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Killing The Demigods Our Public Servants Created

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

February 16, 2019

Lincoln Memorial, Sunset
Abraham Lincoln sacrificed his life - knowing exactly what he was up against. But, the seed Lincoln planted will bear the fruit which will destroy the Hidden Deep State - forever.

Good Dog's Blog Post, No. 1.

The UCLA Law Review recently concluded “The notion that the corporation is merely an entity with no connection to the public interest is simply mistaken and has proven quite destructive.”

Today, America’s Tech Titans all move in synchronized monolithic (Leftist) lockstep – to the tune of a hidden Globalist piper.  These Tech Giants are companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, etc.  They dominate every sphere of society with impunity.  They pay little to no local or state tax; pay scant lip service to the needs of their local communities (as a function of what they take out of their municipal zones of domination); they are the Digital Destroyers of small business America.  As the world heads pell-mell down the avenue towards Artificial Intelligence nirvana – the dreams of the Enlightenment (where all people are Created Equal [of opportunity]) begin to flicker and fade.  Our cell phone, internet metadata and travel habits are ushering in The Global Communist Police State.

How is this possible?  Why not just kick out or dissolve these corporate destroyers, if they don’t “serve the public good”?

The UCLA Law Review recently concluded [1] “The notion that the corporation is merely an entity with no connection to the public interest is simply mistaken and has proven quite destructive.”  Beginning with the Securities Act of 19332 and amplified and confirmed in 12 succeeding laws and regulations [3] of incorporation, the notion that US Corporations must serve the ‘public good’ is well established.

Yet, despite this legal framework compelling corporate service to the public good – we must bear witness to a decidedly left of center unanimity in their corporate behavior single-mindedly pursuing the “public goods’” destruction:  Tech Titan political donations are decidedly leftist (~91% according to one recent [5] measure), and their recent degrading [6], delegitimizing [7], demonetizing [8], defunding [9], defrauding [10], defacing [11] and outright deleting [12] of conservative voices [13] is well known and undeniable. 

What is worse, there is significant evidence that their digital smothering of conservative America (a vocal demographic cohort comprising as much as 90% of the political jurisdictions [14] across this great land) is not limited to their construction and sharing of conspired algorithms [15].  There is ample evidence that these digital authoritarians are now deploying AI robots [16] to harass [17], dissuade ultimately murder new and developing conservative voices [18] across America’s Digital Heartland [19] – with nary a peep from the American Civil Liberties Union (an erstwhile Leftist/Communist Front Group that masquerades as a centrist public servant).  Doubt me?  Name the last conservative cause ACLU has championed?

This political behavior of shouting down opposing views is known as ‘smothering the baby [20] in the cradle’ in political discourse.  And, it matches recent political overtures orchestrated by the Tech Titans [21] themselves regarding recent baby murder initiatives in New York [22] and Virginia [23].  America’s Tech Titans roared their unified voice demanding baby murder [24] – while smothering conservative [25] voices bravely defending those who cannot defend themselves.

What sort of Dystopic Orwellian nightmare are these economic creations reeking?  Just where did our society go wrong?  What can be done to slay this leftist lockstep demigod? 

It turns out, the answers to all of these questions may be found in the Tech Titans’ infancy – in their very consummation.  Let me explain:

About 20 years ago an American not-for-profit corporation was formed and licensed to operate in Arlington, Virginia called Peleus.  Peleus was formed by Norm Augustine, a former Lockheed Martin CEO on February 16th 1999 (see p. 6) [26] during the heady investment days of the dot-Com boom was flashing like lightning across the evening news headlines.

Peleus is the name of a Greek (Homeric) hero king [27], who’s offspring would ultimately precipitate the Trojan War [28].  The brainchild behind Peleus was Dr. Ruth A. David [29] – who sought to rapidly develop and commercialize information warfare technologies invented during the Cold War by the Central Intelligence Agency, DIA, NGA and 13 other Intelligence Agencies [30].

Developed and deployed during the Clinton Administration, Peleus was inseminated with the seed of American Warfighting Hero’s ingenuity and in-part paid with the regular transfusions of U.S. Taxpayer cash directly from the CIA’s budget for the Directorate of Science and Technology ($37 million annually, re: Northwestern School of International Law & Business, In-Q-Tel, pp 696-7) [31].  Only the CIA’s budget was so burdened in the service of Peleus amongst America’s top IC’ consumers – but many stood to gain from the public/private partnership.  All, except one.

