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Show Notes: Between Weapons & Refugees

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Buying and selling People is Big Business - Globalist Business. Notice the Globalist Banks referenced in the 1942 movie: Casablanca. The same ones involved today?

Good Dog's Blog Post, No. 2.

Good Afternoon All,

As some may know, my computers were attacked last night. This may affect tomorrow night’s show (don’t know yet, still trying to get system repaired). So, to help prepare for Friday’s show – I thought it might help to have some show notes that I use to track everything happening on each show.

For those who have been following my shows, these answers are self-evident – for others new to the investigation – this might seem like an almighty puzzle!

What follows are a series of questions that this particular show explores, documents, and/or proves. There are two speculative comments included – but, the speculation is more than circumstantial (and is intended to be proven in future shows) – so, just roll with me – and consider the questions that hang on these two dependencies. It is actually even worse if neither dependency is true. As we’ll see:

Hussein’s Casablanca

I'm going to let you in on a little secret buried in this video (and this next sub-series) - I was going to release this over time - but, with today's computer hack/attempted take down - I may be interrupted for a few days ...

Go back ... watch the video again [see above link] ... this time - PAY ATTENTION to Ms. May's comments regarding "Kinder" program. Note the date she gave her public resignation (this is a 'warning' to someone). This warning was given the day May [obviously] didn't want to resign - but, was forced to. Her crying on her departure from the podium is an indication that she vacated without actually wanting to. One can’t fake that – not the way she did, anyways. At who’s pleasure does Prime Minister serve? Who did President Trump meet with?

Second - what date were the Devin Nunes items sent to President Trump [& Buckingham Palace?]? 2 Days before May's resignation?

Third - what did May say regarding her 'agenda' - every tin-pot dictator Wishlist-item? Global Warming [psycho-social farce, technobabble, economic suicide], Open Borders [national/social suicide], National Budget [sans NATO Contributions/their absence making the UK "Defenseless"], etc. Make a list ... it'll come in handy later.

Fourth - when did Trump travel to UK? What did he say about Sadiq Kahn? What exactly? Northwest London? When did the IRAN BACKED ISIS Terrorist Cells get broken up? Sunday? RIGHT After Trump Left? When were they first discovered? What year? Who was POTUS then? How did they get weapons and Ammonium Nitrate? 3 metric tons? How many is that? How much would that cost? Retail? Do the math!!! Do the penniless immigrants (regardless your feelings for their rights to squat in UK or elsewhere) - do they have this kind of money?

Weapons & Refugees

When was Queen warned about the Terror Cell?

[Speculation]: When did the Queen find out that May was involved?

The 24th? Have there been any "DEATHS" at MI5 and MI6 lately? What sort of deaths? How many? Who is Sadiq Kahn? City of London? Good "British Soldier" or Boisterous/Globalist Tool? How "British" is his behavior? Now, plot out on a map - where was the terror factory found? Where exactly? Where's City of London? Where does Sadiq live? Movement metadata proves, what, exactly? What does facial recognition allow a supercomputer to do – when the cell phone is “forgotten” at the office? What hand gestures does Sadiq express? What do they signal? Sadiq Sartorial discretion? Colors? How do ships communicate when RF is being monitored? How about when communicating complex tactical information quickly? Flags? Colors? Can PEOPLE do this? What country first perfected flag communications? Which House was managing the country? What COLOR? What did he do to his favorite Admiral who was becoming too popular? Poor fellow!

How much material did they have? 3 metric tons? Were guns found too? Are guns freely available in Britain? Weapons smuggling? Gun Running? Where have we hear that before? Which scene? Who's he talking to?

Sun citation: More weaponry than was deployed against Oklahoma City? If MI5 & MI6 have known about this since 2015 - why the crack down over this past weekend? What had just happened that reset the Global Narrative? What impact does this Take-Down have on Globalist Plans in UK? Re: Brexit? Help or hurt?

US President Flies in to meet directly with Queen? Was it televised? How many helicopters? Why two? Where did they 'park'? Close to woods? Where are the tunnel entrances to Buckingham Palace? Who was Mr. Crook? What year did he break in to Buckingham Palace? Where found? What did he take? Who was queen? Contemporaneously, who sought her audience to secure a Zionist Israel? Name? Related to whom today? What years? How many meetings with Queen subordinates on topic? How many assassination attempts? What was the weapon commonly used? How many? Which years? What happened to the British Military about this time? Where? Balkans?!?!?!?! Historically, where was the first handgun used in an assassination attempt? Who used this weapon in the Netherlands? What House or organization sponsored his act? When? Who was leader? How related to Amsterdam? House of Orange? Origins? Orange? ING Group? Who was NMB?

