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Death of the Clown Circus

Death of the Clown Circus
Stairway to .... where?

Death Of The Clown Circus

by GoodDog

<WARNING: more than one meaning exists for each idiom below.>

Tracy Beanz reported last night that the now famous photo of dead “Jeffrey Epstein” features Orange underpants – and is seemingly inexplicable, as New York’s MCC has only drab-brown jump suits – and not the flashy international orange suits sometimes spied in high profile Federal cases.

I was not aware of the Orange underpants (my eye skipped right over this obvious fact) ... yet this doesn't surprise me at all. International Orange draws the attention of we humans – and this matches perfectly with the rest of what we have seen regarding JE's incarceration since July 6th 2019 until his 'reported death' on the morning of August 10th. JE’s incarceration was always a Circus Show.

Let us stop for a moment, though - and consider:

  • Let's assume JE was playing the part of a "Stage Actor"

  • Who is the Box-Office Manager [BOM]?

  • Who is the BOM’s Intended Audience[S]?

  • Where is the Venue?

  • What 'Stakes' did the BOM invest?

You see, in every production, there are those seeking to capitalize on the opportunity of the presentation - or, the show. They must put up something they hold dear (usually, money) - and put it at risk (for it is perishable - once spent, it is gone) with the hopes of some positive return on that investment. This is show biz.

What sort of President do we have? A MASTER SHOWMAN? I think the case can be made that Barnum & Bailey's Circus [BBC] had a less impressive Freak Show than DJT - and BBC’s certainly bargained for less coin at the Box Office - as DJT is gambling on the Freedom and Existence of All Mankind (Q2596) – if the “Q” is to be believed. These stakes are rather dear then.

And what of the Stage Act itself? A man held in the most visible of cubicles imaginable - we heard of JE's every movement within that cell for over a month. Almost as if he were "bait" to someone or some thing. But, who? We heard of his Narco-Terrorist next-door cellmate (but, oddly, not the corrupt killer-cop roommate who 'Din-See-Nutin' the night JE first tried to ‘strangle himself’). And yet, the pedo-“actor” complained to the stage-prop-Cell Guard that someone tried to kill him (a complaint that didn’t quite make it to the ears of us sitting in the front row of this particular side show – though we craned forward, and spilled a little of our popcorn as we tried to hear JE’s whispered scream).

And the strangulation bit - as we learned last night - made self-inflicted-hanging impossible due to the - paper blankets which are designed to thwart such attempts and adorn each of those prison cells. Even twisted and drawn together, neither his clothes nor his bedding could have been employed to extinguish this pedovoric clown. Truly, this production had all the makings of the most amazing 'Man-Sawed-Asunder' illusionist’s trick in this history.

But, who was the intended audience for this bombastic scene? And did they get what they bargained for?

Let's not forget that POTUS had captured the Media Narrative the last week of July with impressive jobs numbers, comparatively superhuman political prowess (next to the Democrats Hussein-Regime meltdown, and tearing apart of Michelle's candidacy). The Deep State needed to do something - and they needed to do it fast. Enter mass murdering mayhem - conveniently timed to dominate the news cycles - 30 killed or wounded here, 50 killed or wounded there. A veritable smorgasbord of hate - never mind the killer's leftist sympathies - and rotten, pernicious antipathy.

Rather than examine where the antisocial animus festered and metastasized - we were instead treated to 24/7 Leftist Gun-Grabbing Hysteria. If these mass murdering clowns cared anything about Trump - they advanced the precisely opposite political agenda. And, this is as it has been each and every time - the relentless, seething cauldron of hate - of Americans in general (and Caucasian Christians in particular).

None in the mass media questioned this narrative. None questioned the timing of it. None posited these curiosities. For your run-of-the-mill clown reporter - such questions seemed verboten. But for the rest of us Americans - it is as obvious as the nose on our faces.

Then with the Narrative-grabbing headlines contained in the Ghislaine Maxwell documents release - which would tend to justify a careful inspection of those in power (kidnapped child-sex-slaves - who mysteriously go missing on Caribbean Islands is bound to put a crimp in anyone's global warming poppycock) - something had to be done.

Exit - <Stage Left>, [Jeffrey Epstein].