But, let’s not forget, the ocean of data these Tech Titans spawned in was also funded by the US Taxpayer – and, this planetary ocean of historic taxpayer investment is wide and vast and deep.  When we take into account both annual expenditures and the National Debt – which captures monies spent years and decades and centuries IN ADVANCE of when they’re actually extorted from the unassuming American taxpayer – we bear witness to a planet sized ocean.  In fact, when allowing for the “Too Big To Fail” Taxpayer ‘investments’ of the late Bush / early Obama administrations – the ocean of taxpayer debt is properly measured in hundreds of trillions of dollars – an abyssal plain so vast and deep that only a Tech Titan behemoth could plumb – and certainly, a place where the light of day never can shine.

No wonder so much evil has been done in our name – hidden as it is behind such a vast cloak of secrecy and obscurity.

As Peleus developed from infant to adolescent company, its corporate structure changed and its official name was also changed to In-Q-Tel and the re-incorporation papers were filed on September 29th 1999 [32].  The inspiration of this name change combined the following elements: “In” = Intelligence / “Q” = James Bond, Secret Agent 007 Spy Tech / “Tel” = telecommunications (the first suffix was proposed to be “IT” – but was later modified to “Tel”).

The CIA’s George Tenet [33] has described the current function, purpose, funding and objectives of In-Q-Tel, thus “We [the CIA] decided to use our limited dollars to leverage technology developed elsewhere. In 1999 we chartered ... In-Q-Tel. ... While we pay the bills, In-Q-Tel is independent of CIA. CIA identifies pressing problems, and In-Q-Tel provides the technology to address them. The In-Q-Tel alliance has put the Agency back at the leading edge of technology ... This ... collaboration ... enabled CIA to take advantage of the technology that Las Vegas uses to identify corrupt card players and apply it to link analysis for terrorists [cf. the parallel data-mining effort by the SOCOM-DIA operation Able Danger], and to adapt the technology that online booksellers use and convert it to scour millions of pages of documents looking for unexpected results.

In-Q-Tel has birthed many Tech Titan children – namely, Google, Google Earth, Palantir, YouTube [Google Acquired], Android (and related products & services), plus many [34], many others[35].  These companies are varied and diverse – and each dominates its particular ecosphere.  Yet these companies do seem to agree on one thing – speech (and its free expression) is something they’d rather reduce, reuse and recycle.  They don’t spend much time enumerating or detailing the complexities of their human over-Lordship – nor of the source code behind their fascist Public/Private Partnership political censorship programs.  And, their digital media minion spills out excuses that they are “private companies” – immune to Bill of Rights restrictions [36].  Twitter even doubles down [37] on this fascist-speak and while it lies to Congress [38] with impunity.

Clearly, these Tech Titan demon children don’t care too much about American ‘fly-over country’, nor the purchased politicians swimming in their school.

This Newspeak Citizen Hatred was recently accentuated and highlighted by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who recently admitted [39] – he prefers to censor ‘hate’ and ‘racism’ because “it’s the right thing to do…” … so much so, that he said it three times in quick succession – to the thunderous applause of his adoring employees and corporate shareholders.  The problem is, who is to be the arbiter of what is racism or hate?  A radical leftist authoritarian?  Or, the American People?

And, as we pull back from the trenches of this urban discord – and witness the offspring of public/private behemoths like In-Q-Tel which employ our taxpayer funds, data-resources, infrastructure, legal, local, regional and national resources, institutions and even the lives of our soldiers in the field who collect, disseminate and even pay for the data with our very lives – these Leftist Authoritarians arrogantly execute public comity in exchange for their Long March dreams of Communist domination.

Is it time for these unaccountable, unelected Public/Private Companies with a decidedly anti-Constitutional/anti-American track record like Google, Google Earth, YouTube, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and other Tech Titans – many of them still mired in obscurity and cold-calculating domination to be brought to account?

American Citizens manage these US flagged and licensed corporations.  Their officers and directors have hired armies of employees from every tinpot dictator regime and country imaginable – while outsourcing our jobs for pennies on the dollar – and reducing our hard-won civil rights to the lowest common denominator dictator on the planet?

We, the People, never saw this coming.  We never dreamed American citizens with a different political view than ours could become so overwhelmed with Pride and US Public Loathing – that they might seek our financial, social and physical destruction.  Yet, that is how things appear to be coming together.

How is one citizen to fight back against these monstrosities?

The Law.  This is our last hope.  We must reign in these Tech Titans before they destroy our communities, our culture – even our very country.  And, there isn’t a moment to lose!

As these behemoths rise to the surface of our public discourse, preferentially killing half the speech in our national biome, we must remind them that they serve US – the American People – or, they must be destroyed – and the rights, resources and freedoms they usurped must be properly returned to The People from whom they were taken.


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