OF THE STATE!

AIRED: 10.19.20


The Commies took out our primary channel - now broadcasting on backup channel. They're working with the [D's] - and tonight, we broadcast the PROOF. Silly Commies, keks are for frens.

AIRED: 10.15.20

Fly Away Team

This is a battle of the air - against an invisible foe. The outcome of this battle will determine whether humanity survives or falls. We all know who the Spirit of the Air is … as we have been warned in the bible from long ago. None are excused from the conflict - none shall escape choosing sides.  

AIRED: 10.11.20


Why would they be willing to commit open treason during wartime? What's on Weiner's Laptop? Evidence points to one thing, and this is just the beginning. China's western FOIL, it's war proxy - IRAN - finally makes an appearance. Communications and espionage tied together through Huawei - it’s going to take a battle to escape.

AIRED: 10.06.20

Terminal Guidance

At the height of the Cold War between the US and the Soviets, a situation of grave national concern developed in October, 1962. The outcome would determine whether the US - even the world - would survive. POTUS ducked out of six campaign stops - under a false guise of flu-like symptoms to deal with this clear and present danger.

AIRED: 10.02.20

Face Off // Part 1

In the titanic clash of Good v Evil, we must be willing to dispassionately consider each side in the conflict.  What does each stand for? Which does each allow to pass? At stake - the liberty or death of the United States of American. The combatants? POTUS’ plays David - against the combined might of Sleepy Joe’s Goliath (a MSM fiction created by those lusting for power)

AIRED: 09.29.20

Day of Atonement

Once air dominance (bypass of MSM stranglehold) is achieved - The People receive their information from TRUSTED sources. Patriots haven't spent four years 24/7 365 days a year getting it wrong - benefitting Chicoms. WE'VE BEEN OVER THE TARGET!

AIRED: 09.27.20

Days of Awe 

Why have the MSM, Tech Tyrants, RTMP Hosts, ANTIFA/BLM/MS13, Governors, Mayors all been willing to excuse rape, arson, lawlessness, murder, torture & terror? Because they have something bigger to hide: What was Marie Louise "Masha" Yovanovitch willing to perjure herself to cover up? What really happened in the US/Ukrainian Embassies - both in Ukraine and the USA?

AIRED: 09.23.20

Shock and Awe

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of [b]the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. ~ Eph 6:12  #QBits

Our show leads off with a Live POTUS Rally in Swanton, Ohio.  Our In Focus segment examines Ohio.

AIRED: 09.18.20

Draining the Swamp

MATTHEW 18:3-4
“I assure you & most solemnly say to you, unless you repent [that is, change your inner self, live changed lives] and become like children [trusting, humble, and forgiving], you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." 

SRA Overcomer Jessie Czebotar joins us with an update including a detailed discussion regarding the Frank Lloyd Wright auction houses.

AIRED: 09.14.20

Kenosha Kickers

The Communist Insurgency went too far last night - which led to televised shootings and mayhem on a wide scale. Former Home Alone movie star, Donald J. Trump makes cameo appearance to end the violence. Communist Infiltrators, on the other hand, do not seek peace - they seek conflict - blood.  Hence the red dominance in their various flags.

The Kenosha Kickers were a Midwest Polka band centered in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

AIRED: 08.26.20

The Power of the Tongue

We can breath God's Breathe over our lives - or - we can breathe death into our lives, relationships and fortunes.  Which shall it be?  Tonight we explore the "Power of the Tongue" - and the amazingly creative power of creating Life where there may now be lifelessness!
With these anointed scriptures, we begin to exercise our power of the tongue to expose wrongdoing, to stop the enemy and his fellow travelers.

AIRED: 04.10.21