Army of Light // current series

Army of Light is our most ambitious chapter yet! While investigating the very same evil principalities and powers listed in Daniel 9-12, Ephesians 6, Hebrews 11, and book of Jude - we also look at our own role as God's soldiers in His Army of Light. 


Although this combat can seem terrifying, challenging and even mind-bending, we must learn to stand our ground in the face of what seems to be certain death - while holding aloft our faith, light and love of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us. Otherwise, many will fall by the wayside, succumbing to their own fears and torments due to open doors of sin.


Are you on the winning side? Are you wearing the full Armor of God?  Do you know what prayers to utter and how to respond against this present darkness? Buckle Up Buttercup - we’re in for a bumpy ride! But, always remember - GOD WINS!



Breaking Through

We are called not only to abandon our old ways, but to adopt His Way.  This simple path is complicated by curses not only of our own making, but those of our ancestors. How to be separated from these curses?  How to bear fruit while enduring wicked oppression, fiery censorship and obsequious slander? How are we to achieve Heavenly Rest? Join a Christian husband & wife team as they battle their own sins yet strive to shine!

AIRED: 09.19.21

Brotherly Love

This Holy conversation between Paul and Luke captures the dilemma we now face. What is the true character of brotherly love. Now more than ever we need to love each other in the face of persecution. support each other and strong as one.  In Greek the word Philadelphia means “brotherly love.”  Let’s explore what Brotherly Love requires of us as Christ followers.  The word Philadelphia first shows up in the book of Revelation.

AIRED: 09.12.21

His Appointed Times

Prayer is the answer.  This sounds so simple and to those who don't believe - this sounds so impossible.  But, Hebrews 11:1 reminds us that Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Yet for these wandering blind, deaf and dumb, they've been convinced by liars with an agenda, there is no God.  Yet these same prevaricators who lie about everything from State to Church to Faith to the Bible itself...

AIRED: 09.05.21

Mighty Men Arise!

So many inconsistencies, lies,  obfuscations, injuries and treacherous acts in the news!  We've been told of the Red "C" moment - and don't yet realize, we are in mid-passage right now - as those who've remained asleep to our present doom are waking to the undeniable truth that something very wicked is going on - even surrounding us - and threatens to destroy us all.  It is precisely now, that our Faith matters most! 

AIRED: 08.29.21

Patriotic Friends

Patriot's Soapbox joins us for a harrowing constellation of headlines for the war weary information warrior.  On July 2nd 1776, Benjamin Franklin said, "we must all hang together, or ... we shall all hang separately."  Indeed, this appears to be the case: today's FBI officially funded & Trained Satanic Neo-Nazi Pedophile Death Cults & US Taxpayers were hooked with the bill.  This, just as the FDA approved the Pfizer Jax.

AIRED: 08.23.21
442 - GOLDEN HAIR.jpg

Golden Hair

Now that the Clowns' Heroine stash & terrorist training center has been taken over by Chicoms, the American public is beginning to wonder why the Chicom Media has turned on STOLUS.  They don't (yet) understand that The Big Guy was just too expensive, they need a dirt cheap sellout to manage Taiwan takeover - and STOLUS' just ain't that kind of guy. Invoking the 25th Amendment will reveal the real agenda.

AIRED: 08.18.21

The King's Gambit

Has God abandoned us to enemy forces?  Are we about to experience what has been foretold in the Bible?  Or, are we on the precipice of the Great Awakening? Where do we get this term, "Great Awakening"?  Tonight's expedition into the surreal examines The King's Gambit - where it comes from, what does it mean - who is asleep - and who is going to be crushed under the almighty weight of Judgement that swiftly approaches!

AIRED: 08.11.21


Fabulous conversation with Pryme Minister on his daily podcast.  Please join us - as we discuss the Spiritual implications of all that rests before us ... Global Conflict, Civil War, Economic Upheaval - and what we can do about all of it!  Prayer shouldn't be our last resort - it should be our first action.  And we need prayer now more than at any other time in history.

AIRED: 08.05.21
433 - SW19 - Intro to Deliverance.jpg

Introduction to Deliverance

Our families, nation and world are heading pell-mell into the maw of the Final Judgment.  During this time, we must expect the demons which reside in so many of our brothers and sisters (and even ourselves) to begin to reach desperately - as they know their time is becoming very short.  People say wicked & terrible things and falsely accuse loved ones of things for which they are innocent or ignorant. 