How was Lincoln assassinated? Who was the shooter? Where did the accomplices initially flee? Where did they then seek refuge? Where was the last one finally caught? What year? What happened to him? Acquitted? Who was on the jury? Where were they from (see above first evac point)? What was their “Job”? What did they do? How related to second destination?

Balfour Declaration? Who was it sent to? Who was Sykes? Was he a member of PEF? Who named the place Palestine? Why? When?

Coming back to present day - Who is Charlie? Who was his friend? Buggy eyes? Necrophiliac? Pedovore? What happened in Canada? What's happened since? What other fetishes did bug-eyes exhibit (post mortem)? Access to kids? Knighted? How many times? By WHOM? WHEN? What happened in Bosnia? Where is Bosnia? Balkans? [recall KINDER comment]. What was Bug-eyes popularly known for - before he was 'outed'? KINDER TRANSPORT PROGRAM OVER?????

Knowing all this ... go back and watch the CASABLANCA portions again ... in particular THE NAME ... remember, filmed in 1942 - objective is to make WWII look romantic, and worth the struggle (advert campaign paid for by whom? who exactly? How much? What happened in North Africa? Where is Casablanca? Where is Morocco?) - what does Casablanca mean? White House? Black Market? Prostitution? Human Trafficking? Gun Running made Romantic? Who does this? Which side does he support? Do they win?

Who were the banks involved or implicated? Deutschebank? ING Group? HSBC? Are these banks still involved? Which politicians and former DOJ officials have bank accounts, off-shore assets, or, who have held positions of leadership there? Who are their biggest clients? NGO's? Non-Profits? Onshore (reportable for tax purposes)? Or, OFF-SHORE (tax-free - no reporting)? What propelled Hillary into Partner at the Rose Law Firm? Which FIRM Exactly did she 'bag'? Who was Bert Lance? Did he get a Golden Parachute? How much? Who Paid? Dopey related? Where was this Firm Chartered? What year? When did the Mule return from Vietnam? What was his Post-Graduate course of study? Degree? Where’d he get his Juris-Doctor?

What banks did Iran Contra program use? Which programs did they serve? What job titles did GHWB hold in his career?

Who was "The Punk"???? Where did MS-13 come from? What years? Related?

When did The Witch [HRC] first meet with the House of Saud? Who'd she meet with? Who arranged the meeting? What was the outcome of that meeting? When did Bill Clinton become President? What year? How does a Global Coal company relate to China? Riady? Nationality?

Malaysia? Where was Hussein trained? Where did he wear his turban? When? What years did he go shooting? Who'd he shoot at? Why did he bow to House of Saud?

Back to the movie: Who was the "COOK"? What was his former job? Who's the new guy at the door? Let in? Who’s he going to go crying to?

Cook: Related, how? What did he cook? Pastry? Go back to the FBI File (Wikileaks) - Pedo-Lexicon: which dish needs pastry? Happening right underneath the nose of the US President? [remember, Richard Blaine is a stand-in for your average American - and, he's the Boss of Casablanca/Whitehouse! Rick doesn't like traffickers - and, their bankers he doesn't trust and doesn't let in his house!]

The Clowns' first penetration was international communications (movies) - because it got past the foreign censors and government news - and corrupted directly the target audiences. Casablanca the movie was only ONE EXAMPLE. This has been going on since the very beginning. It started out small and unrelated - but, as soon as the technology stabilized after WWI - it was infiltrated, corrupted & made PURE EVIL.

What year was the FBI Founded? What year EXACTLY? Who was J. Edgar Hoover? How many years it's chief? Dresses? Braziers? High Heeled Shoes? MK Ultra. Where developed? Who was Director then? Where did the Mule get stationed as a Fed? Started where after Vietnam? Then Where? Back to Brotherly Love?

Brotherly Love? HUSSEIN. THE WITCH. THE MULE. COMEY. The closet. The door is open – and we now see them as they truly are.

Twisted. Perverse. Carnal.



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