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   Electric Mountain Bike   

Sometimes we just need to escape.

FAST & FLEXIBLE // GoodDog EXODUS Electric Mountain Bike


Top 12 features that make this eBike a compelling deal!

  • Highest Battery Capacity In It's Class

  • 42V DC Battery Operation For Quicker Response

  • Powerful 1,000 Watts Drive Train

  • Longest Range In It's Class

  • Off-Road Turbo Switch For Extra Boost

  • Road-Safe 750 Watt Setting

  • Front & Rear Shocks

  • Integrated Aluminum Battery Housing/Heatsink (longer battery life + more rugged construction)

  • Keyed Safety Interlock System

  • SMART Pedal Assist

  • Integrated Trip Computer, Tachometer and Statistics

  • Head & Rear lights, Laser Lane Designators For Safer Night Riding

Sometimes, we just need to escape. Traffic can be backed up forever –
the roads may be unsafe. In times like this, being mobile can really make a difference. With the most powerful battery, industry leading powerplant, and fully functional off-road mountain bike – take a look at our EXODUS Mountain eBike. If it doesn’t save your life, it might just open new paths and opportunities. 


The road no longer constrains us.

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