AIRED: 08.01.21

Arise & Shine

With massive protests sweeping the Constitutional Republics of the Globe, Secret police recordings of approaching government arrests, entire governments being indicted for Crimes Against Humanity - the radical left's dreams of global genocide are spilling into our body consciousness.  And we're not backing down. Tonight we reveal the radical left's efforts to make political dissent illegal.  

AIRED: 07.26.21

Pledge My Allegiance, pt2

Tonight we're joined by an American Patriots who's putting everything on the line! Pryme Minister joins our show - with his musical premiere - PLEDGE MY ALLEGIANCE. Now is the time for all good men to Stand for their Country! Join our Pledge! In the news, Communist-Style Censorship, the Poison Potion, the Unravelling of Election Theft 2020 and Lawfare Writ Large dominate the news.

AIRED: 07.19.21

The Man Who Knew Too Much

We've been told through literature, media and film that those who learn too much of the enemy's plan end up conveniently dead. The Clinton body continues to grow (now over 1,200 victims) - and the recent Haitian assassination of President Jovenel Moise just so happens to coincide with the inconvenient truths of official Haitian state-sponsored Vaccine-Rejection, Clinton/Rodham sole gold ..

AIRED: 07.14.21

Go The Distance

17 concurrent threads - mixed together, bobbing, weaving; who's gonna win?  When's God gonna step in?  That guy took a cheap shot! We've been in this ring for 5 years & 1000 shows yet victory seems as elusive today as it was on day one.   Prayer encourages us - gives us strength - but God has yet to deliver the knockout blow.  To borrow a line from Rocky, 'We gotta go the distance'.  

AIRED: 07.12.21
418 - SPEAK NO EVIL.jpg

Speak No Evil

We've watched as this Wagnerian drama - with all it's twists and turns, feints and frauds - has led to this sorry state of affairs. Hussein was behind it all. His obedient servants in media and tech tyrancy have covered his six for thirteen long years. They sought and still seek to impose silence on their opponents, digitally extinguishing all those who stand in their way. Yet, they just figured out the end of the road is here. 

AIRED: 07.07.21

Eyes To See

Tonight's show is going to be a mind-bender!  Last time, we considered the totality of what we've presented so far - in 413 shows.  Tonight, we look forward.  And the consequences are quite literally OUT OF THIS WORLD.  This is no exaggeration.  We begin our show with a Merry Christmas message from the devil himself thru one of his most obedient servants (Kevin Spacey) - who's name (aka Kevin Fowler) reveals the outcome.

AIRED: 07.02.21

Education Rescue

Tonight, we're taking a break from investigation and news - and taking a detour into the profound with special guest Paul Lloyd Hemphill. This best-selling author, speaker and videographer has partnered up with Ingersoll Lockwood in a quest to rescue American schools from the false lures and wicked consequences of Global Socialism. Please join us and learn Paul's winning formula of how to help students and teachers escape!

AIRED: 06.25.21

Sleeping Giant

Tonight we have a very special evening planned with Billy Falcon to premiere his latest release SLEEPING GIANT! We'll have some fun and also discuss what we might do together, that none of us can do apart!
This is the ultimate battle of Good vs Evil & "illumined ones" believe we are useless eaters. They've launched every type of weapon against us to divide and confuse us, thus we question our very own senses and who we are. 

AIRED: 06.18.21

Lance of Prayer

Prayer is pointed to over 500 times in the Scriptures, and it is through prayer in which God moves and His glory shines. All of us are called to this direct relationship with God through prayer. 
A "lance" is a device meant to pierce and reveal. When we employ our prayers with the 'lance' of righteous indignation & humility, our prayers take on the attributes of the Holy Spirit.  

AIRED: 06.13.21

Its About The Children

The Bible tells us that the enemy and those who serve him are murderers, usurpers, and destroyers of humanity.  Our research has exposed the primary attack vector of the servants of darkness through literature, plays & movies. Let's now examine who these infiltrators infect our bodies' politic - and that is through promising candies and treats to the unsuspecting masses - but, intend to deliver death.

AIRED: 06.07.21

Little Feller

LIES KILL, and for ten months we've been praying the enemy's plans would be exposed so that our loved ones can finally see with their own eyes!  God continues to answer prayer - and Anthony Fauci's private emails and correspondence have now been released via Freedom of Information request. Well, well, well, they prove Little Feller was working with the CCP-PLA at the Wuhan Lab!

