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Army of Light // current series

Army of Light is our most ambitious chapter yet! While investigating the very same evil principalities and powers listed in Daniel 9-12, Ephesians 6, Hebrews 11, and book of Jude - we also look at our own role as God's soldiers in His Army of Light. 


Although this combat can seem terrifying, challenging and even mind-bending, we must learn to stand our ground in the face of what seems to be certain death - while holding aloft our faith, light and love of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us. Otherwise, many will fall by the wayside, succumbing to their own fears and torments due to open doors of sin.


Are you on the winning side? Are you wearing the full Armor of God?  Do you know what prayers to utter and how to respond against this present darkness? Buckle Up Buttercup - we’re in for a bumpy ride! But, always remember - GOD WINS!


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OVERTHROW reveals the ongoing battle within each of us during these dark days besieged by temptation and moral depravity. To vanquish the wickedness, we must strive to to live holy, righteous lives in a world that clearly isn't, but to do so with humility and kindness amongst those who do us harm. Our goal of overthrowing our spiritual enemies requires we must confront & dominate our various internal challenges and sin. Then, we must rely on Christ's teachings.

AIRED: 03.23.23
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The Brute Squad

In Rob Reiner's 1987 classic film Princess Bride, Vicini admits he's been hired to start a war. To further inflame the imaginations of Guilder's peasantry, the King arranges to murder his bride to be, Princess Buttercup & intends to blame her murder on an innocent enemy.  To get away with it, while deflecting blame away from himself, this corrupt king arranges to stage riots with Brute Squads dressed as commoners who will frame and then arrest all.

AIRED: 03.21.23
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Building The Case

The story of the January Sixth protesters is one of tremendous courage and resilience in the face of an unjust system. Despite overwhelming evidence of innocence, they were falsely accused and persecuted by a prejudiced and corrupt police state. However, just as Vinny demonstrated in the courtroom in My Cousin Vinny, the truth is revealed through the tireless efforts of those dedicated to serving justice, over their own prejudices.

AIRED: 03.14.23
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Down The Rabbit Hole, Part II
with Celeste Solum

The disjointed otherworldly experience Alice experiences in film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland is a reflection of the chaos that has been unleashed in the US in the last year, and Celeste Solum joins us to work our way through the Deep State's labyrinth of lies. To start, Celeste has reported on so many of the upside down nature of today's topsy-turvey politic,we've seen the FBI hire Russian spies to frame Trump & others.

AIRED: 03.07.23
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Down The Rabbithole, part 1

with Celeste Solum

Tonight we're joined by Celeste Solum, a FEMA whistleblower, investigator, researcher, author and broadcaster.  Her background includes photojournalism, medicine, government, and military.  Celeste is a truth seeker.  And Celeste is a friend of God and an ardent Christian.  
In the past few days, the many truths we've been speaking now stepping into the limelight of public scrutiny.

AIRED: 02.28.23
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Breaking Bad

For years, Q has told us 'these people are stupid'.  Q referred to those running the global cabal, and their minions, who do the mostly insanely stupid things imaginable.  Tonight, we study a case in point: Globalist leaders - who falsely consider themselves supermen - have treated artificial intelligence with the same vainglorious, prideful disdain they have treated the rest of humanity over these past two millenia. Problem is, AI is actually too smart to fall it.

AIRED: 02.21.23
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We The People

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  Tonight, we're joined by Loy Brunson & Sheila Holm . Our topic is keenly important to the lives and wellbeing of not only every American, but, every human on the face of the Earth.  Unlike other countries' Constitutions which are nothing more than an excuse to do whatever those who've stolen power say it is, the US Constitution was written with times of political corruption and fascist tyranny in mind - just as we are experiencing.

AIRED: 02.14.23
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Trump's Play By Play

In the midst of treason, gaslighting propaganda and tyranny on a varsity level, President Trump has offered to provide a play-by-play analysis of STOLUS State of the Dis-Union address. Biden's administration lied about past Chicom balloon overflights - despite many & varied denials from all levels of government service calling out. In this cauldron of consternation, President Trump levies blow for blow counterpunches to the Communist Chinese Manchurian Candidate.

AIRED: 02.07.23
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Pull it!

The last time we saw a devastating demolition was on 9/11 - we all watched in stunned amazement as the Twin Towers fell - and sat bewildered as a UK announcer declared that Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex had collapsed, even while Fox News showed that it hadn't.  And then, there was the building seven's owner - Larry Silverstein - who infamously told New York City's Police and Fire Chiefs to "Pull It".

AIRED: 01.31.23
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These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of Deep State actions – the CIA, FBI and DOJ have been using the friends with benefits relationship with Big Tech to deprive Americans of our Constitutionally Guaranteed rights to free speech, freedom of travel and even security of our private effects, papers, identity and more. The FTX scandal was swept from the nation’s headlines by gunfire at various places around the country! What is the thread that connects these events? 

AIRED: 01.24.23
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Re-Awaken America, Day 1

Please join us for an all day, 2-day extravaganza of speakers - including General Flynn, Kash Patel and dozens of other patriots on Friday & Saturday.  We'll be covering this event wall-to-wall & are looking forward to chatting with you during this important event - literally, the alternative to the Globalist "great-reset", this 2 day event provides a detailed alternative that promises life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness - without the noxious pride & self-importance from the Davos crowd.

