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I have a small church in rural Siaya county, Kenya. My congregation is mostly the elderly and widows with young children. Our faith is under attack here, so we keep hidden as best we can. Food and essentials are difficult to come by, and education costs money. 

We teach the word of God to the youths, writing and reading is taught in school. The students take much time in school and only have a day off, that is on Sunday morning. Some are in public schools and others in private schools. 

If we could get someone to stand with them for as little as 20 dollars per month, they can continue learning. 
We don't have bibles, each cost about 15 dollars.

Thank you and God bless you,

Pastor Sam

Our Address

Post office  Box +254706029771-40600



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Website (with donation link)

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mobile account number // +254706029771
Name // Samuel Omolo


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Country // Kenya
Mobile Wallet // Mpesa
Phone // (254)706029771


Surviving the Kenyan Lands with the Help of Jesus Christ



Brother Sam Newsam Omolo reports 

Church members_edited.jpg

Brother Sam's Church Needs

Brother Sam provides a list of all his flock, their clothing and shoe sizes, the number of bibles that are needed - and what their physical needs are - for housing, food and ministerial needs as well.

AIRED: 01.30.22
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Introduction to Brother Sam

Meet Brother Sam Newsam Omello, a Christian Pastor in Kenya. Brother Sam describes what is happening during lockdown in Kenya - behind enemy lines!  But Sam and his flock remain undaunted and has purchased an old unused building for his budding church.  It may have dirt floors, no windows or doors - but, it has the Holy Spirit and Love of God Almighty!

AIRED: 01.28.22
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