AIRED: 06.02.21

Never Surrender II

We've spent a lot of time reviewing not only the historical sweep of God's Plans - but, we've juxtaposed how the enemy has sought to counter God's Plans For Life - and Life More Abundantly with plans of want, hunger, sorrow, pain and genocide.  It's been a harrowing adventure - but, Good News is starting to break out!
Yes, it remains true that STOLUS still occupies the WH.

AIRED: 05.28.21

Cowboys & Aliens

Our Western Week finale goes out with a bang in Cowboys & Aliens.  Albert Christopher Pike’s 200-year plan to conquer the world featured 3 World Wars – the third would be a Biological War which pits East (“Yellow Man”) vs. West & eastern combatants would be proxy Muslim fighters who would gladly die for a cause invested in for more than a century.  Pike's Star Trek also featured human trafficking, experimentation& cannibalism.

AIRED: 05.21.21

Sword of the Spirit

BQQM week, as alluded to Friday, does indeed appear before us. Our loved ones who took the Jab
(despite our warnings not to) are
now pondering the dangers being admitted openly.  But, through PRAYER - even the injuries caused by greedy men are no match to God's Awesome Might!  This is where wielding the Sword of the Spirit will come in handy!

AIRED: 05.16.21

Take It Back

In difficult times we are to look at the mighty men and women in God's Word as our examples. In Samuel 30, David and his men arrive at Ziklag to find the Amalekites have invaded their homes and taken their wives and children captive. "David strengthened himself in the Lord his God" and then "enquired at the Lord, saying, shall I pursue after this troop? shall I overtake them? And He answered him, Pursue!

AIRED: 05.10.21


By controlling information, the enemy devised and now defends - the BIG LIE (election fraud 2020 and the Plandemic, it's predicate.) Let's play a game of CLUE and piece together the signal flare mentioned in Q666 - "Can we simply arrest the opposition without first exposing the truth?"

Stay tuned for the most amazing game of CLUE ever presented!

AIRED: 05.03.21

Upside Down World

We've reported on some very bizarre and odd occurrences - innocent being sued, guilty being set loose, illegal aliens given the vote - being given $15,000 to break our laws, have their debts forgiven - even those guilty of espionage, murder and treason being set free - as lawfare destroys the law abiding. 

We are indeed living in an upside down world! 

AIRED: 04.28.21

Sherman's Ghost Army

We have been watching a movie.  None of what the enemy's forces have been showing us is reality.  But, D-Day is about to begin.  All Allied Forces are in place even as the enemy has been working feverishly to exact his disarmed Socialist Dictatorship.  This was never just about the US Election.  It is about so much more.
ALL HUMAN LIFE MATTERS!  If we were to listen to the enemy, we'd falsely believe no life matters.

AIRED: 04.23.21


It's obvious that our country has fallen to foreign powers.  Occupation Vichy-Demos and fascist bootlicking RINO's are doing everything in their stolen power to subvert and destroy the country, its economic foundations - even the very Constitutional fabric that holds us together as One Nation Under God. They ignore their oaths of office without consequence - perhaps we should withdrawal our portion of the Social Contract (our obedience)....

AIRED: 04.16.21

Bold As A Lion

Tonight's report reveals key details on the border, in Washington, in medicine and in the law.  The enemy has been roaring, tearing up our Constitution and welcoming in fellow travelers into key positions within our society.  Ironically, it is precisely because Joe Biden has such diminished capacity, that his footsteps are no longer invisible - but, plain as day for the world to see.
We are called for to stand.

AIRED: 04.09.21

Fighting the Flesh

Happy Resurrection Day! It is difficult to imagine laying down one's life to save family and friends, let alone to save lawless ones. Yet Jesus - God Himself did, paying for all transgressions. I don't know about you, but I can barely carry the burden of my own errors - much less those of all humanity!
join our next Spiritual Warfare discussion with Jodi Lodolce - Fighting The Flesh.

AIRED: 04.04.21


Join us tonight as we rediscover brotherly love -  during a time of universal deceit! The "news" is full of divisive, race-baiting rhetoric to instigate a Civil War, just as the CCP-PLA have coached their MSM to perform. A hireling Islamist shoots up a shopping mall in Boulder, ANTIFA & BLM assaults white Americans in Portland, gunplay in FL. all  to drive forward the final destruction.