Undoubtedly – every single American has an opinion on whether the Clintons had some hand in the contractual killing of JE. Most, politely, deny this actually took place (a belief in an absence, contrary to growing evidence). Some brave souls venture forth with their unguarded opinions. But, the thought is actively crossing each of the theaters of our minds – no matter how much we each don’t want to believe it. If it’s true that JE didn’t kill himself – the implications are simply too terrible to consider!?

Weeks and Days before JE’s death, images and memes were posted in the most conspicuous social media places – even in busy New York city bathroom stalls - ironically pledging ‘Hill’s and Bill’s tremendous sadness at JE’s upcoming suicidal stunt’ – these memes usually intoned both their ‘undying loves of Family’ despite the ‘inconvenience’ of JE’s death to some.

This accusation is on all our lips – while some produce videos exclaiming “I don’t want to know nutin’ about no Clinton crime family! Don’t tell me anything about it … Nananananana….” ~ probably the funniest bit of gallows humor I’ve ever seen. This is funny – because it is so TRUE. It’s also noteworthy, that President Trump himself retweeted Terrence Williams’ piece – so, if you haven’t heard this – please give this fellow a listen and a follow. I’m a BIG Fan!

For 33 days (kek) Jeffrey Epstein sat in his New York City bubble jail cell awaiting his sacrificial fate. Every single American sensed the danger JE faced in that plastic bubble. And, it appears to even the mildly conscious among us, that some had a hand in clearing the guards, shutting down the video surveillance, taking him off suicide watch, turning off the power grid around the prison at opportune times – even as JE bargained in public for his life. Each of those 33 days were a stair-step to tension – each day building upon the last – until JE’s very last day on Earth (from our “audience’s” perspective).

Could it be that each of those 33 days had meaning? Could it be that each seat in this Circus theater had just the right ‘perspective’ to give us what we, each of us, ‘needed to see’? Even in the theaters of ‘our mind’? Circle within a Spiral? Qui Bono? Who stood to gain? And what might have been lost with the death of JE?

I wonder how many recognize the implications of these last 6 questions? And their relations to a movie put out originally in 1999 (then re-released in 2002) – The Thomas Crown Affair? kek. Theater of Our Minds? Go to timestamp 01:47:53 and listen closely to the words – in conjunction with the movie idioms [wealthy criminal hiding in plain sight, flying red-heads to his private Caribbean Island, iniquity, New York Apartment, International Finance, Outside of Law, Artwork hides real wealth] & various Q & Wikileaks/FBI Symbolism. If you’re mind isn’t blown – you aren’t paying attention.

And let’s not forget the clown criers – those in the public employ of “The Big House” – that faithfully misdirect and misguide their clown stories before an ever-punch-drunk audience. Each clown begging us to believe them just one more time – and like Charlie Brown's Lucy, pulling the football away at the last moment, they (again in unison) intone: but he hanged himself! Never mind that this was nothing but a hanging without purchase – a self-inflicted strangulation without question. Nothing to see here – just move along (to their next act of terror and machine gunnery).

Does anyone find it not the least bit ironic that these same clown criers – who intone such perfectly melodious pearls of wisdom – all in synch – all in unison and even with the same tone of voice – yet none of them are calling for 30 day waiting periods at Bed Bath & Beyond? A deafening silence of indignation at all the accidental sheet-deaths – which claim more lives than a Las Vegas Country Music Concert annually. Just a flat deadness from these clowns – with not the slightest bit of irony in their outfit – not the tiniest trickle of a tear – not even the smallest whimper or a sniffle. Forget about their curiosity about these mass killings – they are as interested in that as who really killed Christ.

I find it no small consideration that the night of JE’s demise was punctuated by a celebratory party of those possibly implicated: allegedly, the Clinton Family circle held an unscheduled (?) party on Saturday night – coincidentally featuring some of the more prominent members of JE’s Little Black Book (link, see pages 16,686 - 16,777). I wonder what the party ‘favors’ might have been? Did they have pizza and hot dogs? Were they wearing the right clothing for this wet work? Did they go swimming at the vineyard afterwards?

And, what of the "Sawed Man" trick? Did we see the smoke? Did we see the mirrors? Or, was it a flawless military op - planned out with the precision of a Swiss ‘WATCH’ and the ‘Ruthlessness’ of a Mexican Bandit? kek.

If you’re like me – you’ve had enough of the clown shows. We seen enough of their straw dogs – and painted pony graphics to last us a lifetime. Even those who attend these events as co-conspiring train-riders – yet pretend to be ‘independent journalists:’ their cheap suits are wearing thin.


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