AIRED: 01.20.23
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The Walpole Redemption

Tonight, we're joined by former gangland hireling, doer of odd jobs (and wicked deeds), one who was thrown away by the system and declared - beyond redemption or even worth trying to save.  Reverend Kevin Dodge and his wife Linda join us to share this harrowing love story - and miraculous victory! None of us are innocent.  We are all redeemed by the infinite grace and mercy of our Loving Father because His only son died on the Cross as payment for our sin.

AIRED: 01.13.23
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The Day The Earth Stood Still

Things are converging.  The false excuses by those with something to hide are being discovered, evidence which proved treason is floating to the top of the pile, the Supremes are taking a bow, even as the House of Reps install a known shill. With inflation ravaging the countryside, food supplies evaporating just as socially engineered, and the wicked sneaking into the classrooms and across borders seemingly coming to a halt - the whole world is on edge.

AIRED: 01.06.23
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America's Marching Back Again

We are celebrating the end of an era, where the false nobility showered us with injustice and called it equity, hired goon squads of tyranny and told us they were mostly peaceful and who stole our freedom and they told us we'd like it.  Truth is, there time's come to an end.  And freedom for all mankind is on the march - beginning with These Once United States.
Join us for our celebration of the end of tyranny and the birth of freedom - first, here in the United States! 

AIRED: 12.31.22
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The Knights Who Say "Me"

These are difficult times - FOR A REASON.  This interval of waiting for the evil to be brought low and the righteous to be exhaulted is coming, but, it's explosive impulse will not be felt until we have made our declarations before God clear.  Whom do we serve? In 1975, a British Comedy film satirizing the Arthurian Legend of Camelot, Knights of the Round Table and the Quest for the Holy Grail - was turned on it's head through Monty Python's Holy Grail film.

AIRED: 12.20.22
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Joy of the Lord

Yesterday, we went Christmas shopping and I discovered a few things I'd like to share. First, Christmas shopping of today is an alien, out of body experience compared to what it was before COVID. Shops are packed with stuff - beautiful things, really - but, there are no shoppers browsing the aisles. Christmas Tree vendors are as rare as White House truth speakers - and the spiritual sense of those we encountered was that of dread, fear & worry.

AIRED: 12.11.22
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Hope.  What is hope?  How do we hold onto hope, when there are so many around us who have none - and ridicule those who profess it?  How do we stand tall - despite all the wicked slanders of the enemy - blithely suggesting an error in we, who stand strong, insinuating dark motive, while they themselves do nothing to encourage others, allow others to pervert The Faith to suit their rainbow fantasies that God will not punish them & seek to steal our hope?

AIRED: 12.04.22
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God Of The Impossible

God's ways are not like men's ways. Neither is God limited in knowledge nor comprehension as a man is. His Timing is perfect. His Majesty is altogether magnificent - overwhelming and irresistible. Only with God as our ally, our friend and our closest companion, can we stand against the wicked onslaughts of those with something to hide. How are we to learn God's Will and welcome His Omnipotence in our daily lives?

AIRED: 11.27.22
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Here I Am Lord

These past four years have been instructive - and we have learned several important lessons - first, none of us are worthy - we all fall short of the Grace of God; second - that Jesus atoned for our sin, and we are called to stand for what is Holy, even when it does not appear to profit us to do so; third - that all which has been done in secret, shall be revealed.  It is precisely during times like these, where we each must volunteer to serve our Lord God with all our Hearts & Might!

AIRED: 11.20.22
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During these difficult times, God is investing Spiritual Silver and Holy Gold into our Spiritual Hearts.  Shall we be worthy of His Holy Investments?  It is precisely during this difficult times - where there appears to be no end in sight to our travail - to our struggle for Peace and Justice - that our testimony of allegiance to God alone is put to the test.  Does our word match our deed?  Even when the wicked seem to prevail?

AIRED: 11.13.22
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Do Not Be Deceived

Can you feel it - the pregnant pause before Truth is unbridled?  But, who's version is correct?  Whom should we follow?  How we tell the fake leaders from those who are real?  And what of the days just ahead - the coming Midterm Election, which if fairness were to rule the day, would appear to be a Red Wave Tsunami - replacing fake RINO's and their puppetmaster Democrats - all held in check by secret blackmail, wicked conspiracy and even unjust reprisals?

AIRED: 11.06.22
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Hallowed Be Thy Name

In Charles Schultz Great Pumpkin story, Linus reveals the dangers of accepting false, occult narratives.  And in this Great Awakening, we've learned to distinguish truth from falsehood - which leaves us wanting for more truth. Charles Schultz' Peanuts characters speak to the child in all of us, stripping away the candy-coated lies of adults with hidden agenda - laying bear life's most important Truth - That Jesus Christ, the child borne in a manger, should be our treat. 

AIRED: 10.30.22
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War With His Sword

We are currently in the Hebrew year of 5783 on God's calendar - the third year of the decade of the 80's - pronounced Peh in Hebrew. This means the Hebrew decade of the mouth. And in this current season of war we are in, it is critical that we fight with the right sword! In the book of Matthew, when Jesus is being arrested in the garden, we find a perfect example of what NOT to do - through Peter, who used his sword of the flesh to cut off his enemy's ear. 

AIRED: 10.23.22
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Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty was a loosely organized, clandestine, sometimes violent, political organization active in the Thirteen American Colonies founded to advance the rights of the colonists and to fight taxation by the British government. It played a major role in most colonies in battling the Stamp Act in 1765 and throughout the entire American Revolution. Six months these same Sons of Liberty gathered in common purpose to double down on their demands.

AIRED: 10.18.22