AIRED: 03.29.21


Human smuggling, terrorist misdirections, Constitutional torching, and 4AM talking points - the news is coming fast and furious. Don't miss this "explosive" episode as we get to the bottom of the Suez Canal blockade - and what that means for disclosure! Tonight we explore the recent blockage of the Suez Canal and the impact it may have on global human trafficking.

AIRED: 03.24.21

Stolus Stumbles

We need a president who is of the people, by the people and for the people. What we have instead is a bought and paid for mockery of a president - a President In Name Only - and his stumbling up the steps of Air Force One today is symbolic of what is to come. In Russia, Putin challenged STOLUS to a live debate. The ensuing spectacle would be worse than watching a bear maul of a puppy dog.

AIRED: 03.19.21

Learning The Battlefield

As with any war, learning the battlefield begins with identifying where it is - who are the participants - and what are their several objectives.  Today's episode in Spiritual Warfare investigates who are the contestants and what is the nature of the field of battle.  What is meant by Principalities & Powers - and what can we do against an invisible enemy who is full of such reckless hate?

AIRED: 03.14.21

Called Out Of Darkness

The tide of public opinion is turning: what was once hidden in darkness from MSM obfuscation is now breaking through to We The People and we can't believe our eyes! Wickedness, destruction, injustice - plain as the noonday sun! What we thought were the right answers - even the right timing of events - have been based on misunderstandings of the facts and signs. 

AIRED: 03.05.21
The Last President - logo.jpg

The Last President

1896: Ingersoll Lockwood publishes an allegorical political thriller set in then - contemporary America, yet it employs idioms, inventions & events that wouldn't be authored, invented or take place for the next 130 years.  Ingersoll's book titled 1900: or, The Last President, ends w/another politically convenient terrorist attack on our nation's capitol - reminiscent of Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

AIRED: 02.26.21
casting lots-logo.jpg

Casting Lots

The Holy Bible is full of types and shadows - echoes of things happening now and also yet to be. In the age of Persian king Ahasuerus (Xerxes I), a woman of unknown past is made queen due to her beauty and poise. Along with her uncle Mordecai, God made Esther for a time such as this - to stop the first global genocide against God's chosen people! The iniquitous stole authority that was not theirs. 

AIRED: 02.21.21

A Higher Calling

We learn from the Book of Daniel that God Creates His Leaders - whether from within The Faith - or, even from without  - to suit His Greater Purpose.  Nebudchadnezzar let the power go to his head - calling himself a god - yet, God corrected him with seven years roaming about the fields like a bull.  But, even fallen from Grace - God Also Sets Them Up For A Comeback.
Today is President's Day.

AIRED: 02.15.21

A Few Good Men

We are at a critical hour and God is seeking a few good men! Are you willing? Are you humble yet courageous? Do you have what it takes to be on God's front line and stand for truth with no fear?

Are we seeking to serve God or ourselves?

In Ephesians 6:10 we are instructed to armor up with the Full Armor of God!

AIRED: 02.10.21

The Day After Tomorrow

What happens when medicine and science are manipulated to drive a nation into a stampede towards the cliffs of insanity (communism)? Who's waiting at the bottom of the financial cliff to pick up the pieces? When this begins to happen, we know a Stalinist Purge and death camps will surely follow.

Tonight, we hack into the NYT piece based on government leaked STINGRAY data.

AIRED: 02.07.21

Pirates of Wall Street

8 million children go missing world wide each year - and even this is a gross understatement. When we include missing persons from war-torn regions, the real numbers approach 20 million - EACH YEAR. 
What is being now being exposed is not just a coincidental crime network caught up in every facet of government, finance, education, entertainment, or media.

AIRED: 02.01.21

Eagles Wings

These are wearying days - long, dark, full of sadness and remorse.  Where it seemed there might be hope, enemy's minions came & stole it away. What can be done to protect, nurture and grow this fledgling hope?  To protect it from relentless predators seeking to divide and destroy? Tonight's show investigates the implications of God's Protection in times such as this - our faith itself is being tested & measured.

AIRED: 01.25.21


We've been told by 17 that it 'had to be this way' - that the only time when people actually change, is when we are forced to confront the unpleasantness of our indecision.  We empowered these people. We looked the other way while they took rights from others - even as they ghettoed & demonetized & demonized - so many of us yawned & wondered what time was dinner going to be.

