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Google Manipulates The Vote

The Video Google Does Not Want You To See

This video, posted June 25th 2019 by Project Veritas demonstrates not only the outright BIAS of Google Executives in charge of what their search engine puts out - but, also their demonetizing, de-emphasizing, marginalizing and even deleting of content WE THE PEOPLE are not allowed to see.

These people mean to destroy these United States - and prevent another president, like President Trump.  They have employed taxpayer resources - hundreds of millions of dollars of them - to fund their rise to power, they employ access to databases that the US Taxpayer has spent Trillions of Dollars - and tens of thousands of lives amassing, they employ the digital networks our taxpayer dollars subsidized and installed, and they have weaponized our System of Justice to deploy their dystopian hatred of all mankind - through their Luciferian religion to exterminate every last one of us.

It is time to stand against this.  There will not be a second chance.

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