AIRED: 01.20.21
GLThumb w Logo.jpg


It's time to decide which side of God's Ledger we're on.  Don't be like those from Laodicea - who try to angle for the middle way - for those are spewed out!  This is clear as crystal. Our answer determines our own fate. Choose Wisely! Akron Ohio Communist Party ('comrade') outs covert communist rioter: destroying & terrorizing DC Capitol.  Also identifies himself as COUNTER-INTEL. 

AIRED: 01.13.21
GLThumb w Logo.jpg

The Italian Job

A crooked group of whackers, stackers, slackers and hackers join forces to take it all from fly-over country chumps.  But, they picked on the wrong innocents.  Tonight - we explore what happens when Defense Contractors become infiltrated with Global Socialists bent on ripping off the world. Starting on 10.18.16 - a grand White House luncheon sponsored by Hussein & Italian Prime Minister sets up the BIG STEAL.  

AIRED: 01.08.21

Military Justice
Happy New Year's Eve! Join us for the conclusion to #277 DIVINE JUSTICE - a perfect New Year's gift and last show of 2020 - we've had the answer all along!
When about to strike - feign disorder so that your enemy is encouraged to attack. He who is skilled in attack flashes forth from the topmost heights of heaven.
We are on the eve of something truly marvelous!

AIRED: 12.31.20
GLThumb w Logo.jpg

Crossing Over

All of human history has been a prelude to the coming conflict of Good v. Evil. The time of choosing sides is over - it's time to Cross Over!  General Washington & Continental Army crossed the Delaware River on 25-26 DEC, 1776.  Facing impossible odds, spies in towns & even within his own ranks - God's Hand was upon George Washington. His Victory over Great Britain's oppressive tyranny - God's Greatest Achievement would later become manifest.

AIRED: 12.23.20

The Shadow

The Shadow (government) knows what they are doing. Comprised of fellow traveler leadership in Executive, Intelligence, Legislative, Judicial, Business, Technology, Financial, Administrative and Education - they’ve cornered the market and driven our world into the bloodthirsty maw of Communists.

AIRED: 12.18.20

Biblical Perspective

​Tonight we're introducing a new segment for our Psalm Sunday show - Biblical Perspective. We will examine each of our shows from the previous week - through the prism of Biblical Interpretation - so that we might learn what we can do to advance God's Purpose in these very difficult times.

AIRED: 12.13.20
Show 266 - Kangaroo Court-logo.jpg

Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Courts ignore recognized standards of law or justice and often carry little or no official standing in their respective territories.   

Kangaroo Courts may ignore due process and come to a 
predetermined conclusion.

AIRED: 12.07.20


Leviathan is known as the great watery serpent. His minions speak with his forked tongue and slither and hiss his manifold lies. Tonight - we go after this TWISTER of truth - and shine the light of day on his traitorous accomplices!

AIRED: 12.02.20


We are known by the compan[ies] we keep. Corporate Law is used to bamboozle, frustrate and betray United States and has been the tell of the greatest SHELL GAME in human history. When they entered "The Ecclesia" - God vowed to upset their money changing tables. The players interrelations can be summed up in one word: CORPORATE as in "... for the love of money."

AIRED: 11.27.20

Tech Tyrant Redemption

Censorship has again visited our little corner of the internet - as YouTube has arbitrarily decided that some of their community standards were insulted with something we said sometime back in July.  The episode they reference in their post - had to do with our prayer for our enemies.  

They may be released from the Spiritual Bondage that is causing them to harm their brother.

AIRED: 11.22.20


Shining light onto the enemy's dominion. They do not intend any to survive. Those useful tools who enable them to seize power - will be the first to be dispatched once power has been secured.


God has a better plan.

AIRED: 11.15.20


Studying code buried in Dominion, Smartmatic and Hart Intercivic machines... According to Anon research, all precincts can WEIGHT particular votes based on a globally set primary dynamic variable. Also found - a randomizing factor allowed for in a particular sub-routine called prior to canvass tabulation.

AIRED: 11.11.20

Closing Arguments

We've been living through a great trial. Did you know? In the scales of justice:  whether we continue to live as free people, or whether we are battened down into another thousand years of darkness. DO NOT MISS THIS!

[D]'s have murdered and burned cities to the ground and none seem to be brought to justice.

AIRED: 11.02.20

Cutting The Strings

As their gags cover our mouths like knives to our financial throats and 'community standards' are whispered in our ears, these psycho/technical [D] vampires insist we have nothing to worry about. It's time to cut the strings! Mr. Dorsey lied? He said tweets which reference the LAPTOP FROM HELL would not be censored.

AIRED: 10.28.20

Hunter's Redemption

A history of tragedy and hope. Tragedy of a dead mother at a young age. Hope that money and service to family would fill in the void. Hunter discovers that only Truth can set him free. Truth of the lies, abuse and terror found in digital files. PLANDEM!C!

AIRED: 10.25.20

Mister Biden's Neighborhood

Hunter Biden's hard drives continue to lead our news segment this evening - placing dynamite under the best laid plans of obfuscation & terror the CCP-PLA can muster. Elect "BIDEN" to end our way of life.

Why are the mainstream media and the Tech Tyrant monopolies working so hard to censor this material?  What can be done to thwart the unending censorship across all domains?  The Holy Bible gives us a solution!

AIRED: 10.20.20


What happens when the wolf's clothing slips? Those teeth! Those words he's been saying! Getting the picture? And where did our kids go?  Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the LA FBI. Now, combine with a very much active, live-fire insurgency coordinated from a DC bunker.

AIRED: 10.16.20

The Handmaid's Tale

How damned LIES cover up genocide and LYING LIARS - who convince us to sacrifice a little more liberty for our own security. Don't be their statistic.  No show tonight, as we have some housekeeping to do and working on censorship issues. It was all fun and games until they started killing Americans. And no, this isn't a fairy tale. 

AIRED: 10.14.20

Faith of a Child

MATTHEW 18:3-4
“I assure you & most solemnly say to you, unless you repent [that is, change your inner self, live changed lives] and become like children [trusting, humble, and forgiving], you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." 

AIRED: 10.07.20

Faith of Kings

How did Abram's faith change in character thoughout his life? Why was his name changed? Why did Abram’s pace change from walk to run? This is precisely the opposite of most men. Why did Sarai's name change? How did her faith change? What has this to do with the Crucifixion of Christ?

AIRED: 10.04.20


Detailed examination of last night's Presidential Debate - that was worthy of any Banana Republic. Chris Wallace Decoded, Patterns Of Force Applied, Who WON? Maybe the better question is - WHO LOST?

What are Chris Wallace’s connections?  Does his son serve at the pleasure of the Cabal?  

AIRED: 09.30.20

She Cares Enough to Send
Her Very Best 

Should Senators & Congressionals have private thug armies? Should these armies reside in places of ‘sanctuary’ carved out of America's heartland - so that they can proceed unmolested by mere peasants? When irony has a body count, it ceases to be funny. When private armies bust some skulls its time to Rise. Nancy insists Q's a danger - while her party pays for Killers & Arsonists to keep us in line.

AIRED: 09.28.20

Never Give Up

All threads come together and what once seemed impossible emerges from the gloom! We need a few good patriots, brothers, sisters and countrymen. For Kool-Aid drinkers, a few good years of recovery and most of you will be good as new!

AIRED: 09.24.20

Unjust Judgments Rebuked

Censorship of the Faithful - why might the Socialist Deep State want to do this?  Tonight we examine the Book of Daniel, Chapter 10 - and an Angelic encounter - which not only propels Daniel forth to report future events during the End Days - but, we also receive a clear understanding of the invisible (to humans) Principalities and Powers mentioned in Ephesians 6-8-18!

AIRED: 09.20.20

Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

POTUS delivers a House Republican Conference Dinner speech - rousing in implications - to sometimes tepid response - symbolically demonstrating this battle still has a long way to go!  While Elon Musk warns us about the coming A.I. Apocalypse - as he admits he is deploying the Terminator's "SkyNet" - yet seems to find the irony unremarkable.  

AIRED: 09.15.20

For Whom The Bell Tolls

POTUS leads a ceremony commemorating the tragedy of 9/11 and all who have died in service to this horror - a moment of silence, punctuated with three distinct tollings of a Bell.  Our second segment replays the famous 2016 Pre-Election Al Smith Charity Dinner Roast that POTUS gave, not only Hillary Clinton, but, to a number of those sitting around the dais decked out in their Millionaire and Billionaire finery:  This is not going to be just any other President.  

AIRED: 09.11.20
456 - JESUS SAVES.jpg

Jesus Saves

Special Guests tonight - Billy Falcon and Linda Nelson!  Whistleblowing doctors are even reporting the Polio vaccine side effects mirror the Jax' - an ailment known as Guillain-Barre.  In these troubled times, sometimes it's the simple things that matter most!  Jesus Saves is something we must never forget.  Even as our country walks through the valley of death (we are indeed coming out the other side!)!

AIRED: 09.17.21

Glory Glory Hallelujah

God's Glory is coming!  We've been covering this whole monstrous mess for going on five years.  All that's been done in darkness, about to be revealed!  Continuity of Government ops are reportedly now underway & the legalese Socio-Judicial weapon Hussein meant to destroy these United States [Devolution] is about to turned back on aggressors by God.  God Is Truth.  God Is Light.  Unrepentant brought to justice. 

AIRED: 09.10.21
450 - GRAND OLD FLAG.jpg

Grand Old Flag

Our nation is in the midst of a 4th Generation Bioweapon, World War.  Constitutional Nation States have been infiltrated by communist insurgents, 'genocidal maniacs' have put on lab-coats of respectability and politicians have been purchased to look the other way as their populations are euthanized - starting with their militaries (according to Michael Guo).  Please welcome Senior Airman Gisler Unit 20CMS.

AIRED: 09.03.21

Kenosha Kickers Revisited

Today (27 AUG 2021) is our one year anniversary of Kenosha Kickers.  Let's see how this has aged!  Were we right?  Have communist insurgents gotten away with murder while the Crisis Kitchen Directors (and their FBI Director overlord) direct their terror strikes to frame the innocent and advance their global fascist order?  What recent False Flag killed 90 immediately after the Clown leader met with the Terrorist In Chief?

AIRED: 08.27.21

Power of Praise

The power of praise and worship will save us. Even though tonight, we are beset on all sides with fires ignited enemy forces - Illegitimate Rulers, Afghanistan Treason, China Insurrections, Australian' Authoritarians, Forest Fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes - imminent Jax Mandates - seemingly inexplicable Jax support from President Trump - mass censorship, DOJ J6 Injustice, Terrorists being called and equipped ..

AIRED: 08.22.21

Cloaked Religious Censorship

The marriage of state and church (or, public / private partnerships) is a relationship made in hell when interpretations of religious dogma and transgressions are left alone for men to decide.  Absent the Divine Spark or Holy Spirit, the most unholy terrors imaginable have been exercised on lesser men through such theocracies.  The United States was thus founded upon free religious expression....

AIRED: 08.15.21
438 - DECEPTION.jpg


As we confront our Crossing of the Red "C", some will be tempted to follow false gods - just as the Israelites did when Moses went unto the Holy Mountain.  These wicked ones, and those fooled into following the false teachings, will never see the promised land.  What False Teachings?  How can we be sure - when everything our culture has fed us for generations has been lies compounded by half-truths to the power of peer pressure?

AIRED: 08.08.21


Psalm 83 reminds us that God's Battle involves enemy forces destroying each other. Is that what we're seeing now?  Given; Granny Greaser misdirection campaign is backfiring; state party democrats now circling a wounded Cuomo, California's Newsom just discovered he's lost the Hispanic vote over his border policies, nationwide Election Fraud now a proven fact (even as communist henchmen evade legal subpoenas).

AIRED: 08.04.21

The Emporer Has No Clothes

The naked truth is that STOLUS is a Manchurian Hireling.  What is more, STOLUS is deploying a Medical Tyranny to usher in concentration camp style ghettos to do away with those who cannot be re-educated to accept Communism. This treason is obvious for all to see - we also see the frailty of argument & misdirection's being played out by his henchmen CDC, NIH, DOJ, FBI & Congressionals.

AIRED: 07.30.21
429 - SW18 Jesus 40 Day Ministry.jpg

Jesus' Forty Day Ministry

The world has changed.  Do you feel it?  So many have sent emails, texts and messages - even letters - wanting to know when the Good Guys will strike back?  and ... These Deep State guys are coming after innocent Americans - we're even locked up and tortured? and ... Why is President Trump supporting this toxic inoculation that is killing so many? Let's find out what we must do!

AIRED: 07.25.21
426 - HEARING GOD.jpg

Hearing God

God has many servants in His Army. Some of us are falcons, some bears, and some dogs - but all of us strive to hear our master's call. What does it take to hear God? Is it really possible for anyone to hear Him, or is this only for 'special' people?  With massive and unrelenting, organized disinformation attempts flooding out truthful voices - Hearing God's Voice is more important than ever!

AIRED: 07.18.21

Pryme Minister & GoodDog

GoodDog is hosted by Pryme Minister.  For those who've never heard how GoodDog got his start - Pryme Minister asks the questions never asked before:  Rice paddies & Treason, Coming To God Moments & GoodDog's proper place in the universe plus the twisted path of wine & iniquity that brought him there.  Pryme Minister details his own walk  that brought him to the Lord!

AIRED: 07.08.21
420 - SW17 Gift of Exhortation.jpg

Gift of Exhortation

So many are being pressured to do things they shouldn't, to support things that are toxic - and to wear things that injure them.  During these times of peer-pressure & threatened condemnation - we must learn what we might do to take a Stand against it!  Jodi LoDolce joins us to encourage those who stand with the enemy camp that our care and love is even for them - even though it costs us greatly to speak out.

AIRED: 07.11.21
417 - FREE_AT_LAST_P2.jpg

Free At Last, pt 2

Where part one focused primarily on the Spritual, part two focuses on the temporal - and what we might do to tip the scales in the favor of the family of man!  Buckle up Buttercup - this episode goes straight into the stratosphere - as we detail the realities behind Tesla's Death Ray, Free Energy Power Grids and we explore the infinite wealth of the Cosmos in this epic second installment!

AIRED: 07.05.21
414 - AFTER THE FALL.jpg

After The Fall

The pieces now come together; Merchants of Menace - created a Global Cabal through the artifice of legal fictions known as Incorporation, Time Machine - which wove together their Luciferian Plans to dominate & destroy the vast majority of mankind - all to serve 'the social good', War of the World - documents key idiomatic signals which exposed their timing & tacit agreement, now, Army Of Light - what we might do to help stop it!

AIRED: 06.30.21

Thunder Struck

Riots and Arson and Terror, Oh My!  But, that's not the worst of it.  This is just one avenue of their assault on Freedom.  The other avenues are who they're blaming their own murders on... innocent Americans.  And to add insult to these injuries - the FDA now acknowledges they will never authorize the current crop of Plandemic Vaccines because (1) they aren't safe, (2) don't work and (3) they aren't even keeping the data .

AIRED: 06.21.21
408 - TRAIN WRECK.jpg

Train Wreck

Even Herculean handlers and back-pocket press can't cover the gaffs of an Illegitimate President hell-bent on destroying the United States.  With every false cover story, commercial interruptions of live press conferences and kid-glove pattycake from the likes of CNN - nothing can stop the damage being done to the Radical Marxist State juggernaught - even if the very rails they ride upon (public opinion) are pulled from under them.

AIRED: 06.16.21

Surprise Surprise Surprise

Listening or watching the "Sinoprop" that passes for US Media is getting tougher and tougher to stomach.  It was once a rare exception that their lies and obfuscation would become known to We The People - now, one scrutinizes their broadcasts to find ANY truth in them at all.  Tonight, we review all the key stories leading the Globalist Press - and contrast it with The Rest of The Story.

AIRED: 06.11.21

The Missing Piece

In honor of [D] Day - today we go back in history to the time before Noah - to learn why it was that God destroyed all life on the face of the Earth.  The missing piece of the story has to do with Bloodlines - and the regenerative Gift that God bequeathed mankind - but, not to the Angels.  Enemy forces worked to keep secret from us the simple answer - that if we only knew it - would set us free.  

AIRED: 06.06.21

Supreme Sacrifice

Tonight's Memorial Day special - SUPREME SACRIFICE - takes a moment to reflect, appreciate and honor those who sacrifice to help, sustain and deliver those whom they love.  From the soldier who sacrifices their all in battle, to our Savior Jesus Christ - the one and only son of God - we owe everything to those who serve.
Now, as we confront those with wicked purpose and lawless intent!

AIRED: 05.31.21

Cowboys & Angels

We all like movies with a good ending, so grab your popcorn and get a good seat, cuz GOD WINS! It's the Wild Wild West, and tonight we round up our cowboy story with Part II - Cowboys & Angels! The enemy plans continue to reveal themselves, thus we look to the battle ahead - while also looking at the past. The clock is ticking and time is running out... Don't miss tonight's show!

AIRED: 05.26.21